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Benefits of Having a Small Swimming Pool

If you are planning to have a pool built but you have no space for a medium or large one, you can consider a small pool. The pool builders will be more than happy to install it for you. In case it is one of your clever plans to improve your time at home, you can easily invest in a small pool.

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of having a small pool? If that is the case, you will be happy to know that this post is going to tell you what those benefits are. Aside from easier maintenance compared to the bigger ones, there are other advantages you can enjoy if you have a small pool.

More Space

When you have a smaller pool, it means that there is a smaller footprint and you are going to have more space in the yard for other things. Instead of the pool consuming the entire yard, you can still have space for a fire pit, poolside furniture, and creative choices for your landscape.

Less Maintenance

One of the biggest disadvantages of big pools is that they need regular maintenance, which is boring and exhausting. The nice thing about a small pool is that it needs lesser maintenance and work.

Most of the time, the thing about flexibility is subjective with pools. You should note that most small pools are made of concrete or vinyl, which are very flexible materials. However, when it comes to quantity, larger pools have various options because they can be made of fiberglass. Vinyl and concrete are better than fiberglass.

Small Pools Have Lower Initial Cost

Everyone has mentioned that you are able to save a lot when it comes to upkeep and maintenance with smaller pools. However, a smaller pool is going to cost less from the beginning. Since smaller pools require fewer materials, the cost is going to be lower as well. It is the same for installation. Having a smaller pool costs less, and it takes less time to finish construction as well. That means you can enjoy a brand-new pool shortly after construction.

Injury Treatment and Prevention

Aqua therapy is about using foam “weights” while in the pool so they can stretch and rehabilitate your injured body parts. Physical therapy underwater has a very low impact, which causes ¼ strain on your body, as well as regular exercise.

You can keep up the aqua therapy after you are healed and you can prevent future injuries when your body is kept in better condition.

Gives You the Same Level of Relaxation and Benefits

No matter what the size of a pool is, it will give all the benefits, from end-of-the-day relaxation, weekend get-togethers with your family, and some good exercise as well.

If your worry is about the pool being too small for your laps, you can buy a swim training belt that lets you continuously swim in place. Therefore, you will get the same workout as if you were in a large pool. You can also buy pool weights so you can get a low-impact workout.

Better Sleep

A benefit it has to your overall health is that they are great for sleep improvement. In case you feel stressed and unable to sleep, you can hop in for a quick swim and you are going to sleep better before knowing it. That is because you are going to get a full-body workout before bed.

You can contact pool masonry contractors Long Island anytime you want to have a small pool built.

How to Avoid Damaging Your Pool Pump

Pools are situated at the heart of your swimming pool and they act as the main circulation to your system. When you pull water into your pool through the skimmer and then push it through the filter, the automatic sanitation system, or chlorinator or automatic sanitation system before the pump, then it deposits water to your pool through main returns.

Since the pool pump has main components, the pool pump will include an impeller, motor, and basket. Since it is very important, protecting the pool pump and maintaining its good shape is important to keep your pool healthy.

Pool contractors will tell you what you can do to avoid damaging the pump, you also need these tips:

Keep the Water Circulating

This is mainly done to keep the water from freezing. Keep in mind that frozen water expands it by 9%, which means that it will expand wherever you put it.

Therefore, when water freezes in the pool pump, it can crack the housing, damage internal components, and break the motor.

That is why your pool pump should be kept running when the temperature is cold. Since flowing water will not freeze, this will prevent the water in your pump from causing damage and freezing. It will also prevent your pipes from bursting.

You can also remove the drain plugs and clear the lines if you cannot run the pump.

It Should be Kept Cool

When the pool pump is kept cool, it increases longevity and helps you avoid malfunctions when you go down the track. In order to provide the pump with the right air circulation, you need to place the pump away from mulch, plants, and enclosed spaces as well. While a pool pump always feels hot to touch when you run it, you should avoid putting the pump under direct sunlight to minimize overheating.

