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Benefits of Waterproofing the Pool Deck

One of the best things about being a homeowner is that you own a pool. When you have a swimming pool, it is an excellent opportunity to bring your family and friends together and give yourself relaxing dips from time to time when you have a nice concrete pool deck. While it protects your pool from leaks and cracks, sometimes you tend to forget to protect it.

The pool builders will tell you that the pool deck deserves the same amount of attention as the pool. When there is a pool deck, it creates the best outdoor hangout area, and it adds comfort and style to your backyard. Here are the benefits of waterproofing your pool deck.

Better Functionality

Building a pool deck is an excellent way to add more space to the yard. It will provide a place where you can put all your outdoor furniture such as tables or lounge chairs, which is excellent for entertaining outside. It will also make it easy for you to grab anything you need for spending a day in or by the pool, without the need to walk across the lawn.


There are aesthetic benefits when you add a waterproof sealant to the pool deck. For instance, if you want the finished product to leave a glossy sheen on the pool deck or rich color on your surface. There are a couple of color tints you can choose from when you add sealant to the pool deck. Regardless if you have to protect the deck from different elements, cracks, stains, damage, or debris from the pool chemicals, a waterproof sealant is an excellent place to start.

Under Your Slab

While water seeps in under the slab through the crevices and cracks, it starts to affect the underlying soil. When your pool was built, builders worked hard to pack the soil firmly to create a level plane for the deck and pool to settle on. Since the soil is moist, weak, and soft, it will be harder for the soil to give support like it was designed to.

Protects Your Lawn

If there is no deck that surrounds the pool, your lawn can be splashed. This creates muddy and wet patches, but the chlorine also damages the grass. You need to keep your yard in great condition when you use pool decks as the barrier between water and grass. This also helps lawn debris stay away from the pool, instead of it being tracked in and clogging the filter.

Different Forms of Protection

When you apply a concrete coating to your deck’s surface you are protecting the integrity of the pool design from any water damage. A lot of other benefits are linked to the deck’s waterproofing system. The exterior of the pool deck can expose it to a lot more than water from the rain or pool.

UV inhibitors in the waterproofing system formula are able to offer protection to your deck from constant sun exposure. The wind also has a corrosive nature to concrete, blasting sand particles on its surface. A protective membrane will shield the deck surface from the water’s damaging effect, as well as the sun and wind.

Use of Different Materials

With a lot of options when it comes to customizing your pool deck, there are endless possibilities. In case you want the freedom of choosing the size, shape, surface treatment, or color for the pool deck, you might want to choose concrete. Other materials include brick, wood, and granite.

You can contact pool masonry contractors Long Island anytime when you want to build a pool deck.

How to Avoid Damaging Your Pool Pump

Pools are situated at the heart of your swimming pool and they act as the main circulation to your system. When you pull water into your pool through the skimmer and then push it through the filter, the automatic sanitation system, or chlorinator or automatic sanitation system before the pump, then it deposits water to your pool through main returns.

Since the pool pump has main components, the pool pump will include an impeller, motor, and basket. Since it is very important, protecting the pool pump and maintaining its good shape is important to keep your pool healthy.

Pool contractors will tell you what you can do to avoid damaging the pump, you also need these tips:

Keep the Water Circulating

This is mainly done to keep the water from freezing. Keep in mind that frozen water expands it by 9%, which means that it will expand wherever you put it.

Therefore, when water freezes in the pool pump, it can crack the housing, damage internal components, and break the motor.

That is why your pool pump should be kept running when the temperature is cold. Since flowing water will not freeze, this will prevent the water in your pump from causing damage and freezing. It will also prevent your pipes from bursting.

You can also remove the drain plugs and clear the lines if you cannot run the pump.

It Should be Kept Cool

When the pool pump is kept cool, it increases longevity and helps you avoid malfunctions when you go down the track. In order to provide the pump with the right air circulation, you need to place the pump away from mulch, plants, and enclosed spaces as well. While a pool pump always feels hot to touch when you run it, you should avoid putting the pump under direct sunlight to minimize overheating.

There are many shelters designed to box away pool pumps to make the appearance tidier and provide protection from different elements without sacrificing airflow.

The Basket Should be Kept Clean

Keeping the pool basket clean and free of debris is important. The build-up in the basket impedes the water flow through the pump and it can potentially get caught up in the impeller. This could lead to permanent and expensive pump damage.

Maintain the Water Level

In order for the pump to continue functioning, a specific water level should be maintained. A water level that is too low causes your pool pump to draw in air which increases the possibility of equipment damage. The majority of water levels should not fall 18 inches because it will go below the tile line, but it is always incredible to ask the pool professional about a particular situation.

