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Benefits of Using Blocks in Masonry Projects

Despite everything, most people prefer bricks to blocks because of cost. The strong, durable, and stylish blocks are an excellent choice for outdoor and indoor areas. They are a great option for a lot of homeowners and builders because of their incredible features and benefits. A masonry contractor will tell you that blocks have benefits you are going to love. In addition, masonry blocks are known for withstanding tough and unpredictable weather conditions while they are providing a sleek and stylish façade.

Masonry blocks can be a timeless material that has been around for so long and will keep making its mark on residential and commercial buildings. If you want to know more about the reasons why blocks are good in masonry projects, read on.

Resistant to Elements

A lot of residential and commercial property owners want to construct their businesses or home with concrete blocks due to their great ability to resist damage. Blocks can beat out traditional materials such as wood in terms of durability because wood is able to attract mildew and rot in areas that go through extended periods of moisture. It comprises the structure stability over time. Extreme weather causes significant damage, but block structures are able to withstand winds of more than 200 miles an hour and fire because cement is not flammable.

Aesthetically Pleasing and Versatile

Masonry blocks have an unmatched design versatility, which allows you to make beautiful architectural choices for a commercial or residential project. They are in different colors, sizes, shapes, and textures to suit different preferences. They are versatile and nice to look at, but you do not have to worry about the upkeep. Masonry can offer long-lasting beauty, which requires less maintenance compared to other building materials.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

Concrete masonry has been used in buildings ever since time began, the durability and material design longevity is unmatched with a long life expectancy that expands to over 100 years. Concrete masonry can stand up to termites, UV degradation, extreme temperatures, and heavy storms. It is made using non-combustible materials, and these blocks are very ideal for fire-prone areas. In addition, they do not rust, corrode, warp, or are susceptible to mold, which makes them extremely resilient for ages.

Conserves Energy

Block structures are reliable when it comes to energy conservation since they have many thermal masses. The block of insulation can provide warm air from the heater and cold air from an air conditioner will not easily escape the home or business, which helps to keep your energy costs low. The concrete home density can also soundproof space, which makes it an option for property owners who want to minimize noise pollution.

Friendly to the Environment

Masonry work is resistant to fire, mold, wind, pests water damage, and other torrential weather conditions. Masonry clay blocks have more heat resistance compared to regular blocks while they are a fired, ceramic material. Masonry blocks are helpful in keeping fires contained while preventing structure losses. The reason behind this is that materials can survive extreme temperatures.

Lifetime Design

When trends come and go, masonry blocks can surpass time and offers you a timeless look. In the past, bricks are normally leaning towards the industrial aesthetic, but their unmatched flexibility can offer designers and architects a chance to show their expertise and style. When you compare the raw tactility of brick with contemporary tones and other elements, concrete blocks are ideal when you want to create a captivating statement.

You can contact stone patio contractor Long Island anytime when you want a good masonry construction done.

Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips

With cooking, the majority of meals you would normally make inside can be cooked in an outdoor kitchen. There are times when the favorite foods can taste better when they are prepared using outdoor appliances. With tempting flavors and aromas, barbecues can add a new element to your normal meals.

Outdoor cooking is not limited to simple propane and charcoal grills that a lot of people are used to. Modern kitchens are designed for the patio featuring high-tech appliances and sophisticated components that creates a luxurious space that is easy to use. Even outdoor kitchen builders will tell you that this is one of the best features you will have.

Here are tips you can follow:

You can Extend the Living Space

Among the great benefits of an outdoor kitchen is it extends the living and entertaining space. Use up the additional space by planning the shade, warmth, and shelter.

During the summer months, a shaded kitchen would mean that entertaining and cooking are better. In order to provide shelter and shade, you can plant some trees nearby or incorporate a pergola or an awning when you have it built. For the seating area, go for a patio umbrella.

Functional Area

Like in an interior kitchen, a thoughtfully-designed outdoor kitchen makes sure that the layout is functional.

