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Benefits of Waterproofing the Pool Deck

One of the best things about being a homeowner is that you own a pool. When you have a swimming pool, it is an excellent opportunity to bring your family and friends together and give yourself relaxing dips from time to time when you have a nice concrete pool deck. While it protects your pool from leaks and cracks, sometimes you tend to forget to protect it.

The pool builders will tell you that the pool deck deserves the same amount of attention as the pool. When there is a pool deck, it creates the best outdoor hangout area, and it adds comfort and style to your backyard. Here are the benefits of waterproofing your pool deck.

Better Functionality

Building a pool deck is an excellent way to add more space to the yard. It will provide a place where you can put all your outdoor furniture such as tables or lounge chairs, which is excellent for entertaining outside. It will also make it easy for you to grab anything you need for spending a day in or by the pool, without the need to walk across the lawn.


There are aesthetic benefits when you add a waterproof sealant to the pool deck. For instance, if you want the finished product to leave a glossy sheen on the pool deck or rich color on your surface. There are a couple of color tints you can choose from when you add sealant to the pool deck. Regardless if you have to protect the deck from different elements, cracks, stains, damage, or debris from the pool chemicals, a waterproof sealant is an excellent place to start.

Under Your Slab

While water seeps in under the slab through the crevices and cracks, it starts to affect the underlying soil. When your pool was built, builders worked hard to pack the soil firmly to create a level plane for the deck and pool to settle on. Since the soil is moist, weak, and soft, it will be harder for the soil to give support like it was designed to.

Protects Your Lawn

If there is no deck that surrounds the pool, your lawn can be splashed. This creates muddy and wet patches, but the chlorine also damages the grass. You need to keep your yard in great condition when you use pool decks as the barrier between water and grass. This also helps lawn debris stay away from the pool, instead of it being tracked in and clogging the filter.

Different Forms of Protection

When you apply a concrete coating to your deck’s surface you are protecting the integrity of the pool design from any water damage. A lot of other benefits are linked to the deck’s waterproofing system. The exterior of the pool deck can expose it to a lot more than water from the rain or pool.

UV inhibitors in the waterproofing system formula are able to offer protection to your deck from constant sun exposure. The wind also has a corrosive nature to concrete, blasting sand particles on its surface. A protective membrane will shield the deck surface from the water’s damaging effect, as well as the sun and wind.

Use of Different Materials

With a lot of options when it comes to customizing your pool deck, there are endless possibilities. In case you want the freedom of choosing the size, shape, surface treatment, or color for the pool deck, you might want to choose concrete. Other materials include brick, wood, and granite.

You can contact pool masonry contractors Long Island anytime when you want to build a pool deck.

How to Avoid Damaging Your Pool Pump

Pools are situated at the heart of your swimming pool and they act as the main circulation to your system. When you pull water into your pool through the skimmer and then push it through the filter, the automatic sanitation system, or chlorinator or automatic sanitation system before the pump, then it deposits water to your pool through main returns.

Since the pool pump has main components, the pool pump will include an impeller, motor, and basket. Since it is very important, protecting the pool pump and maintaining its good shape is important to keep your pool healthy.

Pool contractors will tell you what you can do to avoid damaging the pump, you also need these tips:

Keep the Water Circulating

This is mainly done to keep the water from freezing. Keep in mind that frozen water expands it by 9%, which means that it will expand wherever you put it.

Therefore, when water freezes in the pool pump, it can crack the housing, damage internal components, and break the motor.

That is why your pool pump should be kept running when the temperature is cold. Since flowing water will not freeze, this will prevent the water in your pump from causing damage and freezing. It will also prevent your pipes from bursting.

You can also remove the drain plugs and clear the lines if you cannot run the pump.

It Should be Kept Cool

When the pool pump is kept cool, it increases longevity and helps you avoid malfunctions when you go down the track. In order to provide the pump with the right air circulation, you need to place the pump away from mulch, plants, and enclosed spaces as well. While a pool pump always feels hot to touch when you run it, you should avoid putting the pump under direct sunlight to minimize overheating.