Trim the Plants and Weeds Around the Pool Pump

Pumps require unrestricted airflow so they can work properly. The overhanging weeds, bushes, and debris can limit airflow, which overheats and it can even clog up your pump.

Seal Leaks and Gaps

Airflow occurs in a lot of different locations but some common ones are the pump drain plugs, pump lid seal, filter bands, or valves. You can try some pool lube on your pump lid seal and pump drain plugs, and check if that is helpful.

Any leak on the side of the pool could cause air bubbles to form, which causes the motor to get overworked.

Check if there are any leaks and once you find where the leak is coming from, you should replace the faulty part or seal it using a silicone-based sealant.

You can talk to stone patio contractor Long Island if you need a pump replacement.




Why You Should Upgrade Your Fireplace

stone outdoor fireplaces

There are a lot of reasons why you should upgrade your fireplace and you can contact outdoor kitchen builders if you have it outside. A fireplace supplies heat to your home, but it has become a focal point that adds more ambiance when you light it up. Through the years, a wood-burning fireplace could become less efficient over time, and it is a hassle when it comes to maintaining the mess and dirt it produces. The older fireplaces might have inherited the design flaws, which make using them more difficult than it is.

It is not ideal to get rid of your fireplace because the room will lose character, and there are several reasons why you should upgrade your fireplace.

It is Your Home’s Focal Point

Maybe this is the main reason why your indoor or outdoor fireplace should be upgraded. Regardless of what room the fireplace is in, it is the main attraction is your fireplace because your eyes are immediately drawn to it. During the holidays, the fireplace gets decorated. It becomes the main attraction. When you think about that, you do not want something that everyone else has, and you want to upgrade the fireplace to something that stands out.

Saves You Money

There are a lot of ways to save money today, but reducing energy costs is the best. If you upgrade to a fireplace insert or stove, it is going to reduce your monthly heating expenses significantly. Most efficiency levels of inserts run between 80% – 90%, which means 90% of fuel heats up your home. The older traditional fireplaces are only within 50% to 60% efficient.

The higher levels of efficiency reduce the monthly heating expenses significantly. It can cost up to $100 or more every month for some people.


The heating stoves and fireplace inserts are subject to EPA standards, which make them more efficient compared to traditional options. Putting an insert means a higher heat percentage going back into your home, instead of escaping through the chimney. The certified wood-burning inserts can be 70% more efficient than the alternatives, and heating inserts are 83% efficient. You should not miss the great options to add spice to your home.

Zone Heating

Zone heating is another huge reason to upgrade your fireplace when you build your home. A lot of people are unaware that using a furnace alone to heat your home is not the best method, but adding a good quality fireplace is a secondary heat source, which is why you should keep the thermostat down. However, make sure that the main room has a consistently comfortable temperature. This will help keep the costs down since the rooms are not used for unnecessary heating, but with just a furnace, the rooms are kept at a consistent temperature.

Safer Home Environment

A proper fireplace with a good design keeps your home safer from any fire hazard. The truth is, a well-designed and installed wood-burning or gas fireplace actually decreases the chance of fires in the living room while it is used.

One of the most common causes of home fires is because of heating equipment. A properly installed and designed fireplace provides more safety compared to what you will have in your room.

Needs Lesser Maintenance

A new fireplace heats up your home with lesser work, especially if you compare it to the traditional wood—burning stoves. A gas insert does not require a lot of tending from you, which is why you need to upgrade it.

You can call pool masonry contractor Long Island if you want to upgrade your fireplace anytime.

Cooking at an Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace can be the perfect centerpiece for evening gatherings on your patio or deck. Outdoor cooking was always used throughout history and it is a social gathering if you want to cook food for family and friends. Evenings and long summer days are a great time to cook outdoors while you entertain friends, families, neighbors, and acquaintances.

The summer has a lot of holidays and time for family traditions, like hosting outdoor barbeques when the school year ends summer celebrations, or a bonfire to roast smores as your favorite pastime. A bonfire or cookout can also be an excellent way to invite neighbors or coworkers if you want to have a fun social gathering.

Outdoor fireplace builders will be more than happy to make one for you.

Fire Safety

There are some considerations you should remember when you use fires for cooking or entertaining. The protocol that surrounds fire safety is crucial. In addition, education about weather conditions helps prevent wildfires.

You should remember safety precautions when you use flames to cook. You should abide by municipal code rules and regulations. They should be cognizant of any and all the association rules of homeowners.

