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Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips

With cooking, the majority of meals you would normally make inside can be cooked in an outdoor kitchen. There are times when the favorite foods can taste better when they are prepared using outdoor appliances. With tempting flavors and aromas, barbecues can add a new element to your normal meals.

Outdoor cooking is not limited to simple propane and charcoal grills that a lot of people are used to. Modern kitchens are designed for the patio featuring high-tech appliances and sophisticated components that creates a luxurious space that is easy to use. Even outdoor kitchen builders will tell you that this is one of the best features you will have.

Here are tips you can follow:

You can Extend the Living Space

Among the great benefits of an outdoor kitchen is it extends the living and entertaining space. Use up the additional space by planning the shade, warmth, and shelter.

During the summer months, a shaded kitchen would mean that entertaining and cooking are better. In order to provide shelter and shade, you can plant some trees nearby or incorporate a pergola or an awning when you have it built. For the seating area, go for a patio umbrella.

Functional Area

Like in an interior kitchen, a thoughtfully-designed outdoor kitchen makes sure that the layout is functional.

Do you have enough room between the barbecue and dining area in order to cook comfortably? Is there enough bench space to place food, utensils, and condiments while cooking? Do you plan to wash up outside? Do you require a beverage fridge? Can you install ventilation?

Choose Between Portable and Permanent Options

If you plan or rent to move in the next couple of years, you should equip the outdoor kitchen with appliances and features that you can easily move. For instance, you can pair a standalone grill with portable carts that you can use as DIY counters or barbecue islands.

In case you do not see yourself moving or you just love home improvement projects, then an outdoor kitchen might be the project for you. Determine a safe and convenient location, then you should start thinking about materials that coordinate with the exterior of your home that is available locally.


Choosing the appliance is one step when it comes to designing an outdoor kitchen where people are excited about barbecue lovers. However, beyond choosing if you have built-in hot plates and grills, a wok burner or wood fire oven are a few things to consider.

You would want to make sure that the equipment is made using a material that is weatherproof and easy to clean. You would have to consider what services you can access like gas, electricity, and water.

It is also worth questioning how often you are going to utilize the equipment before splurging – a cocktail station can theoretically sound great, but is that how you normally entertain?

Consider Surroundings

An outdoor kitchen is an extension of the indoor living space. It also requires that you fit into the yard and the area that surrounds it. While you brainstorm the design, think about the home’s exterior. Choose textures and colors that complement or extend that style.

You Should Commit to Proper Maintenance

An outdoor kitchen is exposed to different elements. Even if you do not often use it, the surfaces and appliances would have to be maintained and covered to withstand the changing weather. In different regions, your appliances would have to be regularly cleaned to get rid of buildups of salt from the ocean air.

You can contact outdoor kitchen contractors Long Island anytime once you are ready.



Benefits of Having a Small Swimming Pool

If you are planning to have a pool built but you have no space for a medium or large one, you can consider a small pool. The pool builders will be more than happy to install it for you. In case it is one of your clever plans to improve your time at home, you can easily invest in a small pool.

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of having a small pool? If that is the case, you will be happy to know that this post is going to tell you what those benefits are. Aside from easier maintenance compared to the bigger ones, there are other advantages you can enjoy if you have a small pool.

More Space

When you have a smaller pool, it means that there is a smaller footprint and you are going to have more space in the yard for other things. Instead of the pool consuming the entire yard, you can still have space for a fire pit, poolside furniture, and creative choices for your landscape.

Less Maintenance

One of the biggest disadvantages of big pools is that they need regular maintenance, which is boring and exhausting. The nice thing about a small pool is that it needs lesser maintenance and work.

Most of the time, the thing about flexibility is subjective with pools. You should note that most small pools are made of concrete or vinyl, which are very flexible materials. However, when it comes to quantity, larger pools have various options because they can be made of fiberglass. Vinyl and concrete are better than fiberglass.

Small Pools Have Lower Initial Cost

Everyone has mentioned that you are able to save a lot when it comes to upkeep and maintenance with smaller pools. However, a smaller pool is going to cost less from the beginning. Since smaller pools require fewer materials, the cost is going to be lower as well. It is the same for installation. Having a smaller pool costs less, and it takes less time to finish construction as well. That means you can enjoy a brand-new pool shortly after construction.

Injury Treatment and Prevention

Aqua therapy is about using foam “weights” while in the pool so they can stretch and rehabilitate your injured body parts. Physical therapy underwater has a very low impact, which causes ¼ strain on your body, as well as regular exercise.