There are many shelters designed to box away pool pumps to make the appearance tidier and provide protection from different elements without sacrificing airflow.

The Basket Should be Kept Clean

Keeping the pool basket clean and free of debris is important. The build-up in the basket impedes the water flow through the pump and it can potentially get caught up in the impeller. This could lead to permanent and expensive pump damage.

Maintain the Water Level

In order for the pump to continue functioning, a specific water level should be maintained. A water level that is too low causes your pool pump to draw in air which increases the possibility of equipment damage. The majority of water levels should not fall 18 inches because it will go below the tile line, but it is always incredible to ask the pool professional about a particular situation.

Trim the Plants and Weeds Around the Pool Pump

Pumps require unrestricted airflow so they can work properly. The overhanging weeds, bushes, and debris can limit airflow, which overheats and it can even clog up your pump.

Seal Leaks and Gaps

Airflow occurs in a lot of different locations but some common ones are the pump drain plugs, pump lid seal, filter bands, or valves. You can try some pool lube on your pump lid seal and pump drain plugs, and check if that is helpful.

Any leak on the side of the pool could cause air bubbles to form, which causes the motor to get overworked.

Check if there are any leaks and once you find where the leak is coming from, you should replace the faulty part or seal it using a silicone-based sealant.

You can talk to stone patio contractor Long Island if you need a pump replacement.




Tips You Can Follow for Pool Decorating

You can create the perfect setting for a pool when you know the tips to follow. There will be a place for you to relax, entertain, and enjoy in the warmer months. If the swimming pool builders just finished construction, you can already think of the functional addition. Therefore, you should know how to carefully choose the design to include.

The best pool ideas use the nice materials that suit your home’s architecture and the characteristics of the local area. They provide a nice and chic area, with beautiful planting, and it features atmospheric lighting for after-dark gatherings.

If you want to gather tips on how to decorate your pool, you can refer to this article so read on.

Floating Pool Lights

One way to add a fun décor is to use floating lights. The floating lights are going to ad color varieties that kids will love, and they light up the area at night.

Floating lights are affordable, and a lot of them can change colors when you want to add some fun.

You can set the lights to normal light on normal days, and switch to the colored option when you have friends over so your backyard feels like a party.

It Should Complement the Landscape

A garden pool area should be designed so that it becomes part of a scene, which complements the architecture of your home that surrounds the landscaping. You must consider the shapes, forms, and lines in the winter. The swimming pool should be sympathetic to the master plan. For instance, if the garden has many organic lines, then a rectangular pool is going to seem out of place.

You need to choose materials that are appropriate, and ideas for an outdoor patio should easily fit into the landscape or they will feel alien. Therefore, stone color should be sympathetic, but whatever pool structure or building is close to a pool.

Set Up a Place for Barbecuing

Who will not love a barbecue that is next to a pool? When you fire up the grill and having enough space to prepare your ribs is one of the best things about summer. Look for something that can easily turn your space into an outdoor kitchen, which is a lot more affordable than you think. Try a prep station kitchen cart with underneath storage. This way, the pool party can keep going, even while you are still grilling.

Have a Cabana Built

Your backyard can be transformed into your favorite vacation spot by just adding a cabana. Regardless if you have a gazebo or you are only starting from scratch, this is a great way to upgrade your space.

If you have an existing gazebo, you just have to find your favorite fabric, add it, and then you are done.

Adding fabric to all sides of the gazebo and trying them is going to transform your gazebo into a relaxing and beautiful cabana.

Consider the Dimensions

When you design the pool area, it is important to consider the landscaping in your backyard and what is required around the pool.

How much furniture will you put in? Should you incorporate a dining area?

Adding enough border of hard landscaping around the pool will allow you to put sun loungers and you can walk without having to worry about it reaching the edge.

Another good thing about hardscaping a large area is it prevents your lawn from being splashed by water that contains salt water or chlorine, which can be damaging to it.

Contact pool contractors Long Island if the decoration you choose requires construction for the best outcome.