Do you have enough room between the barbecue and dining area in order to cook comfortably? Is there enough bench space to place food, utensils, and condiments while cooking? Do you plan to wash up outside? Do you require a beverage fridge? Can you install ventilation?

Choose Between Portable and Permanent Options

If you plan or rent to move in the next couple of years, you should equip the outdoor kitchen with appliances and features that you can easily move. For instance, you can pair a standalone grill with portable carts that you can use as DIY counters or barbecue islands.

In case you do not see yourself moving or you just love home improvement projects, then an outdoor kitchen might be the project for you. Determine a safe and convenient location, then you should start thinking about materials that coordinate with the exterior of your home that is available locally.


Choosing the appliance is one step when it comes to designing an outdoor kitchen where people are excited about barbecue lovers. However, beyond choosing if you have built-in hot plates and grills, a wok burner or wood fire oven are a few things to consider.

You would want to make sure that the equipment is made using a material that is weatherproof and easy to clean. You would have to consider what services you can access like gas, electricity, and water.

It is also worth questioning how often you are going to utilize the equipment before splurging – a cocktail station can theoretically sound great, but is that how you normally entertain?

Consider Surroundings

An outdoor kitchen is an extension of the indoor living space. It also requires that you fit into the yard and the area that surrounds it. While you brainstorm the design, think about the home’s exterior. Choose textures and colors that complement or extend that style.

You Should Commit to Proper Maintenance

An outdoor kitchen is exposed to different elements. Even if you do not often use it, the surfaces and appliances would have to be maintained and covered to withstand the changing weather. In different regions, your appliances would have to be regularly cleaned to get rid of buildups of salt from the ocean air.

You can contact outdoor kitchen contractors Long Island anytime once you are ready.



Benefits of Having a Small Swimming Pool

If you are planning to have a pool built but you have no space for a medium or large one, you can consider a small pool. The pool builders will be more than happy to install it for you. In case it is one of your clever plans to improve your time at home, you can easily invest in a small pool.

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of having a small pool? If that is the case, you will be happy to know that this post is going to tell you what those benefits are. Aside from easier maintenance compared to the bigger ones, there are other advantages you can enjoy if you have a small pool.

More Space

When you have a smaller pool, it means that there is a smaller footprint and you are going to have more space in the yard for other things. Instead of the pool consuming the entire yard, you can still have space for a fire pit, poolside furniture, and creative choices for your landscape.

Less Maintenance

One of the biggest disadvantages of big pools is that they need regular maintenance, which is boring and exhausting. The nice thing about a small pool is that it needs lesser maintenance and work.

Most of the time, the thing about flexibility is subjective with pools. You should note that most small pools are made of concrete or vinyl, which are very flexible materials. However, when it comes to quantity, larger pools have various options because they can be made of fiberglass. Vinyl and concrete are better than fiberglass.

Small Pools Have Lower Initial Cost

Everyone has mentioned that you are able to save a lot when it comes to upkeep and maintenance with smaller pools. However, a smaller pool is going to cost less from the beginning. Since smaller pools require fewer materials, the cost is going to be lower as well. It is the same for installation. Having a smaller pool costs less, and it takes less time to finish construction as well. That means you can enjoy a brand-new pool shortly after construction.

Injury Treatment and Prevention

Aqua therapy is about using foam “weights” while in the pool so they can stretch and rehabilitate your injured body parts. Physical therapy underwater has a very low impact, which causes ¼ strain on your body, as well as regular exercise.

You can keep up the aqua therapy after you are healed and you can prevent future injuries when your body is kept in better condition.

Gives You the Same Level of Relaxation and Benefits

No matter what the size of a pool is, it will give all the benefits, from end-of-the-day relaxation, weekend get-togethers with your family, and some good exercise as well.

If your worry is about the pool being too small for your laps, you can buy a swim training belt that lets you continuously swim in place. Therefore, you will get the same workout as if you were in a large pool. You can also buy pool weights so you can get a low-impact workout.