You can keep up the aqua therapy after you are healed and you can prevent future injuries when your body is kept in better condition.

Gives You the Same Level of Relaxation and Benefits

No matter what the size of a pool is, it will give all the benefits, from end-of-the-day relaxation, weekend get-togethers with your family, and some good exercise as well.

If your worry is about the pool being too small for your laps, you can buy a swim training belt that lets you continuously swim in place. Therefore, you will get the same workout as if you were in a large pool. You can also buy pool weights so you can get a low-impact workout.

Better Sleep

A benefit it has to your overall health is that they are great for sleep improvement. In case you feel stressed and unable to sleep, you can hop in for a quick swim and you are going to sleep better before knowing it. That is because you are going to get a full-body workout before bed.

You can contact pool masonry contractors Long Island anytime you want to have a small pool built.

How to Conserve Pool Water

Unfortunately, droughts happen more often now compared to before because of climate change. Conserving water is needed when you want to protect the environment. Swimming pools are excellent places to have fun and relax, but they have environmental impacts. This will keep your pool well-maintained in the initial step when it comes to conserving water. If you wonder how you can conserve pool water, there are tips you can follow.

Normally, pool contractors will only tell you the basic tips, but there are more that you can benefit from. You should also check if there are leaks, evaporation, filter backwashing, and splashes. If you want to learn more about how you can conserve pool water, you should read on now.

Test for Leaks

You should have your plumbing and pool tested for any leaks. You should make sure to repair visible leaks by reaching out to a water leak detection company. In case you have an underground leak, mark the pool level that is close to the skimmer. You should come back after 24 hours and check if the water level has changed. What should be looked at is the water pipes, drainage system, and mechanisms that work well enough. In case it is not in full working capacity, you should look for a professional consult.

Clean the Pool to Conserve Water

A clean pool that has little debris is not going to dirty up the filter just as fast. Your clean filter will not have to be cleaned or backwashed as often, which conserves pool water. The average backwash consumes 250 to 1,000 gallons of water, so you should limit this. You have to use a leaf rake or skimmer net to get rid of large and small debris from your pool and clean the skimmer and baskets regularly.

If there is no need to run a backwash cycle, you can recycle pool water when you run the backwash output onto the landscaping or lawn. Make sure that the water has been absorbed before it leaves the property, and you should prevent any runoff from entering the adjacent properties.

Lower the Level of Pool Water

Aside from conserving water, you will need to keep a lower water level in your pool which is helpful in reducing water loss coming from extreme splashing and water play. It is a great idea to help your water level an inch above the bottom of your pool tile. You should discourage swimmers from splashing and explain that the water has to stay in the pool.

Prevent Evaporation

Pool owners can lose about 7,000 and 25,000 gallons of water each year because of evaporation, which depends on the pool size and climate. That is plenty of water, and the water bill is going to reflect it as well. In order to prevent evaporation, you should start making sure to cover the pool when you are not using it. Even a small solar basket is going to help reduce evaporation.

The landscape also helps with this issue. Since wind moves across the surface of the water, it causes evaporation. You can put shrubs and wind-blocking objects like hardscapes and fences around the pool to cut down the wind.

Lower Pool Temperature

If you use a pool heater, you should try to reduce the water temperature in the summer. You will reduce evaporation by doing this, and it is important when the pool is not being used. You can also use a pool cover for this.

You can contact swimming pool builders Long Island anytime if you want to build a swimming pool in your backyard.

Advantages of Having a Concrete Swimming Pool

People agree that they love waking up to a beautiful swimming pool outside their windows. However, is it cost-effective? Even if a lot of houses today have nice swimming pools, some of them could be hard to maintain. You might end up spending a huge amount of money if you are unaware of the cost-effective pool building and maintenance methods.

If you want to ask the masonry contractor about having a pool, you will find a good answer. A pool will give your family a lot of fun, thrill, and excitement. In addition, it provides you with good exercise.

In case you want to know what the advantages are when you have a concrete pool, read on.

Maintenance is Easy

When you compare concrete pools to fiberglass or vinyl liner pools, you will know how hard they are to maintain. You would have to be careful with the products and accessories that you use to avoid damaging the surface.

However, you should know that concrete pools are very easy to maintain, and you can use almost any kind of salt and chemical. Since the pool walls are quite sturdy, they can be used regularly without having to worry about damage.

