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Benefits of Hardscaping Your Home

Hardscaping will inanimate hard surfaces or wood, concrete, or stone. Natural elements and living plants are what people think about when they hear about “landscaping.” However, landscaping includes soft and natural living elements, and landscaping as well. The majority of yards consist of hardscaping and traditional landscaping.

You should also tell the masonry contractor about your hardscaping plan because they can work around it or help you achieve what you want.

Regardless if it is big or small, landscaping will change your outdoor living additions positively, and the benefits that you get from hardscaping are more than just aesthetics. The project will boost the feel, look, and value of your property. They are decorative, diverse, classic, and customizable. Read on to know more.

It Will Improve Curb Appeal

The most evident reason why people hardscape is to improve curb appeal. Hardscaping will provide homeowners with a lot of options when it comes to creating a landscape that can truly reflect their style and personality. This also allows creativity, like using pavers in weird patterns and shapes to create excellent designs throughout your yard. Landscapers can also add lighting, that draws attention at night in order to highlight the features even more. This improves your home’s aesthetic value during the night and day.

Adds Dimension

You can now bid farewell to the flat, and wide-open backyard you had yesterday. When you do even just a little hardscaping, you can easily add multiple dimensions to your yard. It can have different levels, weaving walkways, and defined edges so your space becomes visually appealing. Aside from that, pergolas, courtyard walls, stone boundary lines, and fences all add privacy from neighbors nearby.

No Soil Erosion to Protect Your Property

Since weather conditions can become harsh over time, you will need a wall-installed hardscape that could last long. If there is erosion, hardscape areas like stone or paver surfaces can keep the soil and ground intact. Experts will suggest that a proper hardscape around your house can play crucial when it comes to water logging prevention. There is a very minimal chance of soil erosion.

Hardscaping features a retaining wall, which prevents erosion and gives a lot more advantages.

Low Maintenance

As someone who owns a home, you are probably aware of the continuous care that will go into making sure that your landscaping will always look as good as new. Between lawn mowing, and making sure that your newly installed trees are cared for properly, and trimmed from time to time. You can also care for your new garden. Summertime provides you with a lot of different tasks that you must juggle. Hardscaping projects do not require you to put in that amount of time, and you can do other things. When you decide to take out that area of grass and then replace it with a brand-new stone paver, it will provide you with a nice-looking, low-maintenance space that your family can enjoy during summer.

Increases the Resale Value of Your Property

If you lay down concrete/stone structures on your house’s exterior, you can create an outdoor extension. Therefore, more buyers can look at it as an opportunity to have a more relaxing and entertaining space. While buying a property, most people want to check your house’s exteriors together with the interiors. The exterior space contributes to determining the resale value of your property. Investing in hardscaping is a double purpose for you because aside from improving aesthetics, you can sell your home for a higher price as well.

You can contact stone patio contractor Long Island if you want to improve your landscape.


Cooking at an Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace can be the perfect centerpiece for evening gatherings on your patio or deck. Outdoor cooking was always used throughout history and it is a social gathering if you want to cook food for family and friends. Evenings and long summer days are a great time to cook outdoors while you entertain friends, families, neighbors, and acquaintances.

The summer has a lot of holidays and time for family traditions, like hosting outdoor barbeques when the school year ends summer celebrations, or a bonfire to roast smores as your favorite pastime. A bonfire or cookout can also be an excellent way to invite neighbors or coworkers if you want to have a fun social gathering.

Outdoor fireplace builders will be more than happy to make one for you.

Fire Safety

There are some considerations you should remember when you use fires for cooking or entertaining. The protocol that surrounds fire safety is crucial. In addition, education about weather conditions helps prevent wildfires.

You should remember safety precautions when you use flames to cook. You should abide by municipal code rules and regulations. They should be cognizant of any and all the association rules of homeowners.

Flames should be kept at a safe distance from residential cars, structures, trees, and other flammable items in order to avoid fires that can cause hazards. It is recommended that it should be at least 10 feet away from structures.

Add a Grill

Regardless if your outdoor fireplace is portable, or built-in, you can add a grate to turn your fireplace into something multi-purpose.

You should make sure to only use non-toxic fuel sources when you cook at an outdoor fireplace. For instance, no stained, painted, or rotten wood. You should use dry, hard logs instead or barbeque charcoal.

A lot of different cooking methods are at your disposal when you use a grill over an open fire. You should directly cook foods on the grill or by the use of a cast-iron or dish skillet.

Choose the Right Kind of Wood

Like with the majority of outdoor fireplaces, you would have to use enough wood so you can make a reasonable bed over where to cook food. This can be comprised of quick-burning wood such as pine and an amount of kindling so it is kept burning. Choosing the right type of wood to cook with is the most crucial step because the wood adds flavor to the food.

Oak, apple wood, and hickory all add great flavors. You are going to place the flavoring wood on the bed of burning wood. Keep in mind that you will require some tools to move the coals around, a small rake and shovel should be enough.