Better Sleep

A benefit it has to your overall health is that they are great for sleep improvement. In case you feel stressed and unable to sleep, you can hop in for a quick swim and you are going to sleep better before knowing it. That is because you are going to get a full-body workout before bed.

You can contact pool masonry contractors Long Island anytime you want to have a small pool built.

How to Conserve Pool Water

Unfortunately, droughts happen more often now compared to before because of climate change. Conserving water is needed when you want to protect the environment. Swimming pools are excellent places to have fun and relax, but they have environmental impacts. This will keep your pool well-maintained in the initial step when it comes to conserving water. If you wonder how you can conserve pool water, there are tips you can follow.

Normally, pool contractors will only tell you the basic tips, but there are more that you can benefit from. You should also check if there are leaks, evaporation, filter backwashing, and splashes. If you want to learn more about how you can conserve pool water, you should read on now.

Test for Leaks

You should have your plumbing and pool tested for any leaks. You should make sure to repair visible leaks by reaching out to a water leak detection company. In case you have an underground leak, mark the pool level that is close to the skimmer. You should come back after 24 hours and check if the water level has changed. What should be looked at is the water pipes, drainage system, and mechanisms that work well enough. In case it is not in full working capacity, you should look for a professional consult.

Clean the Pool to Conserve Water

A clean pool that has little debris is not going to dirty up the filter just as fast. Your clean filter will not have to be cleaned or backwashed as often, which conserves pool water. The average backwash consumes 250 to 1,000 gallons of water, so you should limit this. You have to use a leaf rake or skimmer net to get rid of large and small debris from your pool and clean the skimmer and baskets regularly.

If there is no need to run a backwash cycle, you can recycle pool water when you run the backwash output onto the landscaping or lawn. Make sure that the water has been absorbed before it leaves the property, and you should prevent any runoff from entering the adjacent properties.

Lower the Level of Pool Water

Aside from conserving water, you will need to keep a lower water level in your pool which is helpful in reducing water loss coming from extreme splashing and water play. It is a great idea to help your water level an inch above the bottom of your pool tile. You should discourage swimmers from splashing and explain that the water has to stay in the pool.

Prevent Evaporation

Pool owners can lose about 7,000 and 25,000 gallons of water each year because of evaporation, which depends on the pool size and climate. That is plenty of water, and the water bill is going to reflect it as well. In order to prevent evaporation, you should start making sure to cover the pool when you are not using it. Even a small solar basket is going to help reduce evaporation.

The landscape also helps with this issue. Since wind moves across the surface of the water, it causes evaporation. You can put shrubs and wind-blocking objects like hardscapes and fences around the pool to cut down the wind.

Lower Pool Temperature

If you use a pool heater, you should try to reduce the water temperature in the summer. You will reduce evaporation by doing this, and it is important when the pool is not being used. You can also use a pool cover for this.

You can contact swimming pool builders Long Island anytime if you want to build a swimming pool in your backyard.

Benefits of Waterproofing the Pool Deck

One of the best things about being a homeowner is that you own a pool. When you have a swimming pool, it is an excellent opportunity to bring your family and friends together and give yourself relaxing dips from time to time when you have a nice concrete pool deck. While it protects your pool from leaks and cracks, sometimes you tend to forget to protect it.

The pool builders will tell you that the pool deck deserves the same amount of attention as the pool. When there is a pool deck, it creates the best outdoor hangout area, and it adds comfort and style to your backyard. Here are the benefits of waterproofing your pool deck.

Better Functionality

Building a pool deck is an excellent way to add more space to the yard. It will provide a place where you can put all your outdoor furniture such as tables or lounge chairs, which is excellent for entertaining outside. It will also make it easy for you to grab anything you need for spending a day in or by the pool, without the need to walk across the lawn.