Flames should be kept at a safe distance from residential cars, structures, trees, and other flammable items in order to avoid fires that can cause hazards. It is recommended that it should be at least 10 feet away from structures.

Add a Grill

Regardless if your outdoor fireplace is portable, or built-in, you can add a grate to turn your fireplace into something multi-purpose.

You should make sure to only use non-toxic fuel sources when you cook at an outdoor fireplace. For instance, no stained, painted, or rotten wood. You should use dry, hard logs instead or barbeque charcoal.

A lot of different cooking methods are at your disposal when you use a grill over an open fire. You should directly cook foods on the grill or by the use of a cast-iron or dish skillet.

Choose the Right Kind of Wood

Like with the majority of outdoor fireplaces, you would have to use enough wood so you can make a reasonable bed over where to cook food. This can be comprised of quick-burning wood such as pine and an amount of kindling so it is kept burning. Choosing the right type of wood to cook with is the most crucial step because the wood adds flavor to the food.

Oak, apple wood, and hickory all add great flavors. You are going to place the flavoring wood on the bed of burning wood. Keep in mind that you will require some tools to move the coals around, a small rake and shovel should be enough.

Wind and Weather When You Cook

You have to always be cognizant of weather conditions and basic safety to prevent hazardous conditions so you can avoid fire damage. Make sure the wind will not harm your plans for outdoor cooking which can make an outdoor fire quickly turn hazardous.

Winds that are over five miles an hour can cause sparks and wildfires to blow in case they are not monitored, blown out, or contained. High winds can also lead to small sparks and embers that are carried further and dispersed.

Control the Temperature

The fire should reach a specific temperature for the best results and cooking. Outdoor fireplaces reach a higher temperature than normal indoor appliances, which allows you to quickly cook food. You should closely monitor the food while cooking so it does not burn.

You can call outdoor kitchen builders Long Island anytime to have an outdoor fireplace built.



Kitchen Builder Tips

If you are like the other homeowners, you will most likely start your kitchen project by thinking about the appliances or color scheme. Although, when you talk to outdoor kitchen contractors or the regular ones, they will tell you to first focus on the layout. That is because compared to all the rooms in your home, the kitchen layout is what matters most. Since it is a functional space, your kitchen experience dramatically affects how you can easily move around while you cook or clean.

You can find out more about kitchen building tips as you read more.

Obstructions to the Kitchen Triangle

Kitchen building professionals pertain to the stove, sink, and refrigerator as part of the kitchen triangle. It is the area that gets the most activity, therefore designing the triangle requires planning and unobstructed access. Among the 3, the sink normally gets the most action, but your triangle must also give you easy access to the refrigerator and stove, and your countertop workstations.

Obviously, the sink should be close to the plumbing. Sometimes, due to the pipe placements, kitchens are designed where the sinks are in a bad location. If this is the situation in your kitchen, think about hiring a plumber so the plumbing can be relocated to accommodate the best place where your sink should be.


One of the biggest complaints from clients who want to renovate their kitchen is that there isn’t enough storage. Even the smallest kitchen maximizes storage by using smart solutions for it.

If you have small appliances, think about where you can place them for easier access. You can create an appliance garage that has retracting doors or build a huge pantry with pull-out drawers so the instant-pot can easily be lifted.

Make it Multifunctional

Through the recent years, kitchens have drifted away from being just utilitarian and it favors being more versatile, making them suitable for relaxing and entertaining, and cooking. A professional kitchen layout designer always remembers that creating a kitchen design that is inviting and open can handle entertaining and cooking at the same time.

One of the best things to do is to have a kitchen island with seats. This is an inviting area where the guests and family members are able to socialize and relax without interrupting the work triangle.


The kitchen is a room where you cannot have bad lighting and it is not only about atmosphere and good design. Proper lighting in the kitchen is also important for safety, especially when it comes to using sharp knives and other tools. In addition, more light in the kitchen means you can easily show off the design elements.

In general, the types of lighting in rooms are general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. For the kitchen, evaluate work areas and concentrate on giving each spot proper lighting. Think about adding the mentioned types of all lighting above the main areas.

Choose Appliance Beforehand

Until you are aware of the kind of appliances you want in your kitchen, you will not be able to know what layout you want. Like if you are choosing between a gas or electric cooktop, range hood you want, or if you want a chimney hood. Refrigerators have different sizes and that affects how your kitchen should be laid out as well.

You can talk to outdoor kitchen builders Long Island if you want to rebuild your kitchen.