Flexible Design

Concrete pools are constructed on-site, and the concrete pools will be able to achieve any shape, size, or depth. Using shotcrete maximizes customization and it allows tight radiuses, different depths, and built-in steps and seats. The lighting can also be installed in the pool shell for enhanced ambiance and safety. These concrete pools are compatible with tile and various pool deck materials.

Durable for Any Weather

Even under harsh weather, concrete pools are reliable and durable. The concrete can withstand extreme cold and scorching sun without any issues. That means there is no need to spend time or energy attempting to protect your pool from the weather.

There are No Size Restrictions

Among the most important issues that people face while you build a swimming pool is the size. There are certain size restrictions that should be considered in the case of other materials, and you can only choose standard sizes.

None of this is a factor with pools made of concrete, and you will be able to make the pool in the size and shape you want. The good thing about concrete pool installation is that you can measure the area in your backyard, and builders are going to start pool construction right away.

Aside from that, you want a swimming pool or dive pool so people can enjoy it. These pools should have enough depth so that people will not hit their heads.

Adds to the Value of Your Home

Concrete pools are excellent investments. When you have a concrete pool in your home, the long-term value of a home increases. That is because concrete pools can last long, and their value does not depreciate. Instead, they are going to increase the value of your home. This is very beneficial when you want to sell your home. A concrete pool also attracts more potential buyers to check out your home who are looking for a pool.

You Can Go Deep

A concrete pool can be built to any shape and depth you want. An odd-shaped pool can be made to fit your area. That is not an issue because a concrete pool can be designed to fit any available space. You are going to have more freedom to design the pool you want.

You can contact stone patio contractor Long Island once you are ready to have a pool built and you will not be disappointed.

What to Consider When Choosing an Outdoor Fireplace Stone

If you are choosing the selection of the right finish or fire pit color, there are a lot of versatile choices that will convert a fire pit into a rustic centerpiece. In case you want to add flair to your fire pit projects, you can choose the right finishes.

When you remodel or build your home, among the more daunting pieces of your project is the fireplace. There is rustic, ultra-modern, and a never-ending list when you pick out the finish material but among the common material that lasted since the first fireplaces were built is choosing the right stone style. You can contact the outdoor fireplace builders anytime after you have chosen the right tiles.

Choose Fire-Safe Materials

Safety should be a first. You need to choose a stone that is able to withstand the fireplace heat. This is not a huge concern if you want to install natural gas or propane-fueled fireplace, but it is extremely important with wood-burning fireplaces. The firebox and flue should be made of fireproof cast brick, concrete blocks, or natural stone. After the firebox is set in place, stone cladding can become more decorative.

Natural or Manufactured

Stone went through a lot of change because of the stone age where you were able to pull the heaviest and biggest rock you can find to cook. Since fire pit is no longer used for cooking, people now enjoy the warmth and comfort given by fireplaces. All this happens while guests admire the new look of a freshly adorned fireplace. The initial step when it comes to choosing a new stone is between Natural and Manufactured. The manufactured stone advantages are both in purchasing and weight manufactured stone installation. Another positive thing about this is variety and a typically manufactured stone that can come in different designs and colors. The good thing about Natural stone is its beauty because there is no match to colors and variations that comes from a stone quarry. Natural stone installation is pricier, but it makes all the difference when you show off your new classic look.

Consider Your Surroundings

The color and finish of the fire put should match, complement, or contrast the existing landscape elements. You need to consider how differently an earthy color, warm, dark shade, or a deep, or cool, subtly tone affects the appearance of an outdoor area. You do not want to go overboard, but you do not want to create a dull or boring area in the fire pit. The fire pit texture and color can make it pop, which allows it to rightfully become the main feature of the hardscape. You can finish off a fire pit even further using accents and bandings of different colors that tie it in with the other spaces.

Color and Cut

You should pick the “cut” of stone where you hear fancy words such as Castle-rock, ledge cut, random height, Ashar/dimensional, or multiple blends. Each cut is very different from the huge bed stones of Castle-rock to the thin stacked modern look. The style normally comes with preference while fieldstones, random heights, and Castle-rocks are normally more rustic. The biggest tip when choosing the actual color and cut of the stone is to bring carpet and paint choice samples so that it matches the stones because this is a lot easier than checking out a stone sample. If you cannot decide while being in the design gallery, you can always ask for samples that you can take home.

You can masonry contractor Long Island if you want to have the best outdoor fireplace.

Cooking at an Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace can be the perfect centerpiece for evening gatherings on your patio or deck. Outdoor cooking was always used throughout history and it is a social gathering if you want to cook food for family and friends. Evenings and long summer days are a great time to cook outdoors while you entertain friends, families, neighbors, and acquaintances.