There are aesthetic benefits when you add a waterproof sealant to the pool deck. For instance, if you want the finished product to leave a glossy sheen on the pool deck or rich color on your surface. There are a couple of color tints you can choose from when you add sealant to the pool deck. Regardless if you have to protect the deck from different elements, cracks, stains, damage, or debris from the pool chemicals, a waterproof sealant is an excellent place to start.

Under Your Slab

While water seeps in under the slab through the crevices and cracks, it starts to affect the underlying soil. When your pool was built, builders worked hard to pack the soil firmly to create a level plane for the deck and pool to settle on. Since the soil is moist, weak, and soft, it will be harder for the soil to give support like it was designed to.

Protects Your Lawn

If there is no deck that surrounds the pool, your lawn can be splashed. This creates muddy and wet patches, but the chlorine also damages the grass. You need to keep your yard in great condition when you use pool decks as the barrier between water and grass. This also helps lawn debris stay away from the pool, instead of it being tracked in and clogging the filter.

Different Forms of Protection

When you apply a concrete coating to your deck’s surface you are protecting the integrity of the pool design from any water damage. A lot of other benefits are linked to the deck’s waterproofing system. The exterior of the pool deck can expose it to a lot more than water from the rain or pool.

UV inhibitors in the waterproofing system formula are able to offer protection to your deck from constant sun exposure. The wind also has a corrosive nature to concrete, blasting sand particles on its surface. A protective membrane will shield the deck surface from the water’s damaging effect, as well as the sun and wind.

Use of Different Materials

With a lot of options when it comes to customizing your pool deck, there are endless possibilities. In case you want the freedom of choosing the size, shape, surface treatment, or color for the pool deck, you might want to choose concrete. Other materials include brick, wood, and granite.

You can contact pool masonry contractors Long Island anytime when you want to build a pool deck.

What to Consider When Choosing a Pool for Kids

Since your kids will frequently use the pool, your main concern is to design one that is safe for them. It needs to be a priority when you design one to make sure it meets all the safety requirements you want. It is the water playground that will give children a lot of fun, and adults should not have to worry about it.

The pool has to meet certain requirements. Otherwise, it can cause a problem in the future. Look for the most reputable company to provide the best pool builders that will get the job done and give the best advice if you have kids. If you want to know the considerations to make if you want a kid-friendly pool, you should read on now:

Choose the Paving Materials Wisely

Kids quickly become excited whenever they see that there is a swimming pool, and start running around the pool deck.

Their excitement can cause them to slip and fall which can cause injury.

This can be avoided when you choose a paving material for the pool deck and poolside that does not become slippery when it is wet. Natural stones, like bluestone and coral stone, are excellent options for a slip-free surface.

It would be best to choose a material that is not slippery to prevent any falls and slips inside the pool that can cause serious injury to children.

Make it Single Depth

Even if this is a water feature, this will certainly matter to your kids. When you have a single-depth pool, you can create a pool environment that is play-friendly. Deep ends will take up plenty of space, and it can make water games harder. When you want good recreational activities inside the pool, you should be able to keep your feet on the pool floor. Therefore, even if the best designs have slopes, it might be better to choose a single depth for the purpose of recreation and family fun, which should be one of your priorities.

Avoid Sharp Edges

A lot of swimming pool designs can come with sharp edges and corners. Even if these sleek lines are looking great, they are not safe or kid-friendly.

You can incorporate rounded edges and softer corners that are in your swimming pool because they are safer in an environment where there are children who are not too careful about playing in and around the pool.

Make sure that the coping is slip-resistant. You can try choosing the one that will not absorb heat from the sun right away.

Place Mats and a Fence Around the Pool

You should place mats outside the deep end so you can help prevent children from getting themselves cut on injury-causing objects inside the pool.

Make sure to install a fence around the deep end of the rectangular pool so that children will not fall into it. Also, make sure that you will not leave them unattended.

