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Advantages of Having a Concrete Swimming Pool

People agree that they love waking up to a beautiful swimming pool outside their windows. However, is it cost-effective? Even if a lot of houses today have nice swimming pools, some of them could be hard to maintain. You might end up spending a huge amount of money if you are unaware of the cost-effective pool building and maintenance methods.

If you want to ask the masonry contractor about having a pool, you will find a good answer. A pool will give your family a lot of fun, thrill, and excitement. In addition, it provides you with good exercise.

In case you want to know what the advantages are when you have a concrete pool, read on.

Maintenance is Easy

When you compare concrete pools to fiberglass or vinyl liner pools, you will know how hard they are to maintain. You would have to be careful with the products and accessories that you use to avoid damaging the surface.

However, you should know that concrete pools are very easy to maintain, and you can use almost any kind of salt and chemical. Since the pool walls are quite sturdy, they can be used regularly without having to worry about damage.

Flexible Design

Concrete pools are constructed on-site, and the concrete pools will be able to achieve any shape, size, or depth. Using shotcrete maximizes customization and it allows tight radiuses, different depths, and built-in steps and seats. The lighting can also be installed in the pool shell for enhanced ambiance and safety. These concrete pools are compatible with tile and various pool deck materials.

Durable for Any Weather

Even under harsh weather, concrete pools are reliable and durable. The concrete can withstand extreme cold and scorching sun without any issues. That means there is no need to spend time or energy attempting to protect your pool from the weather.

There are No Size Restrictions

Among the most important issues that people face while you build a swimming pool is the size. There are certain size restrictions that should be considered in the case of other materials, and you can only choose standard sizes.

None of this is a factor with pools made of concrete, and you will be able to make the pool in the size and shape you want. The good thing about concrete pool installation is that you can measure the area in your backyard, and builders are going to start pool construction right away.

Aside from that, you want a swimming pool or dive pool so people can enjoy it. These pools should have enough depth so that people will not hit their heads.

Adds to the Value of Your Home

Concrete pools are excellent investments. When you have a concrete pool in your home, the long-term value of a home increases. That is because concrete pools can last long, and their value does not depreciate. Instead, they are going to increase the value of your home. This is very beneficial when you want to sell your home. A concrete pool also attracts more potential buyers to check out your home who are looking for a pool.

You Can Go Deep

A concrete pool can be built to any shape and depth you want. An odd-shaped pool can be made to fit your area. That is not an issue because a concrete pool can be designed to fit any available space. You are going to have more freedom to design the pool you want.

You can contact stone patio contractor Long Island once you are ready to have a pool built and you will not be disappointed.

What to Consider When Choosing a Pool for Kids

Since your kids will frequently use the pool, your main concern is to design one that is safe for them. It needs to be a priority when you design one to make sure it meets all the safety requirements you want. It is the water playground that will give children a lot of fun, and adults should not have to worry about it.

The pool has to meet certain requirements. Otherwise, it can cause a problem in the future. Look for the most reputable company to provide the best pool builders that will get the job done and give the best advice if you have kids. If you want to know the considerations to make if you want a kid-friendly pool, you should read on now:

Choose the Paving Materials Wisely

Kids quickly become excited whenever they see that there is a swimming pool, and start running around the pool deck.

Their excitement can cause them to slip and fall which can cause injury.

This can be avoided when you choose a paving material for the pool deck and poolside that does not become slippery when it is wet. Natural stones, like bluestone and coral stone, are excellent options for a slip-free surface.

It would be best to choose a material that is not slippery to prevent any falls and slips inside the pool that can cause serious injury to children.

Make it Single Depth

Even if this is a water feature, this will certainly matter to your kids. When you have a single-depth pool, you can create a pool environment that is play-friendly. Deep ends will take up plenty of space, and it can make water games harder. When you want good recreational activities inside the pool, you should be able to keep your feet on the pool floor. Therefore, even if the best designs have slopes, it might be better to choose a single depth for the purpose of recreation and family fun, which should be one of your priorities.

Avoid Sharp Edges

A lot of swimming pool designs can come with sharp edges and corners. Even if these sleek lines are looking great, they are not safe or kid-friendly.

You can incorporate rounded edges and softer corners that are in your swimming pool because they are safer in an environment where there are children who are not too careful about playing in and around the pool.

Make sure that the coping is slip-resistant. You can try choosing the one that will not absorb heat from the sun right away.

Place Mats and a Fence Around the Pool

You should place mats outside the deep end so you can help prevent children from getting themselves cut on injury-causing objects inside the pool.

Make sure to install a fence around the deep end of the rectangular pool so that children will not fall into it. Also, make sure that you will not leave them unattended.