There are many shelters designed to box away pool pumps to make the appearance tidier and provide protection from different elements without sacrificing airflow.

The Basket Should be Kept Clean

Keeping the pool basket clean and free of debris is important. The build-up in the basket impedes the water flow through the pump and it can potentially get caught up in the impeller. This could lead to permanent and expensive pump damage.

Maintain the Water Level

In order for the pump to continue functioning, a specific water level should be maintained. A water level that is too low causes your pool pump to draw in air which increases the possibility of equipment damage. The majority of water levels should not fall 18 inches because it will go below the tile line, but it is always incredible to ask the pool professional about a particular situation.

Trim the Plants and Weeds Around the Pool Pump

Pumps require unrestricted airflow so they can work properly. The overhanging weeds, bushes, and debris can limit airflow, which overheats and it can even clog up your pump.

Seal Leaks and Gaps

Airflow occurs in a lot of different locations but some common ones are the pump drain plugs, pump lid seal, filter bands, or valves. You can try some pool lube on your pump lid seal and pump drain plugs, and check if that is helpful.

Any leak on the side of the pool could cause air bubbles to form, which causes the motor to get overworked.

Check if there are any leaks and once you find where the leak is coming from, you should replace the faulty part or seal it using a silicone-based sealant.

You can talk to stone patio contractor Long Island if you need a pump replacement.




Backyard Waterfall Contractor: Things To Consider When Constructing A Waterfall

backyard waterfall contractor

A waterfall gives your yard a relaxed feeling. It also greatly improves the look of your yard. For you to construct it, you only need to hire an experienced backyard waterfall contractor. For you to properly put it in place you need to consider a number of things that include:

Location of the waterfall

Where do you want to construct the waterfall? The location depends on the size of your yard and the image that you want to create. For you to get the most from the unit, you should construct it in an area where you can see it from the inside of the house.

If you aren’t sure of the right location, you should ask a professional to help you out. In addition to being able to see it from indoors, the unit should also improve the look of the yard.

How loud you want it to be

Different waterfalls make different types of noises. Some make just little noise while others are too loud. It’s all in what you are interested in. Before you go ahead and construct it, you should let the contractor know about the noise that you want it to make.

This will help the contractor know how tall it should be, how much water you should pump and how wide it should be.

If you live in a close neighborhood, you don’t want a unit that will bother the neighbors; therefore, it shouldn’t be too loud. On the other hand, if you have a large yard and you want to hear the waterfall from the inside of the house, you should go ahead and construct a large unit.

Where you want it to flow into

Your waterfall can flow into a pond or rocks. It’s up to you and your contractor to reach a decision. If you already have a pond or water garden in place, this will be an ideal choice. If you are confused about where it should flow into, you should consider the sound that you what the unit to make and how to maintain it.

Waterfalls that flow into ponds or water gardens are usually beautiful as incorporate fish and plants. Their main flaw is that they are expensive to put into place especially if you don’t already have a pond in place. These waterfalls also tend to be expensive to maintain.

Pond-less waterfalls are easy to maintain but they aren’t beautiful. You should work with your landscaping company and settle on the unit that is right for you.

Backyard Waterfall Contractor: Tips To Consider When Constructing A Waterfall

contemporary landscaping

A backyard waterfall not only gives your guests something to marvel at when they visit your home, but it also greatly improves the value of your home. To construct it you need to hire a backyard waterfall contractor who will not only help you with the construction, but also help you with coming up with the right design.

To properly construct the unit, you need to consider a number of tips that include:

Consider the location of the waterfall

This is crucial as placing it at the wrong place would result in giving your home an ugly look. Some people make the mistake of constructing the waterfall at the center of the yard. This is wrong as it gives your yard an ugly look.

It’s wise that you install the unit at the end of your yard. If you aren’t sure of the right place to install it, work with an experienced contractor who will guide you through.