Wind and Weather When You Cook

You have to always be cognizant of weather conditions and basic safety to prevent hazardous conditions so you can avoid fire damage. Make sure the wind will not harm your plans for outdoor cooking which can make an outdoor fire quickly turn hazardous.

Winds that are over five miles an hour can cause sparks and wildfires to blow in case they are not monitored, blown out, or contained. High winds can also lead to small sparks and embers that are carried further and dispersed.

Control the Temperature

The fire should reach a specific temperature for the best results and cooking. Outdoor fireplaces reach a higher temperature than normal indoor appliances, which allows you to quickly cook food. You should closely monitor the food while cooking so it does not burn.

You can call outdoor kitchen builders Long Island anytime to have an outdoor fireplace built.



Be careful while hiring a masonry contract

landscaping4Are you going to build your own house? You must be facing difficulties in finding good masonry contractors. It is a challenge for homeowners to research for the good service provider who can work according to their need and can save the cost. Taking good masonry services are important as it can be used as compliment to home décor. It enables the homeowner to build a house of his dreams because there is a list of choices of colors, textures, sizes to choose from for home décor.

Before choosing masonry service

Before hiring a masonry service provider, it is important to know the scope of the project.  Sometimes projects are very small, so it won’t be good to search for the contractors take big projects and if the project is big then there is no use of searching a contractor who handles small projects. You should also be aware of the experience of the masonry experts you are going to hire. Extensively experienced experts can provide you the best work results and satisfy your needs.

While hiring masonry expert

While hiring a masonry service provider, it is important to cross check about his last projects he has finished. You can ask his clients to know the customer opinion. Taking customer feedback for a particular contractor is a good approach while hiring someone for your project.  You can also inquire them about their specialty as many contractors work specifically for wall, house facades or chimneys. One more important thing is to know about insurance of contractor in order to compensate property damage or personal liability. If any professional doesn’t provide this information or hesitate to provide such information, you should get aware that it can be a fraud service provider.

In addition, price and cost is an important aspect that should be considered before hiring the professional. You should compare prices offered at market by different masonry experts. Hiring a masonry professional is like hiring a craftsman. A skilled professional can add stars to your house’s décor and a fraud can ruin it all and cost you money and time. A perfect masonry contractor is difficult to find, but not impossible.

Tips To Create And Maintain Your Own Patio Garden With the Help of Professionals

patioPatio design is an innovative way to conceptualize your home or your garden for optimum use of space and giving a picturesque view to the area. You can buy new items to create your own patio garden or can reuse things already existing in your home. You can alternatively choose to take the help of a landscaping contractor who will do it for you!

In case of dearth of space

If you don’t have much of space to grow plants in your home, patio designers can be called. They help in creating a garden. Grow the plants in boxes and pots as whatever in the ground can be grown in pots. One important thing which should be kept in mind is the amount of light your patio garden is going to get in a day, so choose the direction wisely. You can opt for plants that can be grown under shade like croutons or begonias.

Want to grow vegetation in your garden

Patio design can also be applied to your garden if you want to grow veggies. Sounds amazing, right! It’s fun to grow vegetables in your patio. Patio design contractors use innovative ways like old tires, boxes or mesh to grow potatoes, squash or cucumber. A variety of instruction manuals can be found in market on these ways for your patio garden.
Herbify your patio

Plant variety of herbs in your indoor and outdoor patio. These little plants can be used on day to day basis in your cooking. They grow faster and don’t require very good quality of the soil, but still look good, smells good. So add them to your patio for beauty, fragrance and flavor.
Garden to beautify your home

Make your patio design to serve the sole purpose of beautification of your home. If you are opting for outdoor patio then you can also add privacy. How so? Spend on a self-supporting trellis that looks like a curtain. You can also plant vines such as grape ivy, balloon vine or climbing rose, a good and strong structure is required for them to grow. To beautify your home through patio garden you can also go for the only flower approach. Hire the landscaping services to have deeper insight.

How should I go about designing my home landscape?

home landscape

Residential Landscaping

Are you thinking of dressing up your yard this spring?  There are dozens of ways to spruce up your front and backyards so you can be proud to show off your landscape to family, friends and neighbors.  If you are thinking of taking on a large landscaping project, you should consider working with an experienced Long Island landscaper to get the job done.  Working with a professional Long Island landscaping expert will give you the benefit of years of experience designing new outdoor landscapes and masonry patios.  Feel free to ask your Long Island landscaping contractor to see photos of their past landscape design and installation projects!  This will help to give you more ideas for your own new landscape design.

Long Island Masonry

Front yard landscaping design serves the main purpose of presenting your home in a positive light to passerby.  However, there is much more creativity involved in backyard landscape designs.  For example, you could install a new patio in your backyard surrounded by a beautiful landscape of hand selected flowers and shrubbery.  Patio landscaping can either be very simple or slightly complicated; you can even install an outdoor fireplace and custom brick BBQ on your backyard patio!