Your Budget

Long-term financial planning is normally an important part when you consider the pool project size. Pools will cost money to install, maintain, and operate, so there is really no exact number when determining the cost of pool maintenance in the long run. You should gauge your expenses, maintenance, and location, so you can schedule it with the pool builder. Other expenses to consider are cover, general pool maintenance, chemicals, fencing, cleaning, and many more. Your pool size impacts every aspect of the pool requirements. This is the reason why you must understand what design or pool size will be the most convenient for your budget.

You can contact pool masonry contractors Long Island if you want to build a kid-friendly pool.

Tips You Can Follow for Pool Decorating

You can create the perfect setting for a pool when you know the tips to follow. There will be a place for you to relax, entertain, and enjoy in the warmer months. If the swimming pool builders just finished construction, you can already think of the functional addition. Therefore, you should know how to carefully choose the design to include.

The best pool ideas use the nice materials that suit your home’s architecture and the characteristics of the local area. They provide a nice and chic area, with beautiful planting, and it features atmospheric lighting for after-dark gatherings.

If you want to gather tips on how to decorate your pool, you can refer to this article so read on.

Floating Pool Lights

One way to add a fun décor is to use floating lights. The floating lights are going to ad color varieties that kids will love, and they light up the area at night.

Floating lights are affordable, and a lot of them can change colors when you want to add some fun.

You can set the lights to normal light on normal days, and switch to the colored option when you have friends over so your backyard feels like a party.

It Should Complement the Landscape

A garden pool area should be designed so that it becomes part of a scene, which complements the architecture of your home that surrounds the landscaping. You must consider the shapes, forms, and lines in the winter. The swimming pool should be sympathetic to the master plan. For instance, if the garden has many organic lines, then a rectangular pool is going to seem out of place.

You need to choose materials that are appropriate, and ideas for an outdoor patio should easily fit into the landscape or they will feel alien. Therefore, stone color should be sympathetic, but whatever pool structure or building is close to a pool.

Set Up a Place for Barbecuing

Who will not love a barbecue that is next to a pool? When you fire up the grill and having enough space to prepare your ribs is one of the best things about summer. Look for something that can easily turn your space into an outdoor kitchen, which is a lot more affordable than you think. Try a prep station kitchen cart with underneath storage. This way, the pool party can keep going, even while you are still grilling.

Have a Cabana Built

Your backyard can be transformed into your favorite vacation spot by just adding a cabana. Regardless if you have a gazebo or you are only starting from scratch, this is a great way to upgrade your space.

If you have an existing gazebo, you just have to find your favorite fabric, add it, and then you are done.

Adding fabric to all sides of the gazebo and trying them is going to transform your gazebo into a relaxing and beautiful cabana.

Consider the Dimensions

When you design the pool area, it is important to consider the landscaping in your backyard and what is required around the pool.

How much furniture will you put in? Should you incorporate a dining area?

Adding enough border of hard landscaping around the pool will allow you to put sun loungers and you can walk without having to worry about it reaching the edge.

Another good thing about hardscaping a large area is it prevents your lawn from being splashed by water that contains salt water or chlorine, which can be damaging to it.

Contact pool contractors Long Island if the decoration you choose requires construction for the best outcome.

Cooking at an Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace can be the perfect centerpiece for evening gatherings on your patio or deck. Outdoor cooking was always used throughout history and it is a social gathering if you want to cook food for family and friends. Evenings and long summer days are a great time to cook outdoors while you entertain friends, families, neighbors, and acquaintances.

The summer has a lot of holidays and time for family traditions, like hosting outdoor barbeques when the school year ends summer celebrations, or a bonfire to roast smores as your favorite pastime. A bonfire or cookout can also be an excellent way to invite neighbors or coworkers if you want to have a fun social gathering.

Outdoor fireplace builders will be more than happy to make one for you.

Fire Safety

There are some considerations you should remember when you use fires for cooking or entertaining. The protocol that surrounds fire safety is crucial. In addition, education about weather conditions helps prevent wildfires.

You should remember safety precautions when you use flames to cook. You should abide by municipal code rules and regulations. They should be cognizant of any and all the association rules of homeowners.

Flames should be kept at a safe distance from residential cars, structures, trees, and other flammable items in order to avoid fires that can cause hazards. It is recommended that it should be at least 10 feet away from structures.

Add a Grill

Regardless if your outdoor fireplace is portable, or built-in, you can add a grate to turn your fireplace into something multi-purpose.

You should make sure to only use non-toxic fuel sources when you cook at an outdoor fireplace. For instance, no stained, painted, or rotten wood. You should use dry, hard logs instead or barbeque charcoal.

A lot of different cooking methods are at your disposal when you use a grill over an open fire. You should directly cook foods on the grill or by the use of a cast-iron or dish skillet.