Consider adding plants

There is nothing that gives your waterfall a natural look like plants. You should work with your contractor and plant a number of ornamental plants.

When planting the plants, pay attention to how easy it is to take care of them. To have an easy time maintaining the waterfall, go with plants that are easy to maintain. They also should be beautiful to look at so that they give your yard an interesting look.

If looking for those that will add vibrancy and color to your yard, go with pussy willow, Hawaiian Ti, Red osier dogwood and many others. To decide on the right ones to go for, your decision should also be informed by your budget and environment.

Consider adding fish

Other than plants, other pieces that give your yard a natural look are fish. There are many types of fish that you can choose from. The most popular is the Japanese Koi. If you are planning on adding fish to your waterfall, you should provide enough space for them to swim.

The great idea is to construct a small pond for the fish at the end of the waterfall. To construct a unit that will look good and ideal for your fish, work with a reputable masonry contractor.


These are some of the tips that you need to put into place when constructing a backyard waterfall. As mentioned above, you should always work with a reputable landscaping company for you to have an easy time.

Backyard Waterfall Contractor: What You Need To Know About The Waterfall

backyard waterfall contractor

Are you thinking of putting in place a waterfall? You should go ahead and do it. All you need to do is hire a backyard waterfall contractor who will help you with the construction:

Benefits of putting up the waterfall

In addition to increasing the value of your home, there are plenty of many other benefits that come with putting up a backyard waterfall. Some of these benefits include:

Relaxation: When you look at the crystalline water flow of the waterfall you have peace in your mind. It’s not only the site of the waterfall that is relaxing, also the sound is. When you construct the unit in your home, you have a place to relax your mind after a long day or during a boring weekend.

Recreation: Many people will think that having the waterfall for relaxation purposes is the same as having it for recreation, but this isn’t the case. If you have children in your family, they can play at the waterfall and enjoy every minute of it. You can also play with the water if you love it.

Irrigation: If you own a large garden and a lot of plants, you can install the waterfall and use it to water the plants. While there are many irrigation systems that you can use, they tend to mess with the natural look of your yard. If you don’t like it, hire a landscaping contractor who will help you with getting the waterfall in place that will not only look good, but also irrigate your yard.

Fish rearing: Did you know that the waterfall functions as a great replacement for an air pump? The motion caused by the waterfall introduces oxygen into the water, just like the air pump. The unit also filters the water; thus you don’t have to change it regularly.

You can rear any type of fish that is ideal for your location.

Things to consider when installing the waterfall

You need to consider a number of things when putting up the waterfall. One of the factors is the size. You can install a waterfall of any size as long as it matches the size of your yard. If large, install a large unit and vice versa.

Another thing you should consider is the contractor. While there are many contractors that you can go for, you should hire masonry contractor who specializes in the setting up of backyard waterfalls. As rule of thumb, avoid a general contractor.


This is what you need to know about backyard waterfalls. After you have set them up, remember to take good care of them for them to last for a long time, and also look good.

Backyard Waterfall Contractor: Waterfall Installation And Tips

backyard waterfall contractor

Are you planning on installing a backyard waterfall? You need to work with a reputable backyard waterfall contractor to help you with the installation:

How to give your waterfall a natural look

When you are looking to install the waterfall, you should work at ensuring that it looks as natural as possible. There are many ways of making it possible. Some of these ways include:

Consider the source: Where is the water coming from? Most of the backyard waterfalls are made from biological filter boxes. To give your waterfall a natural look, hide the boxes using rocks and surrounding plants. Of course, you should leave enough access room so that you can easily maintain the waterfall.

If the water is coming from a wellspring, work with your contractor and design it in such a way that you have the impression of a still pool.

Make use of rocks: There is no waterfall without rocks. To give your unit the impression that the stone is emerging from the earth, burry the stones as much as you can. For ideal look, ensure that they are buried at an angle—they shouldn’t be plopped on top.