How much does custom landscaping usually cost?

Custom landscaping is a great way to personalize your property to truly make it your own.  When you work with the right landscapers, you will be able to come up with the perfect custom landscape for you!  You can incorporate a wide range of things into your new landscape, including various masonry structures such as patios, gazebos and backyard swimming pools.  Few other landscaping companies in Long Island offer residential landscaping as well as commercial landscaping services!  We have created countless unique landscapes for homes and business throughout Northport, Smithtown, Dix Hills and dozens of other surrounding areas.

During your design consultation, your team of landscape contractors will share with you possible patio designs and garden designs for your new backyard!  Many people choose to install decks and patios in their backyards to enjoy the weather with friends and family during the warmer months of the year.  Take a look through our outdoor landscaping photos to get an idea of the professional landscaping work we do!  We also offer traditional yard maintenance in addition to our phenomenal landscaping and masonry services.  Don’t let your backyard look like everyone else’s – create something special using our specialized masonry techniques!  We can’t wait to create a new landscape with you.

Who in Long Island can I trust to design a custom landscape for my yard?

custom landscape

A new custom backyard landscape is an ideal home improvement project for the summer!  The professional landscaping contractors at Long Island Landscape Designs would love to help you design a beautiful landscape for your backyard incorporating just about anything you want.  Just a few of our most popular backyard residential landscaping services include inground swimming pool masonry, backyard patio construction and custom brick BBQ design.  Over the years, countless customers have return to our professional masonry company for help creating custom landscapes because we have so many innovative landscaping ideas!  We specialize in high quality stone and brick masonry design for structures such as driveways, garden walkways and custom outdoor fireplaces.

We want to create your new backyard just as you envision it!  Your mason contractor will work very closely with you to make sure that every aspect of your new backyard garden design is just right.  Additionally, many homeowners choose to install safety fencing or retaining walls around their property to gain more privacy and peace of mind.  Safety fences and retaining walls can be made from natural materials such as bushes and trees or can be constructed using top of the line stone and brick masonry tools!

How much does it cost to install a stone patio?

Spring is a great time to install a brand new stone patio on your property.  Backyard patios provide you with a place to kick back and relax with your friends and family during the warmer months of the year.  The skilled masonry contractors at Long Island Landscape Designs Inc. have been implementing a wide variety of patio designs for homes throughout Long Island for years!  We can incorporate just about anything into our patio design ideas for your backyard, including a covered patio, a patio gazebo, patio lights or a patio swing.  Many people also choose to install a patio fire pit or custom brick BBQ on their porch to grill while entertaining guests.

Aside from the traditional stone, some other great ideas for decks and patios include a variety of patio pavers, concrete patios, brick patios, flagstone patios and cement patios.  Feel free to take a look through our patio pictures to get a better idea of the patio installation work we have done in the past!  Your brick landscaping contractor will work closely with you to ensure that your new patio is everything you thought it could be.  Don’t wait to schedule your free in-home consultation with a landscape designer!

Does backyard landscaping add to the value of your house?

home landscaping

If you are considering backyard landscaping as way to increase your property value, we are here to help!  Long Island Landscape Designs specializes in creating beautiful custom outdoor landscapes around your home.  Our landscape designers have been in the business for years and have come up with hundreds of different landscape designs for customers throughout Long Island.  You can take a look through our landscaping photos to see several great examples of some of the high-quality residential landscaping jobs we have completed in the past.  Our landscape experts would love to create custom landscaping ideas with you to implement in your very own yard!

Few other landscaping companies in Long Island offer such comprehensive home landscaping services!  Some of our most popular services include stone landscaping, pool landscaping, landscape edging and landscaping borders.  We also frequently complete front yard landscaping, which can include hardscaping services such as driveway installation and walkway construction.  Our certified landscapers only use top of the line landscape tools and materials to ensure that your new custom landscape is as beautiful and long-lasting as possible.  We offer free consultations to prospective clients, so be sure to schedule your meeting with a professional landscape designer today!

Where can I find a good retail landscaping business?

Long Island LandscapingLet the landscape contractors at Long Island Landscape Designs Inc. help you come up with the perfect commercial landscaping ideas for your business!  We will pair you with a landscape architect who can incorporate your landscaping ideas with professional expertise to create an inviting atmosphere for your customers.  Among our most popular landscaping services for local businesses are rock garden designs, planting services and flower garden design.  Our gardening ideas can range from very simple to extravagant based on the style of your business.  Our commercial landscapers know better than anyone how to landscape retail property to catch the eye!

As one of the top-rates landscaping companies in Long Island, we also provide residential landscaping as a part of our professional landscaping service.  Our home masonry contractors will be happy to assist you with pool landscaping, patio landscaping, building privacy hedges and creating a beautiful backyard atmosphere for your home.  Be sure to call our professional landscape business today to schedule a free consultation with one of our very own landscape designers.