Your Budget

Long-term financial planning is normally an important part when you consider the pool project size. Pools will cost money to install, maintain, and operate, so there is really no exact number when determining the cost of pool maintenance in the long run. You should gauge your expenses, maintenance, and location, so you can schedule it with the pool builder. Other expenses to consider are cover, general pool maintenance, chemicals, fencing, cleaning, and many more. Your pool size impacts every aspect of the pool requirements. This is the reason why you must understand what design or pool size will be the most convenient for your budget.

You can contact pool masonry contractors Long Island if you want to build a kid-friendly pool.

How to Prepare Your Patio for Summer


In the winter, it can be easy to lose track of the outdoor space and neglect its maintenance. However, when you move towards the warmer months, it would likely mean that those areas normally get used more consistently.

That means you might have to look at the backyard, outdoor area, front porch, and other areas you might want to use for entertaining guests.

People look forward to how they can prepare their patio for summer. During summer, people love to be outdoors to enjoy the sun’s warmth. Summer is a great time to contact a stone patio contractor to improve the outdoor area. Here are tips you can follow to achieve a nice outdoor living space:

Check Your Patio’s Condition

Gold weather wreaks havoc on your outdoor surfaces. You should check your patio or deck for wearing or damage it sustained in the winter months. On the wood decks, you should look for anything that is twisting, splitting, or rotting. Sand splintered areas using a hammer and pole sander in any popped-ups.

You should search concrete, stone, tile, and brick patios for signs of cracks or crumbling areas. With concrete, you should use a trowel or putty knife to apply vinyl patching compound to cracks with multiple layers directed by manufacturers. Make sure to press it firmly so you can force the first layer into nooks and crannies, allowing drying time between layers. If you have a tile or brick patio, you should replace cracked or damaged tiles or bricks mixed with new ones.

Clean the Patios and Decking

Among the things you can do is create an area where people can entertain and enjoy the peaceful outdoors.

You have to use a good quality broom that is mainly for the outdoors, so you can clear fallen leaves and other debris into one part of the patio or decking.

You can use a pressure washer to get rid of dry and large dirt, making it easier to clean.

Now is the time to use a pressure washer if you have it. You need to give your patio and decking areas a good clean while using high-pressure water daily.

Add a Patio Awning

If your patio is at the side of the house, patio awnings are something worth checking out. An awning is the attached shade structure outdoors and it extends to the patio.

Patio awnings can be fixed or retractable, which depends on what you like. A retractable awning can be more expensive, but it provides versatility as well.

These shade options are great, which makes it hard to choose what can be installed on your patio so you can prepare for the summer. You can stick to the theme or listen to your instincts. You need to consider the style and location of your home when you choose a shade structure.

Maintain Your Deck

When you clean your patio and decking, you should look at the decking.

Cracked wood, chipped paint, and other weather damage signs should be repaired right away.

You must also look for any signs of pests and infestations.

Remember to carry out decking repairs before summer starts so you can stain and seal them all in time.

Make it Themed

Regardless if you have thought of a theme or not, you might want to think of a theme that you want to follow if you want to design your patio in the summer. You can improve the design by recreating it based on your chosen theme.

You can contact masonry contractor Long Island if you need to have your patio designed for summer.




Tips You Can Follow for Pool Decorating

You can create the perfect setting for a pool when you know the tips to follow. There will be a place for you to relax, entertain, and enjoy in the warmer months. If the swimming pool builders just finished construction, you can already think of the functional addition. Therefore, you should know how to carefully choose the design to include.

The best pool ideas use the nice materials that suit your home’s architecture and the characteristics of the local area. They provide a nice and chic area, with beautiful planting, and it features atmospheric lighting for after-dark gatherings.

If you want to gather tips on how to decorate your pool, you can refer to this article so read on.

Floating Pool Lights

One way to add a fun décor is to use floating lights. The floating lights are going to ad color varieties that kids will love, and they light up the area at night.