Consider size: Here you need to pay attention to the size of your yard and compare it to the size of the waterfall that you want to install. As rule of thumb, install a unit that complements the size of your yard.

Guide to taking care of your waterfall

When you install the waterfall, you need to take good care of it, for it to last for a long time and also to look good. One of the things you should do is to limit the amount of sunlight that it’s exposed to. This is to minimize the amount of water that evaporates from the water feature.

You can quickly do this by constructing the waterfall in an area that is away from direct sunlight. You also should consider planting around the edges of the waterfall thus providing a shade.

Another thing you need to do is to watch the quality of water that gets in the waterfall. At least once a week, test the water. This is of great importance if you have fish in your pond.


This is what you need to know about waterfall construction and care. In addition to working with the waterfall contractor, you also need to work with the masonry contractor who will help you with directions on how to install waterfall at the right place.

Landscaping Company: Landscaping Don’ts To Avoid

landscaping company

When you are looking to improve the look of the yard, there are a number of dos and don’ts you should consider to have a great experience. To help you out, here are the landscaping don’ts you should observe:

Installing a lawn for the sake of it

Many homeowners install the garden because they have seen it in many homes and think that it’s customary for every home to have one. If you don’t like the green grass in your home, you don’t have to spend money on a landscaping company. In addition to the lawn costing you money, it also requires a lot of care. At least once a week you have to mow it to maintain the standard height. You also have to get rid of weeds from the grass. During the dry months of the year, you have to irrigate it to maintain the green look.

Are you up for this? If you aren’t, don’t install the lawn. You are better off installing bricks or stones in your yard as they don’t require a lot of care.

Failing to consider the type of soil and area

Where are you planting your landscaping plants? This is critical as it determines the experience you have. You should remember that if you plant the wrong plants in the wrong place, you will be stressed for a long time as you won’t get the results you want. Before you start planting, take your soil to a research center and have it tested. This will guide you on the plants that will do well in your yard.

Different plants do well in different areas. There are those that do well in waterlogged areas, others in dry areas and so on. It’s up to you to research and find those that do well in the area you are planting. For example, if your yard is prone to erosion, you should plant tough grass that will not only survive there, but also reduce the rate of soil erosion. The cool thing is that if you have never done landscaping before there are plenty of landscaping experts to help you out.

Not having a landscaping plan

Many people will have a plan of where they want to take their careers, but it’s rare they will have a landing plan. While it might seem simple to improve the look of your yard, it can be difficult to do it without a plan. For ideal results, you should know where each plant will go before you begin the process. To have an easy time coming up with a plan, work with an experienced backyard waterfall contractor or any other professional.

Landscaping Company: Top Outdoor Landscaping Features You Can Use

If you are looking to improve the look of your outdoor space, there are plenty of features you can use to do it. All you need to do is work with your landscaping company and settle on the one that will significantly improve the look. Some of the top features you should go with are:

Swimming pool

A swimming pool not only enhances the look of your yard, but it also functions as an ideal place for you and your family to relax. For a great experience with the pool, pay close attention to the size. As rule of thumb, choose a size that complements the size of your yard. You should also factor in the maintenance of the unit and location.

In addition to the swimming pool, if your yard is large enough, also consider installing a waterfall. Just like the swimming pool, consider the size and location of the unit. All you need to do is speak with your backyard waterfall contractor and settle on the right place to install the unit.

Fire pit

The fire pit isn’t just a unit to give your yard an attractive look. It also comes in handy during the cold summer evenings. Fire pits come in different models that range from portable units that you can place at any area of your yard to permanent pits made from concrete, bricks, and stone. When installing them, consider the size of your garden. You should place them in an area that is conducive for you and your family and at the same time improves the look of your yard.

Outdoor seating areas

If you are strapped for cash, but you want to improve the look of your yard, you should simply have and outdoor seating area. All you need to do is place a few seats at an outdoor area, and you are ready to go. Since the seats will be outside for most of the time, they should be made from durable materials such as leather. If your outdoor space is small, use plastic or metal seats.