Cooking at an Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace can be the perfect centerpiece for evening gatherings on your patio or deck. Outdoor cooking was always used throughout history and it is a social gathering if you want to cook food for family and friends. Evenings and long summer days are a great time to cook outdoors while you entertain friends, families, neighbors, and acquaintances.

The summer has a lot of holidays and time for family traditions, like hosting outdoor barbeques when the school year ends summer celebrations, or a bonfire to roast smores as your favorite pastime. A bonfire or cookout can also be an excellent way to invite neighbors or coworkers if you want to have a fun social gathering.

Outdoor fireplace builders will be more than happy to make one for you.

Fire Safety

There are some considerations you should remember when you use fires for cooking or entertaining. The protocol that surrounds fire safety is crucial. In addition, education about weather conditions helps prevent wildfires.

You should remember safety precautions when you use flames to cook. You should abide by municipal code rules and regulations. They should be cognizant of any and all the association rules of homeowners.

Flames should be kept at a safe distance from residential cars, structures, trees, and other flammable items in order to avoid fires that can cause hazards. It is recommended that it should be at least 10 feet away from structures.

Add a Grill

Regardless if your outdoor fireplace is portable, or built-in, you can add a grate to turn your fireplace into something multi-purpose.

You should make sure to only use non-toxic fuel sources when you cook at an outdoor fireplace. For instance, no stained, painted, or rotten wood. You should use dry, hard logs instead or barbeque charcoal.

A lot of different cooking methods are at your disposal when you use a grill over an open fire. You should directly cook foods on the grill or by the use of a cast-iron or dish skillet.

Choose the Right Kind of Wood

Like with the majority of outdoor fireplaces, you would have to use enough wood so you can make a reasonable bed over where to cook food. This can be comprised of quick-burning wood such as pine and an amount of kindling so it is kept burning. Choosing the right type of wood to cook with is the most crucial step because the wood adds flavor to the food.

Oak, apple wood, and hickory all add great flavors. You are going to place the flavoring wood on the bed of burning wood. Keep in mind that you will require some tools to move the coals around, a small rake and shovel should be enough.

Wind and Weather When You Cook

You have to always be cognizant of weather conditions and basic safety to prevent hazardous conditions so you can avoid fire damage. Make sure the wind will not harm your plans for outdoor cooking which can make an outdoor fire quickly turn hazardous.

Winds that are over five miles an hour can cause sparks and wildfires to blow in case they are not monitored, blown out, or contained. High winds can also lead to small sparks and embers that are carried further and dispersed.

Control the Temperature

The fire should reach a specific temperature for the best results and cooking. Outdoor fireplaces reach a higher temperature than normal indoor appliances, which allows you to quickly cook food. You should closely monitor the food while cooking so it does not burn.

You can call outdoor kitchen builders Long Island anytime to have an outdoor fireplace built.



How to Choose the Best Pool Pump

The pool pump is an important equipment for any swimming pool, but it is also important that you get the one with the right size for your pool. If you buy one that is too big, it will eat up more energy than it is supposed to, which results in higher energy bills. If you get one that is too small, it will fail to filter your pool sufficiently. Buying the right pump will be important to maintain your pool in the long run.

When you are buying a pump, you can also ask the swimming pool builders for any advice. Here are tips on how to choose the right pool pump:

Size of Your Pool

First, you must measure your pool size. Use a tape measure to get the width, length, and depth of your pool. If the measurements are not in the exact feet, you can convert foot fractions into decimal feet. You have to measure the pool’s actual water level depth. You should not use the depth that your pool can hold.

  • Rectangular pool: In gallons = Length x Width x Average Depth* x 7.5
  • Ovel pool: In gallons = Shortest diameter x Longest diameter x Average depth x 6.7
  • Circular pool: In gallons = Diameter x Diameter x Depth x 5.9

Calculate Your Pool’s Minimum Flow Rate

The water in your pool should make a complete circulation every 8 hours. In order for this to occur, you must figure out your swimming pool’s minimum flow rate. In order to find out, you should take how many gallons of water your pool can hold and then divide it by 8. After that, divide the answer by 60. The result is your pool’s minimum flow rate.