Floating lights are affordable, and a lot of them can change colors when you want to add some fun.

You can set the lights to normal light on normal days, and switch to the colored option when you have friends over so your backyard feels like a party.

It Should Complement the Landscape

A garden pool area should be designed so that it becomes part of a scene, which complements the architecture of your home that surrounds the landscaping. You must consider the shapes, forms, and lines in the winter. The swimming pool should be sympathetic to the master plan. For instance, if the garden has many organic lines, then a rectangular pool is going to seem out of place.

You need to choose materials that are appropriate, and ideas for an outdoor patio should easily fit into the landscape or they will feel alien. Therefore, stone color should be sympathetic, but whatever pool structure or building is close to a pool.

Set Up a Place for Barbecuing

Who will not love a barbecue that is next to a pool? When you fire up the grill and having enough space to prepare your ribs is one of the best things about summer. Look for something that can easily turn your space into an outdoor kitchen, which is a lot more affordable than you think. Try a prep station kitchen cart with underneath storage. This way, the pool party can keep going, even while you are still grilling.

Have a Cabana Built

Your backyard can be transformed into your favorite vacation spot by just adding a cabana. Regardless if you have a gazebo or you are only starting from scratch, this is a great way to upgrade your space.

If you have an existing gazebo, you just have to find your favorite fabric, add it, and then you are done.

Adding fabric to all sides of the gazebo and trying them is going to transform your gazebo into a relaxing and beautiful cabana.

Consider the Dimensions

When you design the pool area, it is important to consider the landscaping in your backyard and what is required around the pool.

How much furniture will you put in? Should you incorporate a dining area?

Adding enough border of hard landscaping around the pool will allow you to put sun loungers and you can walk without having to worry about it reaching the edge.

Another good thing about hardscaping a large area is it prevents your lawn from being splashed by water that contains salt water or chlorine, which can be damaging to it.

Contact pool contractors Long Island if the decoration you choose requires construction for the best outcome.

Tips for Planning an Outdoor Fireplace

Adding an outdoor fireplace to your home is a great way to utilize space and welcome people when they come in. Aside from creating a cozy and comfortable place for your friends and family, this is a beautiful feature that you can use all year round. Before you call the outdoor fireplace builders, you should know how to properly plan your fireplace. You must hire professionals to construct an outdoor fireplace. You will be part of the planning process and your role is significant. You should also determine your purpose for having an outdoor fireplace built.

If you want to know what those tips are, you can use the tips in this article. Read on to find out more.

What is the Purpose of Your Fireplace?

An outdoor fireplace is a true asset to the landscape of your home. You might want to create a living room in your outdoor area – either open-air or enclosed. Maybe you want to add a fireplace to your entertainment area. One of the main reasons why people want an outdoor fireplace is they want a cozy and warm area where they can sit and enjoy during the cold months. Those who love to cook may want an outdoor fireplace for preparing meals. The purpose of your fireplace is important in the planning process.

Choose the Right Materials

An important part of the design process is choosing the right materials. Your builder or designer will also most likely recommend that you use natural stone because it is the top-quality building material. The natural outdoor fireplace stone is durable and you can buy them in different colors, textures, and patterns, which means you will find a stone that matches your home and can fit your style.

The Right Location

When you plan the location of your outdoor fireplace, it should meet your needs for relaxation and entertainment, while you consider the potential safety issues, the appearance, and your environment is important. The fireplace must be placed near your house so it is more convenient, without causing any hazard.

If your yard is small, you might need a fireplace attached to your house, deck, or patio that allows your landscape to be your backyard’s focal point. If your yard is large, you should consider a separate patio or terrace further from your house with a huge outdoor fireplace. Your fireplace is the focal point of an outdoor setting with more space for entertaining. In addition, if you have a fireplace near your spa, pool, or hot tub, you will enjoy the warmth and light.

Wood-Burning or Gas?