The summer has a lot of holidays and time for family traditions, like hosting outdoor barbeques when the school year ends summer celebrations, or a bonfire to roast smores as your favorite pastime. A bonfire or cookout can also be an excellent way to invite neighbors or coworkers if you want to have a fun social gathering.

Outdoor fireplace builders will be more than happy to make one for you.

Fire Safety

There are some considerations you should remember when you use fires for cooking or entertaining. The protocol that surrounds fire safety is crucial. In addition, education about weather conditions helps prevent wildfires.

You should remember safety precautions when you use flames to cook. You should abide by municipal code rules and regulations. They should be cognizant of any and all the association rules of homeowners.

Flames should be kept at a safe distance from residential cars, structures, trees, and other flammable items in order to avoid fires that can cause hazards. It is recommended that it should be at least 10 feet away from structures.

Add a Grill

Regardless if your outdoor fireplace is portable, or built-in, you can add a grate to turn your fireplace into something multi-purpose.

You should make sure to only use non-toxic fuel sources when you cook at an outdoor fireplace. For instance, no stained, painted, or rotten wood. You should use dry, hard logs instead or barbeque charcoal.

A lot of different cooking methods are at your disposal when you use a grill over an open fire. You should directly cook foods on the grill or by the use of a cast-iron or dish skillet.

Choose the Right Kind of Wood

Like with the majority of outdoor fireplaces, you would have to use enough wood so you can make a reasonable bed over where to cook food. This can be comprised of quick-burning wood such as pine and an amount of kindling so it is kept burning. Choosing the right type of wood to cook with is the most crucial step because the wood adds flavor to the food.

Oak, apple wood, and hickory all add great flavors. You are going to place the flavoring wood on the bed of burning wood. Keep in mind that you will require some tools to move the coals around, a small rake and shovel should be enough.

Wind and Weather When You Cook

You have to always be cognizant of weather conditions and basic safety to prevent hazardous conditions so you can avoid fire damage. Make sure the wind will not harm your plans for outdoor cooking which can make an outdoor fire quickly turn hazardous.

Winds that are over five miles an hour can cause sparks and wildfires to blow in case they are not monitored, blown out, or contained. High winds can also lead to small sparks and embers that are carried further and dispersed.

Control the Temperature

The fire should reach a specific temperature for the best results and cooking. Outdoor fireplaces reach a higher temperature than normal indoor appliances, which allows you to quickly cook food. You should closely monitor the food while cooking so it does not burn.

You can call outdoor kitchen builders Long Island anytime to have an outdoor fireplace built.



Outdoor Fireplace Ideas to Make Your Backyard More Inviting

The outdoors might seem like a strange area where you can put a fireplace. After all, these fireplaces can make a living room and mountain homes cozy, not patios, porches, and backyards. The reality is that fireplaces are only a step ahead of fire pits, and you will have a hard time putting any of them in your yard. In addition, fireplaces can be taller, wider, and bigger compared to fire pits, so adding one to an outdoor space is a great way to make a statement.

If you are going to contact a masonry contractor , you should already have an idea of what you want. You should read this article until the end to find out more.

Roof Deck Fireplace

You can create a cozy outdoor room when you incorporate a fireplace. Regardless if the space is for lounging or dining, a fireplace will serve as a focal point, feature wall, a place where you can cook, and warmth that extends to the outside of your living season.

You can match it with the style of your home and then you can add space for storing firewood and a couple of decorative pieces. If you want to be safe, make sure that the firebox is made of steel or fire-rated bricks, and then put a fire-rated flue pipe in the chimney.

Fireplace with a Covered Patio

You should not allow too much precipitation or too much sun to keep you from enjoying your fireplace or patio. A covered patio with a fireplace enhances the feel of an outdoor room and it makes your outside living room more comfortable by shielding you from the hot summer and rain. You can use the similar to same stonework on their fireplace also accents your home adding to the inclusive effect. If you want to buy instead of doing it yourself, you can read more information about it.

Stick with Vintage

If you want a rustic look, this outdoor burning fireplace is nice and cozy. It makes a statement, has enough space to burn logs, and the wide opening could mean that you are going to get a nice fire burning whenever you need it. People can visualize this kind of outdoor fireplace if they have a country house garden.

Stucco Fireplace

If you are into building an outdoor fireplace, but you are unaware of where to start, what you can do is to buy fireplace construction plans.