Backyard Waterfall Contractor: Things To Consider When Constructing A Waterfall

backyard waterfall contractor

A waterfall gives your yard a relaxed feeling. It also greatly improves the look of your yard. For you to construct it, you only need to hire an experienced backyard waterfall contractor. For you to properly put it in place you need to consider a number of things that include:

Location of the waterfall

Where do you want to construct the waterfall? The location depends on the size of your yard and the image that you want to create. For you to get the most from the unit, you should construct it in an area where you can see it from the inside of the house.

If you aren’t sure of the right location, you should ask a professional to help you out. In addition to being able to see it from indoors, the unit should also improve the look of the yard.

How loud you want it to be

Different waterfalls make different types of noises. Some make just little noise while others are too loud. It’s all in what you are interested in. Before you go ahead and construct it, you should let the contractor know about the noise that you want it to make.

This will help the contractor know how tall it should be, how much water you should pump and how wide it should be.

If you live in a close neighborhood, you don’t want a unit that will bother the neighbors; therefore, it shouldn’t be too loud. On the other hand, if you have a large yard and you want to hear the waterfall from the inside of the house, you should go ahead and construct a large unit.

Where you want it to flow into

Your waterfall can flow into a pond or rocks. It’s up to you and your contractor to reach a decision. If you already have a pond or water garden in place, this will be an ideal choice. If you are confused about where it should flow into, you should consider the sound that you what the unit to make and how to maintain it.

Waterfalls that flow into ponds or water gardens are usually beautiful as incorporate fish and plants. Their main flaw is that they are expensive to put into place especially if you don’t already have a pond in place. These waterfalls also tend to be expensive to maintain.

Pond-less waterfalls are easy to maintain but they aren’t beautiful. You should work with your landscaping company and settle on the unit that is right for you.

Landscaping Company: Lawn Mowing Tips

commercial landscaping

The key to a beautiful lawn is proper mowing. While many homeowners know this, they usually ignore it which results in them not having great lawns. To help you out, here are lawn mowing tips given by landscaping company that you should consider:

Use a mulching lawn mower

If you have the budget, you should invest in a mulching lawn mower. You can also hire landscaping experts and ask them to use the lawn mower. A mulching lawn mower is a machine that helps you to return the cut grass to the soil. When using the lawn mower, remember to use the best ear protection for lawn mowing.

By undertaking mulch mowing you replace up to 50% of the nitrogen that the lawn needs to stay green and healthy. Mulching is a cheap way of keeping your grass healthy as you don’t need to fertilize your lawn

Keep the lawn mower blades sharp

The sharpness of the lawn mower blades has a great impact on the quality of your lawn. Dull blades tear and shred grass instead of making a clean cut. As you know, torn or destroyed grass is prone to diseases. For your lawn to look, you need to keep the blades sharp.

Keep the blades up

Some homeowners have the belief that they need to cut their grass as low as possible for it to look good. This isn’t the case. The only reason you should cut your grass too short is if you run a golf course. If you are a regular homeowner, you should avoid cutting the grass too low.

You should note that cutting the grass too low exposes the roots to the harsh sun ray thus if you don’t water it regularly it can quickly dry up. Cutting the grass too low also makes it grow faster which gives you more work as you have to keep on cutting it.

Landscaping experts recommend that you ensure that your grass is not less than two inches tall all the time.

Use corn gluten

Lawn care experts have shown that corn gluten is a highly effective natural weed prevention house. According to the experts, when you apply it in spring, it tends to prevent the growth of most of the weeds that affect the lawn.

For you to get the most from the house, you should use it on a new lawn.


These are some of the lawn mowing tips that you should follow for you to keep your lawn in top shape. For you to have an easy time, you should work with reputable patio design company or any other expert to help you with the lawn care.

Landscaping Company: Tricks You Can Use To Give Your Small Yard A Large Look

landscaping company

Do you have a small backyard that you aren’t proud of? You shouldn’t hate yourself for having it as there are many tricks given by landscaping company that you can use to give the small yard a large look. Some of these tricks include:


Colors have a great impact on how you perceive things. Warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow pop at you giving you the impression that you are a product that you are looking at. Cool colors such as green, purple, and blue tend to diminish and make you believe that you are further from the object of your interest.

For you to give your yard a larger look, you should combine warm hues at the front of the yard and cooler hues at the back.  The cool colors give you the impression that the garden is expanding further than it does.

The most obvious way of having this look is using flowers, but you aren’t limited to them. You can paint the surface using the colors, and you will have a look that you have always wanted.