Choose the Right Kind of Wood

Like with the majority of outdoor fireplaces, you would have to use enough wood so you can make a reasonable bed over where to cook food. This can be comprised of quick-burning wood such as pine and an amount of kindling so it is kept burning. Choosing the right type of wood to cook with is the most crucial step because the wood adds flavor to the food.

Oak, apple wood, and hickory all add great flavors. You are going to place the flavoring wood on the bed of burning wood. Keep in mind that you will require some tools to move the coals around, a small rake and shovel should be enough.

Wind and Weather When You Cook

You have to always be cognizant of weather conditions and basic safety to prevent hazardous conditions so you can avoid fire damage. Make sure the wind will not harm your plans for outdoor cooking which can make an outdoor fire quickly turn hazardous.

Winds that are over five miles an hour can cause sparks and wildfires to blow in case they are not monitored, blown out, or contained. High winds can also lead to small sparks and embers that are carried further and dispersed.

Control the Temperature

The fire should reach a specific temperature for the best results and cooking. Outdoor fireplaces reach a higher temperature than normal indoor appliances, which allows you to quickly cook food. You should closely monitor the food while cooking so it does not burn.

You can call outdoor kitchen builders Long Island anytime to have an outdoor fireplace built.



Kitchen Builder Tips

If you are like the other homeowners, you will most likely start your kitchen project by thinking about the appliances or color scheme. Although, when you talk to outdoor kitchen contractors or the regular ones, they will tell you to first focus on the layout. That is because compared to all the rooms in your home, the kitchen layout is what matters most. Since it is a functional space, your kitchen experience dramatically affects how you can easily move around while you cook or clean.

You can find out more about kitchen building tips as you read more.

Obstructions to the Kitchen Triangle

Kitchen building professionals pertain to the stove, sink, and refrigerator as part of the kitchen triangle. It is the area that gets the most activity, therefore designing the triangle requires planning and unobstructed access. Among the 3, the sink normally gets the most action, but your triangle must also give you easy access to the refrigerator and stove, and your countertop workstations.

Obviously, the sink should be close to the plumbing. Sometimes, due to the pipe placements, kitchens are designed where the sinks are in a bad location. If this is the situation in your kitchen, think about hiring a plumber so the plumbing can be relocated to accommodate the best place where your sink should be.


One of the biggest complaints from clients who want to renovate their kitchen is that there isn’t enough storage. Even the smallest kitchen maximizes storage by using smart solutions for it.

If you have small appliances, think about where you can place them for easier access. You can create an appliance garage that has retracting doors or build a huge pantry with pull-out drawers so the instant-pot can easily be lifted.

Make it Multifunctional

Through the recent years, kitchens have drifted away from being just utilitarian and it favors being more versatile, making them suitable for relaxing and entertaining, and cooking. A professional kitchen layout designer always remembers that creating a kitchen design that is inviting and open can handle entertaining and cooking at the same time.

One of the best things to do is to have a kitchen island with seats. This is an inviting area where the guests and family members are able to socialize and relax without interrupting the work triangle.


The kitchen is a room where you cannot have bad lighting and it is not only about atmosphere and good design. Proper lighting in the kitchen is also important for safety, especially when it comes to using sharp knives and other tools. In addition, more light in the kitchen means you can easily show off the design elements.

In general, the types of lighting in rooms are general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. For the kitchen, evaluate work areas and concentrate on giving each spot proper lighting. Think about adding the mentioned types of all lighting above the main areas.

Choose Appliance Beforehand

Until you are aware of the kind of appliances you want in your kitchen, you will not be able to know what layout you want. Like if you are choosing between a gas or electric cooktop, range hood you want, or if you want a chimney hood. Refrigerators have different sizes and that affects how your kitchen should be laid out as well.

You can talk to outdoor kitchen builders Long Island if you want to rebuild your kitchen.

Tips To Create And Maintain Your Own Patio Garden With the Help of Professionals

patioPatio design is an innovative way to conceptualize your home or your garden for optimum use of space and giving a picturesque view to the area. You can buy new items to create your own patio garden or can reuse things already existing in your home. You can alternatively choose to take the help of a landscaping contractor who will do it for you!

In case of dearth of space

If you don’t have much of space to grow plants in your home, patio designers can be called. They help in creating a garden. Grow the plants in boxes and pots as whatever in the ground can be grown in pots. One important thing which should be kept in mind is the amount of light your patio garden is going to get in a day, so choose the direction wisely. You can opt for plants that can be grown under shade like croutons or begonias.