Many homeowners believe that outdoor spaces are for people with large yards. Far from this. Speak to your landscaping contractor and ask him/her will help you come up with a design ideal for your size of the yard.


These are some of the outdoor landscaping features you can use to improve the look of your yard. For perfect results, work with a reputable masonry contractor.

Backyard Waterfall Contractor: Tips On How To Maintain Your Waterfall

backyard waterfall contractor

After you have installed a backyard waterfall with your backyard waterfall contractor, you need to take care of the unit for it to keep functioning optimally and last for a long time.

How to maintain your backyard waterfall

There are a number of ways of maintaining your waterfall. One of the ways is replacing the water in your waterfall at least once every month. When you do this you ensure that only clean water runs through the system. This not only keeps your system working optimally, it also reduces the chances of algae and other microorganisms from growing in your pond. Experts have also shown this to be a highly effective way of increasing the chances of fish surviving in your pond.

Another thing you need to do is to ensure that the water levels are always at the peak. Due to evaporation, it’s common for water levels to drop. You should keep them high by regularly adding water. For ideal results, you should add the water every day.

The pump is one of the most important features of the waterfall. If you have noticed a reduction in the water flow in your waterfall, you should clean the filter screen usually located at the bottom of the pump. The cool thing is that you don’t have to hire a contractor to do it. All you need to do is unplug and remove the pump from the waterfall and physically remove the debris found at the bottom of the pump. To avoid complications in the future, also remove any debris that might be sitting at the area where the pump sits.

To reduce the frequency at which you have to clean the pump, you should shield the pump from leaves and debris. The best way of doing it is covering it with a shade cloth screen.

During the cold seasons, waterfall contractors recommend that you winternize the waterfall fountains in order to protect them from freezing. Winternizing the unit prevents water from freezing in the basin thus reducing the chances of your pump cracking. It’s common for waterfalls to be accompanied by pools. At least once a week you should use a screen to get rid of debris that might be floating on your pond.


These are tips on how to maintain your backyard waterfall. If you are having problems with your unit, you should hire a pool masonry contractor or any other professional to troubleshoot the problems.

Landscaping Company: Landscaping Rules For A Beautiful Yard

landscaping company

For your yard to be beautiful you should undertake proper landscaping. For the yard to be beautiful you need to consider a number of rules recommended by landscaping company. These rules include:

Have your own landscaping style

We all have our preferences. We prefer a certain dressing style, certain foods, and many other things. You should give your yard your personality. You should include your favorite flowers, colors, and many other things. In addition to feeling at home when you have your own landscaping style, it also gives people something to talk about when they visit your home.

If you are unsure of the right style you should go with, you should get inspiration from the types of parties you entertain in your yard. If you are into formal parties, go for a formal themed party. The same thing applies when you are into casual parties. You can also get the inspiration from your neighbors. If you are close to them, visit their yards and see what they have done with their yards and settle on the best design.

Think of the future

Studies show that most homeowners worry about the short-term look of their yards. While your yard should look good now, you should also pay attention to how it will look in the coming 5-10 years. To avoid having to do your yard over and over again, you should go for durable plants and flowers. This calls for you to avoid planting plants that will dry up within a short time. For your yard to remain beautiful all the year round, you should plant different flowers that bloom at different times.

Maintain your yard

Installing flowers and trees isn’t enough—you need to maintain your yard for it to look good.  You should regularly water the yard to maintain the green lush. Also, apply fungicides and other pesticides to get rid of harmful insects that might destroy your plants. Trimming is important for the beauty of your landscape. You can do the work by yourself or hire a professional to help you out.


These are the rules you should consider for you to maintain a beautiful yard. To make your yard more interesting you should work with a backyard waterfall contractor and install a waterfall or any other feature. When installing additional features, avoid overdoing it as you risk giving your yard an ugly look.