Homeowners have to choose between installing a wood-burning or gas fireplace. They both have their own advantages. You should become familiar with both when planning an outdoor fireplace.

In some local places with restrictions on wood burning, gas might be the only option. Natural gas will burn cleanly. Since gas does not produce embers or ashes, it provides a safe alternative to fire. In addition, most of them do not need permission before building the fireplace. There is also no need to construct a chimney.

For a lot of people, an outdoor wood fireplace has the best ambiance and it offers a rustic charm. You can also position them anywhere as long as it complies with the building requirements. They produce enough light and heat, but with a lot of smoke. So, you need to comply with specific requirements when you build a chimney.

Once you have decided on your fireplace, you can contact masonry contractor Long Island to get the best service and achieve what you want.

Essential Patio Design Ideas for Every Homeowner

Every homeowner wants to have a welcoming house. For one, it can be something to look forward to after a hard day’s work. A house with a cozy and welcoming atmosphere can make guests feel more at ease and would look forward to in returning one of these days.

Aside from taking time and spending additional money in improving the home interiors, more and more homeowners turn to patio contractors. Having a nice patio area can easily pass as one of the best spots in your home. Outdoor living is getting popular these days, and you should not pass up this opportunity to make your outdoor area into a relaxing spot for you and your guests.

Getting started

Building a patio area is a great addition to your home. It doesn’t matter whether it is a brick patio design or any kind of patio material you use. Likewise, the patio size should not be a major issue. In fact, you can build the most comfortable and relaxing patio area even in a small corner of your backyard.

Having a patio area can also be a good definition of “staycation”. In case you don’t know, staycation refers to staying in your home and feel like you are on a vacation. Why do we take a vacation in the first place? It is mainly to relax, and this is how patios can transform your simple home into an ultimate staycation spot.

If you love going on a vacation but hate the packing and preparation parts, then having a patio area built by professional patio builders is a good idea. You won’t need to pack suitcases and stressing about what to bring. Plus, you won’t have to worry about leaving your house for days and burglars who may intrude your home while you’re out of town.

As mentioned, building a patio does not need a large space. Also, there are many patio ideas available that you can take inspiration from if you want your own patio area. If you are a DIY junkie, you can build your own sanctuary that is your own home patio area. On the other hand, you can hire local patio builders to help construct your dream patio at home.

Patio area design ideas

There are many design ideas you can adapt to your own, regardless of whether you have a small or large backyard space you will dedicate for a patio area. Here are some of them.

Living room-style

Your patio area can become an extension of your living room, only that it is located outdoors. If you decide to have a living room-style patio area, make sure to choose furniture that is specially designed for outdoor use. It is also important to have a furniture cover you can use in case it rains.

Adding a pergola

This is another popular patio addition you can use on your own. You can even hang string lights, hanging plants, or chimes for an extra touch. Basically, adding a pergola in the patio area can do a lot to make your patio area look more interesting.

Firing it up with an outdoor fireplace

You can contact outdoor fireplace builders to create an outdoor fireplace for your patio area. There are traditional fire pits powered by wood, and there are also ones powered by gas. It can add a campy feel in your patio area.

Freshening up by the pool

If the budget and space still permit it, why not add a small pool area in the patio area? It can be an inflatable or an in-ground pool. Now, there is no reason to go out of town just to have a dip into the cool waters of your own swimming pool.

Patio designing tips

In choosing the patio area, it is important to choose an area where it is not too hot during summertime. Ideally, it should have some kind of shade so you won’t feel sweaty while relaxing in the patio area. You can also add an umbrella that will both serve as an accent and protection against the sun’s heat.

Choose the patio flooring material that will suit the climate and your personal preference. You can choose from bricks, flagstone, tiles, or even plain ground flooring. Also, make sure to hire only professional patio companies for your patio building project.

Looking for a professional patio contractor?

Make sure to deal only with professional patio builders in Long Island. They should have a good work portfolio and feedback from satisfied clients. Contact one today!