Long Island Landscape Designs Testimonials

Long Island Landscape Designs also builds strong relationships with each client. We have many letters of thanks that we will be happy to share with you, like the letter below:

September 2005

Dear Mr. Peter Gudz:

I am writing this letter of recommendation to verbalize your organization's strength, Customer Satisfaction. Your organization has provided superior customer service, through all phases of the job. I have been working in the customer service area of my profession for over 25 years, dealing with large multimillion/billion dollar customers. I take great satisfaction in being able to inform you of your team's achievements in exhibiting the utmost professionalism and outstanding level of customer satisfaction.

You did an outstanding job, exceeding my expectations on every aspect of the project. Your onsite presence multiple times to design the pool positioning and working very will with Luke from Swim King was outstanding extra effort. This effort was performed before any contract was signed with your team; again this was the first sign of your team's extremely high level of professionalism. You were very easy to work with, and had some great design concepts. You had a great eye for the correct rock selection & placement on the waterfall. Your attention to detail was very impressive, we would discuss it once and it was compete. In addition to the main project's tasks you were very accommodating to small little extra tasks that needed to be done. Your professionalism and outstanding work was illustrated in many areas of this project : Designer, Salesperson and Project manger, which any organization would be proud of, Great Job & Well Done!


Jeff Peterson East Setauket, NY 11733

August 5, 2009

Long Island Landscape Designs, Inc.

Dear Peter,

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much we are enjoying our backyard this summer.† While last summer was a lot of fun designing and creating the yard of our dreams, it was hard to envision just how awesome it would look once all of the finishing touches were completed and how all of the various plants would bloom for the first time during the spring and summer season.†

As you know our plan started off with just redoing the pool area but we were really pleased with the way the block retaining wall and pavers looked when you were done. Thatís when we decided to go for the whole monte and give me access to the entire backyard from my wheelchair and add the extra patios, walkway, and fireplace. Now I can get down to the pool via the meandering, perfectly sloped paved walkway and move about the pool area easily or take the walkway up to the upper tumble block paved patio and either sit under the gazebo and watch the waterfall or start a fire in the beautifully rustic bluestone fireplace you built. We spend many a night in the backyard with the fire going, the kids swimming and enjoying the beauty of the yard.

We hosted a party a few weeks ago and I really wish you could have been there. Most of our guests hadnít been to the house since we had completed the backyard. I would have loved for you to hear some of the comments of how impressed they were with the way the yard looks, many comparing it to a 5 star resort. My sister visited with her family from Oregon and they were so impressed that they were content just enjoying the pool and luxury of our yard.

I still marvel at the beauty of my backyard when I sit there looking at the different landscapes we created. You can get a different feel and perspective from various seating areas whether it be down by the pool, up on the deck or from the upper patio by the fireplace. The plants keep blooming anew and it is great to see a different flower or bush sprout a new petal and open into a beautiful flower.

Thanks so much for the great job. After receiving several estimates and plans on how to complete the project I am completely convinced we picked the right contractor when we chose you. You were very flexible and helpful when we were constantly coming up with new ideas and challenges. Setting the pavers on top of cement was the right way to go and the added drainage to prevent water build up was great foresight with all of the rain we had this summer, not one puddle. I am confident that the pavers, wall and fireplace will be in place for years for my familyís enjoyment.

Thank you

Kevin Schmidt
Islip Terrace, N.Y.3

September 16, 2009

Dear Peter,

I just wanted to put in writing how pleased George and I are with the work you did in our backyard. The whole project far exceeded our expectations; we never dreamed the yard could look so good.

You were respectful, professional and patient from beginning to end. Your crew is hardworking and talented. We were also happy with the other contractors you brought in; Brian to do the pool and Pete for the tree and brush clean-up. The pool is beyond awesome! My neighbors were speechless! The entire project was worth every penny.

Please feel free to bring prospective customers into our yard any time to show them your work. We will definitely recommend you and, when weíre ready to do more work, weíll call you.

Thanks again.


Nancy & George Marullo

October 26, 2009


I want to thank you sincerely for the great job you did with the front stoop, the walkway, the driveway, the back stairs and both patios. Wow! And thanks for moving the basketball hoop and putting the awesome path along the side of the house. You promised I would be happy with the job and you were right! Your crew was very professional and obviously takes pride in what they do. I watched them pay close attention to every detail when they measured and leveled and laid each brick. The craftsmanship and the quality of their work is excellent.

I know you take a lot of care with the quality of your work and the satisfaction of your clients; itís obvious. Everybody who comes by now asks who did the masonry and masonry work. I look forward to referring your business. Thanks again for everything.

Peter B.