Each plan can follow a detailed, step-by-step method that is similar to using Legos for building but concrete blocks are used. After that, you can use the finishing material you want. The fireplace shown here is finished with stucco, which you can afford and it can be painted for more customization.

Backyard Oasis

Your fireplace does not have to be next to your house. You should go around your property and imagine if you have a backyard oasis that features an outdoor fireplace. Convert your backyard into your own sanctuary with a fire structure built into the lush landscaping. You can create a nice and private haven with vines that are climbing up the pergola that will jut off the chimney or privacy screens allowing you to relax peacefully beside the fire.

Make a Focal Point

It could be hard to not focus your attention on an outdoor fireplace when it has a trusty design and rustic finish. You need to put yours in a nice location that you can stare at and it will create an impressive ambiance for your outdoor guests.

You contact outdoor kitchen builders Long Island once you are ready with a design idea for your patio.



How to Choose the Best Pool Pump

The pool pump is an important equipment for any swimming pool, but it is also important that you get the one with the right size for your pool. If you buy one that is too big, it will eat up more energy than it is supposed to, which results in higher energy bills. If you get one that is too small, it will fail to filter your pool sufficiently. Buying the right pump will be important to maintain your pool in the long run.

When you are buying a pump, you can also ask the swimming pool builders for any advice. Here are tips on how to choose the right pool pump:

Size of Your Pool

First, you must measure your pool size. Use a tape measure to get the width, length, and depth of your pool. If the measurements are not in the exact feet, you can convert foot fractions into decimal feet. You have to measure the pool’s actual water level depth. You should not use the depth that your pool can hold.

  • Rectangular pool: In gallons = Length x Width x Average Depth* x 7.5
  • Ovel pool: In gallons = Shortest diameter x Longest diameter x Average depth x 6.7
  • Circular pool: In gallons = Diameter x Diameter x Depth x 5.9

Calculate Your Pool’s Minimum Flow Rate

The water in your pool should make a complete circulation every 8 hours. In order for this to occur, you must figure out your swimming pool’s minimum flow rate. In order to find out, you should take how many gallons of water your pool can hold and then divide it by 8. After that, divide the answer by 60. The result is your pool’s minimum flow rate.


The power your pump has will dictate the rate of water turnover, so how often you run the pump will depend on that. However, this will also depend on the filter size and filtration system pipes. But in case your system uses 3-inch pipes, you can install a pump with 3 horsepower. This will work a lot quicker.

However, this can be too much if your pool is small, which will just end up wasting energy and costing you more money. Make sure to choose a pump that will not overwhelm your filtration system, but still has enough power to turn over the water pool at a good rate.

Pipe Size

No matter how many GPM the pump can handle, the connected pipe size will determine how fast the water can flow through. For instance, if your pump is 100 GPM, but your pipe is 1-1/2” the pump will only flow at 60 GPM.

Here are the numbers to make sure that the pipes and pump have matching GPM capabilities.

1-1/2” pipe has a maximum flow rate of 60 GPM

2” pipe has a 100 GPM maximum flow rate

2-1/2” pipe has a maximum flow rate of 140 GPM

Buy the Largest Filter

To have the least maintenance, choose the largest filter that your pool pump can take. A larger filter can clean the pool water better, fewer clogs, and require less work.


Your pool can be hardwired into your system or it might need an outlet you can plug into. Find out what you are getting into before buying the pool pump.

You would also have to determine if the pump is running on 110 or 220 volts. If you have an in ground pool, it is important to know the exact voltage.

Contact pool design contractor Long Island to have the pump installed.

How to Maintain Your Outdoor Fireplace

Having an outdoor fireplace is an excellent way to extend outdoors and create a fun place where you can hang out with your guests. It creates the perfect focal point in the backyard landscape of your house, which increases its resale value. However, the right maintenance is required to make sure that the fireplace provides years of enjoyment outdoors.

After you pay for outdoor fireplace builders, you should be able to retain it properly, with a solid framework, and it looks great. Aside from that, you would have to regularly maintain it. Depending on the kind of fireplace you have, the materials, and the age, there are several requirements and maintenance that you must take.

Read on to know more.

Clean it

After using your outdoor fireplace, make sure to clean out the ashes and anything else that was combusted. Since they are exposed to a lot of elements, outdoor fireplaces will more likely develop mold or mildew problems that require cleaning. These issues are regularly taken care of so they do not grow to be unruly. Make sure that you burn safe materials in your outdoor fireplace. With regards to indoor fireplaces, you would have to watch out for creosote build-up.