The power your pump has will dictate the rate of water turnover, so how often you run the pump will depend on that. However, this will also depend on the filter size and filtration system pipes. But in case your system uses 3-inch pipes, you can install a pump with 3 horsepower. This will work a lot quicker.

However, this can be too much if your pool is small, which will just end up wasting energy and costing you more money. Make sure to choose a pump that will not overwhelm your filtration system, but still has enough power to turn over the water pool at a good rate.

Pipe Size

No matter how many GPM the pump can handle, the connected pipe size will determine how fast the water can flow through. For instance, if your pump is 100 GPM, but your pipe is 1-1/2” the pump will only flow at 60 GPM.

Here are the numbers to make sure that the pipes and pump have matching GPM capabilities.

1-1/2” pipe has a maximum flow rate of 60 GPM

2” pipe has a 100 GPM maximum flow rate

2-1/2” pipe has a maximum flow rate of 140 GPM

Buy the Largest Filter

To have the least maintenance, choose the largest filter that your pool pump can take. A larger filter can clean the pool water better, fewer clogs, and require less work.


Your pool can be hardwired into your system or it might need an outlet you can plug into. Find out what you are getting into before buying the pool pump.

You would also have to determine if the pump is running on 110 or 220 volts. If you have an in ground pool, it is important to know the exact voltage.

Contact pool design contractor Long Island to have the pump installed.

Causes of a Leaning Chimney

A leaning chimney should be addressed right away. If this issue is ignored, the loose bricks could fall on people. Pests and water can infiltrate the gap between the siding and chimney. The combustible gas can leak from the chimney going into your home when you are using the fireplace. If you think that you have a leaning chimney, you should act right away so you can protect your family and home from these standards.

You can contact the masonry contractor to check if you need to have a new one built, and remember that it is not the end of the world. However, this problem is pertinent that you need to prioritize so you can find a solution.

Here are the causes of a leaning chimney:

The Structure is Deteriorating

Those who are familiar with the freezing coldness of winter, blazing hot summer, and these weather shifts, and temperature drops can all be damaging to homes and structures. The concrete can be damaged by the temperamental weather and tends to crack. Freeze and thaw cycles can trap moisture in the base, which causes it to deteriorate quickly.

Roof Damage Close to the Chimney

Your chimney is going to extend past your roof, where the siding will transition towards the roof. While the chimney is shifting, it is going to damage the nearby area and gutter. Shingles, gutters, or other roof materials near the chimney can start to show signs of damage or they could even fall off.

In other cases, the roofing and siding can just hang off, which makes it easy to spot. However, the damage is not always obvious.

The Base is Too Small

An older home might have a couple of missteps during construction or it could have been faced with age that eroded a solid chimney to one that slowly deteriorates.

For any homeowner, this means the chimney footing is too small to carry its weight, or maybe the time has already taken a toll on its base, which is the most important part of the chimney. A sturdy footing for the chimney should have a thickness of one foot and extends six inches per side.

Gaps Between the Wall and Chimney

Aside from the damage caused by the shift in your chimney, the space it occupied in the past is going to be left open. Even a small gap can be risky, and its size increases over time.

For the larger gap, it is most likely to have moisture or other damage that can invade your home from this vulnerable and new spot. If you like to shop, you should always be on the lookout for gaps.

Soil Erosion

Water is the most damaging to any foundation, even one that is newly built. When there is moisture, it can go into crevices and cracks, weakening a structure that comes from inside and out. A chimney is not an exception to the water path with the least resistance, and one way or another, the soil and moisture that goes around the chimney’s base will wreak havoc on its structure.

This will not happen overnight, and it takes many years for the landscape around it to loosen, which causes a shift. There are some types of soil that are unable to hold the weight of the big chimneys. If the soil is too loose, it will cause the chimney’s base to shift, which results in tilting that you can easily see from the ground.