Want to grow vegetation in your garden

Patio design can also be applied to your garden if you want to grow veggies. Sounds amazing, right! It’s fun to grow vegetables in your patio. Patio design contractors use innovative ways like old tires, boxes or mesh to grow potatoes, squash or cucumber. A variety of instruction manuals can be found in market on these ways for your patio garden.
Herbify your patio

Plant variety of herbs in your indoor and outdoor patio. These little plants can be used on day to day basis in your cooking. They grow faster and don’t require very good quality of the soil, but still look good, smells good. So add them to your patio for beauty, fragrance and flavor.
Garden to beautify your home

Make your patio design to serve the sole purpose of beautification of your home. If you are opting for outdoor patio then you can also add privacy. How so? Spend on a self-supporting trellis that looks like a curtain. You can also plant vines such as grape ivy, balloon vine or climbing rose, a good and strong structure is required for them to grow. To beautify your home through patio garden you can also go for the only flower approach. Hire the landscaping services to have deeper insight.

What should I include in my front yard landscape design?


Long Island Landscaping

Your front yard is often the first impression people get of your home.  Why not give them something to talk about?  With a beautifully manicured front yard landscape, your home will truly be the talk of the block.  When taking on a large landscaping project, it’s best to work with a professional landscaper who has years of experience coming up with fresh and unique landscape design ideas.  Working with an experienced landscaper will give you the benefit of finding dozens of landscaping materials and masonry materials at the most inexpensive prices.  Your landscape design can be as simple or extravagant as you want!

Front Yard Landscape

Even if you choose a simpler front yard design, we highly suggest installing a brick or stone walkway and driveway design to create a look of unity.  You can also install a matching garden walkway to complement your new garden of exotic plants!  We also suggest coming up with a patio design that includes an outdoor fireplace and custom brick BBQ to create a luxurious environment for you, your friends and family.  A brick patio will perfectly complement your rustic brick home and will create an inviting atmosphere for all potential guests.

What materials should I use when landscaping a patio?

patio design

Patio Design Ideas

There are thousands of ways to improve your backyard landscape.  If you’re looking forward to spending a good deal of time in your backyard this spring and summer, why not build a new patio to be as comfortable as possible?  The right patio design can transform your backyard into a personal oasis complete with a place to relax and cook with friends and family!  Some homeowners opt for simpler patio designs while others go for the added bonus of a brick fireplace and custom BBQ built directly onto their new patio.  We recommend working with a professional Long Island landscaping contractor to help you come up with a wide range of patio design ideas to suit all your needs!

Masonry Materials

Working with an experienced Long Island landscaper means you’ll be able to find the best masonry materials around for the lowest possible prices.  Brick and stone tend to be the favored masonry material choices of most homeowners in Long Island and across the country!  Brick and stone patios tend to stand up very well against inclement weather and don’t break down as easily as a cement patio or a concrete patio would.  Be sure to schedule a masonry design consultation with at least three brick contractors before deciding whom you want to work with.

What materials should I use to build a backyard BBQ pit?


Backyard Landscape

With the weather getting warmer and warmer, you’ve probably been thinking about spending more time in your backyard!  If you want to have the annual Fourth of July party at your house this summer, now is the time to start thinking about how to re-landscape your property.  A custom brick BBQ can be the centerpiece of your new backyard landscape!  There are dozens of ways to spruce up your backyard using a combination of landscape design and masonry design.  We recommend seeking the assistance of an experienced landscaping contractor in order to get the biggest bang for your buck!

Long Island Landscapers

If you are thinking of putting your house on the market soon, a new backyard patio design could raise your home value a considerable amount.  A brick or stone patio makes for the perfect place to kick back and relax with friends and family!  We suggest installing a combination brick BBQ and outdoor fireplace to make the most of your new home masonry design.  Working with a professional Long Island landscaper will help to ensure that you have access to high quality masonry materials at low prices.  A combination of custom brick and stacked stone will make for a gorgeous addition to any backyard residential landscape.

How should I landscape my backyard patio for the summer?

patio design

Patio Landscaping

A brick or stone patio makes for the perfect addition to any backyard landscape.  If you’re thinking of installing a new backyard patio or coming up with a new patio landscape design, we suggest enlisting the help of a professional Long Island landscaper!  Working with an experienced patio contractor will give you the benefit of years of experience coming up with unique brick patios and stone patios for a variety of different Long Island landscape designs.  Be sure to ask your Long Island landscaping contractor to see photos of their past backyard patio design projects to give you more ideas for your own new patio design!

Landscaping Ideas

There are many ways you can maximize the space on your new backyard stone patio!  To make the best use of your new patio, we recommend installing a custom brick BBQ and outdoor fireplace as well.  These special patio features will make for great summer afternoons lounging around with family and friends!  With the warmth of a brick outdoor fireplace, you can enjoy your beautiful new Long Island landscape all year long!  If you want to start enjoying your new covered patio before summer hits, be sure to get in contact with a professional landscaping contractor right away to get the ball rolling.