snow removal services in long island

On snowy days, a lot of us think of taking the day off from work and watching TV by the fireplace. But after all in this economy, Can we afford to stay home?

As business owners or homeowners we all get a little nervous on how we will be getting out of the house and to the office safely. L.I.L.D.I. will help you get out of the front door of your home and to the front door at the office.

With a little planning our company can make you feel more at ease. We can map out your driveways, walkways, Parking lots, curbs and fire hydrants at residential homes and commercial properties to ensure our clients we are protecting their property

Our Snowplowing crew is on the job 24 / 7 with the proper equipment and manpower to handle any job large or small that Mother Nature can throw at us.

Long Island Snow/Ice Plowing & removal