You can contact outdoor fireplace builders Long Island as well to check why your chimney is leaning so the issue can be addressed right away.

What does regular landscape maintenance entail?

landscape maintenance

Custom Landscaping

If you still have yet to put your own personal touch on your property, what are you waiting for?  With the weather warming up considerably, there is no better time to start thinking about how to best manicure your home landscape.  Whether you’re looking to increase your property value or add more enjoyment to your own home, we recommend working with a professional Long Island landscaper to get the job done.  Having the help of an experienced professional will help to reduce your stress level during the landscape design and landscape installation process!  A professional landscaping contractor can also help you keep costs down by finding the most affordable and durable landscaping and masonry materials around.

Brick Masonry

Whether you’re trying to maintain a custom landscape or your regular front yard, there are many things to take into consideration.  In addition to properly watering your lawn, flowers and plants, you also should keep an eye on your custom landscape for any signs of degradation.  If your residential landscape design is starting to look a little worse for wear, don’t hesitate to call in your local landscape and masonry contractor for help.  No one has more custom landscape design ideas than contractors who have been in the business for over ten years!

What kind of sprinkler system should I install outside my home?

If you haven’t yet installed a lawn irrigation system in your yard, now is the time to act!  High quality sprinkler systems can mean the difference between a thriving outdoor landscape and an unhealthy one.  At Long Island Landscape Designs, we incorporate sprinkler system installation into most of our outdoor home landscaping services!  Automatic sprinklers will give you peace of mind knowing your lawns and plants are being watered without you having to lift a finger.  Our landscaping contractors can help you find the best sprinkler system for your home based on the amount of ground you need covered.

After we design a sprinkler system for your yard and install all its components, we can come by at any time for standard sprinkler system maintenance.  We highly recommend drip irrigation systems as well as standard law sprinklers.  Our home landscaping company is always available for sprinkler repair services!  Aside from installing sprinklers and irrigation pumps, we provide a number of other home landscaping and masonry services to turn both your front and backyards into masterpieces!  We would love to help you create a custom landscape for your front or backyard and incorporate gorgeous masonry structures such as a brick patio and custom brick BBQ.

Who in Long Island can I trust to design a custom landscape for my yard?

custom landscape

A new custom backyard landscape is an ideal home improvement project for the summer!  The professional landscaping contractors at Long Island Landscape Designs would love to help you design a beautiful landscape for your backyard incorporating just about anything you want.  Just a few of our most popular backyard residential landscaping services include inground swimming pool masonry, backyard patio construction and custom brick BBQ design.  Over the years, countless customers have return to our professional masonry company for help creating custom landscapes because we have so many innovative landscaping ideas!  We specialize in high quality stone and brick masonry design for structures such as driveways, garden walkways and custom outdoor fireplaces.

We want to create your new backyard just as you envision it!  Your mason contractor will work very closely with you to make sure that every aspect of your new backyard garden design is just right.  Additionally, many homeowners choose to install safety fencing or retaining walls around their property to gain more privacy and peace of mind.  Safety fences and retaining walls can be made from natural materials such as bushes and trees or can be constructed using top of the line stone and brick masonry tools!

Where can I find a good retail landscaping business?

Long Island LandscapingLet the landscape contractors at Long Island Landscape Designs Inc. help you come up with the perfect commercial landscaping ideas for your business!  We will pair you with a landscape architect who can incorporate your landscaping ideas with professional expertise to create an inviting atmosphere for your customers.  Among our most popular landscaping services for local businesses are rock garden designs, planting services and flower garden design.  Our gardening ideas can range from very simple to extravagant based on the style of your business.  Our commercial landscapers know better than anyone how to landscape retail property to catch the eye!

As one of the top-rates landscaping companies in Long Island, we also provide residential landscaping as a part of our professional landscaping service.  Our home masonry contractors will be happy to assist you with pool landscaping, patio landscaping, building privacy hedges and creating a beautiful backyard atmosphere for your home.  Be sure to call our professional landscape business today to schedule a free consultation with one of our very own landscape designers.