You should take care of your wood as well. It is important to do proper wood storage and it prolongs the life and quality of your firewood.

 Gas Fireplace Maintenance Tips

If your outdoor fireplace is gas, you can follow these maintenance tips to make it is performing properly:

  • Before you clean a gas fireplace, make sure that the gas is off
  • You should regularly check the exhaust fan of your fireplace to make sure that it functions properly
  • Clean the burners so it is free of soot, and clean them using a cloth or a brush with soft bristles. You should always manufacture guidelines to make sure that you do not void the warranty
  • Turn off the fireplace’s pilot light if you do not plan to use it for a couple of months

Proper Ventilation Should be Maintained

Regardless of the kind of outdoor fireplace you own, make sure that the flue is clear of birds, twigs, and other obstructions. The possibility of having uninvited guests making themselves comfortable in your outdoor fireplace will increase because of the convenience and accessibility. The construction is sturdy and critters are smart when it comes to seeking shelter.

You might not realize it but the quality of air, puff-backs, or other issues are not just for indoor fireplaces. They can also happen with outdoor fireplaces. When you have poor ventilation, it can become almost impossible to keep a proper flame. Without that, there can be excess smoke. Another factor is the lack of heat and smoke rising. If the smoke is unable to flow upwards, it is going to flow back through the firebox and into your party.

Do Not Leave Flames Unattended

You cannot predict fires by nature, and all features around an outdoor fireplace increase unpredictability. A quick breeze that can send sparks flying to grass nearby, leaves, or patio furniture that can start an unwanted and destructive fire that quickly destroys your yard and your home. Therefore, you must never leave your outdoor fireplace in case of an active flame.

Once you are done, make sure to completely extinguish the outdoor fireplace. Smoldering embers stay hot all night. It is not enough to just bury hot coals because it only insulates them and lets them stay hot, so this is hazardous.

Make sure you know proper maintenance before you contact masonry contractor Long Island to have an outdoor fireplace built.

Causes of a Leaning Chimney

A leaning chimney should be addressed right away. If this issue is ignored, the loose bricks could fall on people. Pests and water can infiltrate the gap between the siding and chimney. The combustible gas can leak from the chimney going into your home when you are using the fireplace. If you think that you have a leaning chimney, you should act right away so you can protect your family and home from these standards.

You can contact the masonry contractor to check if you need to have a new one built, and remember that it is not the end of the world. However, this problem is pertinent that you need to prioritize so you can find a solution.

Here are the causes of a leaning chimney:

The Structure is Deteriorating

Those who are familiar with the freezing coldness of winter, blazing hot summer, and these weather shifts, and temperature drops can all be damaging to homes and structures. The concrete can be damaged by the temperamental weather and tends to crack. Freeze and thaw cycles can trap moisture in the base, which causes it to deteriorate quickly.

Roof Damage Close to the Chimney

Your chimney is going to extend past your roof, where the siding will transition towards the roof. While the chimney is shifting, it is going to damage the nearby area and gutter. Shingles, gutters, or other roof materials near the chimney can start to show signs of damage or they could even fall off.

In other cases, the roofing and siding can just hang off, which makes it easy to spot. However, the damage is not always obvious.

The Base is Too Small

An older home might have a couple of missteps during construction or it could have been faced with age that eroded a solid chimney to one that slowly deteriorates.

For any homeowner, this means the chimney footing is too small to carry its weight, or maybe the time has already taken a toll on its base, which is the most important part of the chimney. A sturdy footing for the chimney should have a thickness of one foot and extends six inches per side.

Gaps Between the Wall and Chimney

Aside from the damage caused by the shift in your chimney, the space it occupied in the past is going to be left open. Even a small gap can be risky, and its size increases over time.

For the larger gap, it is most likely to have moisture or other damage that can invade your home from this vulnerable and new spot. If you like to shop, you should always be on the lookout for gaps.

Soil Erosion

Water is the most damaging to any foundation, even one that is newly built. When there is moisture, it can go into crevices and cracks, weakening a structure that comes from inside and out. A chimney is not an exception to the water path with the least resistance, and one way or another, the soil and moisture that goes around the chimney’s base will wreak havoc on its structure.

This will not happen overnight, and it takes many years for the landscape around it to loosen, which causes a shift. There are some types of soil that are unable to hold the weight of the big chimneys. If the soil is too loose, it will cause the chimney’s base to shift, which results in tilting that you can easily see from the ground.

You can contact outdoor fireplace builders Long Island as well to check why your chimney is leaning so the issue can be addressed right away.