You must have heard that one of the most effective ways of improving the look of the yard is using furniture. While this is true, you should be cautious of the furniture that you use. Using furniture pieces that are too large will give your yard an ugly and disorganized look.

The cool thing about installing furniture in your yard is that you don’t need to have a lawn which makes it easy to maintain the yard. As mentioned above, you need to be cautious of the furniture that you use. As rule of thumb, you should avoid using too many pieces of furniture as they will give the yard a cluttered look.

The best furniture to use is one that doesn’t trim the area of perspective. Landscaping experts recommend that you place a piece of furniture that allows you to see below and above the actual piece. If possible, you should be able to see through it.

The best unit to go with when you have a small yard is one with legs, not too bulky, and made from a woven, transparent material.


These are some of the tricks you can use to give your small yard an elegant, large look. You should note that you need to maintain the unit for it to look great properly. The best way of going about it hiring a reputable masonry contractor or any other professional to help you out.

Landscaping Company: What You Need To Know About Pool Landscaping

landscaping company

If you are one of the few lucky people that own a swimming pool, and pool gazebo, it’s good you know that you can improve its look which not only makes you feel good when you are in the pool, the good look also increases the value of your home.

If you don’t have ideas on how to increase the look of the unit, get ideas from a landscaping company.

Swimming pool landscaping ideas

When landscaping the pool, one of the important factors to consider is the design of the pool. If you have an in-ground pool, you should consider creating an in-ground oasis. Here you should mount flat stones in the pool and allow plants to grow. You can also stack a few big rocks on the unit thus creating cascading water effect.

To create the look of a natural water source, place the stones around the perimeter of the pool. You also should consider giving the pool a fuller look by installing potted plants and flowers around the swimming pool.

For an above ground pool, you should consider furnishing it. Here you should place lounging chairs around the pool. These will not only provide an ideal place for you to relax after a swim, it also will significantly improve the look of your pool.

When placing the chairs, be cautious of the size of your yard. If you have a large yard, consider enhancing its appeal with a patio or koi pond.

Factors to consider when undertaking pool landscaping

When landscaping your pool, you need to consider a number of factors. The obvious one is the type of pool that you have. If you aren’t sure of how to go about it, get the input of a landscaping expert.

You also need to consider the safety aspect. While the swimming pool is a great place to relax and have a good time with friends and family, it also can be a dangerous place, especially for children.

To protect your children, consider placing slippery-proof surfaces surrounding the pool. This calls for you to have slippery-resistant pavers such as stone pavers, bricks, and concrete blocks.

You also need to consider the maintenance of the aspects that you use in decorating the pool. For example, while flowers might be beautiful to look at, using too many of them would be stupid as you will have to keep on cleaning. Some of the leaves might get into the pool blocking the filtration system.


This is what you need to know about pool landscaping. To have an easy time doing it, work with a reputable and experienced pool masonry contractor.

Backyard Waterfall Contractor: Tips To Consider When Constructing A Waterfall

contemporary landscaping

A backyard waterfall not only gives your guests something to marvel at when they visit your home, but it also greatly improves the value of your home. To construct it you need to hire a backyard waterfall contractor who will not only help you with the construction, but also help you with coming up with the right design.

To properly construct the unit, you need to consider a number of tips that include:

Consider the location of the waterfall

This is crucial as placing it at the wrong place would result in giving your home an ugly look. Some people make the mistake of constructing the waterfall at the center of the yard. This is wrong as it gives your yard an ugly look.

It’s wise that you install the unit at the end of your yard. If you aren’t sure of the right place to install it, work with an experienced contractor who will guide you through.

Consider adding plants

There is nothing that gives your waterfall a natural look like plants. You should work with your contractor and plant a number of ornamental plants.

When planting the plants, pay attention to how easy it is to take care of them. To have an easy time maintaining the waterfall, go with plants that are easy to maintain. They also should be beautiful to look at so that they give your yard an interesting look.

If looking for those that will add vibrancy and color to your yard, go with pussy willow, Hawaiian Ti, Red osier dogwood and many others. To decide on the right ones to go for, your decision should also be informed by your budget and environment.

Consider adding fish

Other than plants, other pieces that give your yard a natural look are fish. There are many types of fish that you can choose from. The most popular is the Japanese Koi. If you are planning on adding fish to your waterfall, you should provide enough space for them to swim.

The great idea is to construct a small pond for the fish at the end of the waterfall. To construct a unit that will look good and ideal for your fish, work with a reputable masonry contractor.


These are some of the tips that you need to put into place when constructing a backyard waterfall. As mentioned above, you should always work with a reputable landscaping company for you to have an easy time.