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Benefits of Waterproofing the Pool Deck

One of the best things about being a homeowner is that you own a pool. When you have a swimming pool, it is an excellent opportunity to bring your family and friends together and give yourself relaxing dips from time to time when you have a nice concrete pool deck. While it protects your pool from leaks and cracks, sometimes you tend to forget to protect it.

The pool builders will tell you that the pool deck deserves the same amount of attention as the pool. When there is a pool deck, it creates the best outdoor hangout area, and it adds comfort and style to your backyard. Here are the benefits of waterproofing your pool deck.

Better Functionality

Building a pool deck is an excellent way to add more space to the yard. It will provide a place where you can put all your outdoor furniture such as tables or lounge chairs, which is excellent for entertaining outside. It will also make it easy for you to grab anything you need for spending a day in or by the pool, without the need to walk across the lawn.


There are aesthetic benefits when you add a waterproof sealant to the pool deck. For instance, if you want the finished product to leave a glossy sheen on the pool deck or rich color on your surface. There are a couple of color tints you can choose from when you add sealant to the pool deck. Regardless if you have to protect the deck from different elements, cracks, stains, damage, or debris from the pool chemicals, a waterproof sealant is an excellent place to start.

Under Your Slab

While water seeps in under the slab through the crevices and cracks, it starts to affect the underlying soil. When your pool was built, builders worked hard to pack the soil firmly to create a level plane for the deck and pool to settle on. Since the soil is moist, weak, and soft, it will be harder for the soil to give support like it was designed to.

Protects Your Lawn

If there is no deck that surrounds the pool, your lawn can be splashed. This creates muddy and wet patches, but the chlorine also damages the grass. You need to keep your yard in great condition when you use pool decks as the barrier between water and grass. This also helps lawn debris stay away from the pool, instead of it being tracked in and clogging the filter.

Different Forms of Protection

When you apply a concrete coating to your deck’s surface you are protecting the integrity of the pool design from any water damage. A lot of other benefits are linked to the deck’s waterproofing system. The exterior of the pool deck can expose it to a lot more than water from the rain or pool.

UV inhibitors in the waterproofing system formula are able to offer protection to your deck from constant sun exposure. The wind also has a corrosive nature to concrete, blasting sand particles on its surface. A protective membrane will shield the deck surface from the water’s damaging effect, as well as the sun and wind.

Use of Different Materials

With a lot of options when it comes to customizing your pool deck, there are endless possibilities. In case you want the freedom of choosing the size, shape, surface treatment, or color for the pool deck, you might want to choose concrete. Other materials include brick, wood, and granite.

You can contact pool masonry contractors Long Island anytime when you want to build a pool deck.

Signs that Your Swimming Pool Should be Repaired

You should consider yourself fortunate if you have a swimming pool in the backyard. When the heat gets high, all you can do is wear a bathing suit before jumping into the pool. When you do proper care and maintenance, you can have a perfectly functioning swimming pool for a long time.

Even if you do consistent maintenance, you cannot stop the march of time, since time will always affect everything you own, which includes your swimming pool. While older pools can fall into disrepair, some water pools can show some damage for any reason.

You do not want to call the pool masonry contractors too often because you are not taking care of your pool.

Heater is Malfunctioning

In case the water in your swimming pool is cold, it probably will come as no surprise that your heater is not working properly. This could be because of a couple of things. Blocked pipes might be reducing water flow to the heater. Another option is the heater gets water and airflow, but the controls are malfunctioning. You can see the way one problem can exacerbate another, which means a professional in the pool service repair industry can save you money because it minimizes damage.

Cracks on the Wall

When the walls of the concrete swimming pool are starting to show cracks, you will have a problem that requires immediate attention. Most of the time, cracks could lead to water leakages, which wastewater weakens and erodes the soil that surrounds the entire structure. You would also have to get the services of a reliable pool repair company in order to fix this problem, which can be because of poor structural design, using sub-standard cement, and insufficient sealing.

Broken Lightings

Broken lights are normally easy to fix, but that is not the case when they are swimming lights. The broken swimming pool lights easily leave your pool out of action when it is sunny, and they are going to make your pool look unattractive.

You should hire an expert to fix the swimming pool lights because if electricity is mixed with water, it causes hazards. Different things can cause your swimming pool lights to break, like a tripped breaker.

Peeling Plaster

Pools that have a plaster surface look good, but you should keep in mind that the chemicals you use for cleaning and freshening the water should be mixed properly, or the plaster of the pool will erode. You will know that your plaster surface gets eroded when the plaster is wearing thin in some areas, and other parts crack or peel away. When these things worsen, you should call your pool contractor right away to drain it out, and assess the level of damage.

Maintains the Hardware of Your Pool

Pools are a great investment for a lot of people, and the last thing that people want is damaged hardware.

However, damaged hardware is prevalent in a poorly maintained swimming pool. This is because the swimming pool hardware must work harder when a homeowner does not have a regular repair service to call.

Among the most important ways to maintain the hardware of your pool is to keep the debris out of the pool’s filter. You can make it a daily habit if you want to remove this debris, which ensures that your filter will continue to work smoothly. If you make it a daily habit to remove the debris, you need to ensure that your filter continues working smoothly.

You can talk to pool design contractor Long Island anytime if you need a pool repair.


Pool Safety Tips for Backyard Pools


When you communicate the pool tips effectively and use common sense, your backyard pool is a safer and more pleasurable experience for children and adults.

In the warm weather, it is important that aside from paying pool masonry contractors to renovate or fix your pool, you need to keep it safe even for guests. If you have children, this is more important because they might want to play outside after school.

Every year, thousands of people get injured in the pool. There are people who drown in public schools or homes. Even if it is hard to control a public pool environment, you can still make your backyard pool safe. You do not want your children or guests falling in the pool and having an accident.

Create Safe Areas

The one way to make sure pool safety is to block access. If you have more safeguards in place, it is a lot better since your job is not just protecting your children from danger, but you should also make sure your pool spa is not risky to the kids in your neighborhood.

Fences – Your community might need your spa or pool to be surrounded by fences with a gate. In case they do not, you should think about installing pool fences to make sure no one goes into your pool between swims. You should choose self-latching, self-closing, and keep storing anything that children use to climb the fence to jump in the pool.

Covers – The best pool covers will support an average adult’s weight without warping or breaking and a lot of spa covers are heavy that children will not be able to lift them. You should consider covers, which must be locked in place when the pool is not being used. This is your initial defense to prevent accidents. You should make sure to drain the rainwater that can collect or pick a cover that lets water drain inside the pool.

Sturdy Guard Rails for Above-Ground Pools

You should install sturdy guard rails on the pool deck. You need to look for metal shell rims to make sure the rims do not have a cutting edge in case someone falls in. The ladder deck access must be sturdy and should not have protruding bolts or sharp edges. The ladder must swing up to stop children from having unauthorized entry or must be easily removable for secure storage from the pool.

Swimming Lessons Should be a Priority

At some point, your child is going to be near water, whether you are on vacation or if you are visiting someone else’s home. Swimming lessons will not completely prevent anyone from drowning, but based on a recent policy statement, swimming lessons might benefit children who are aged between 1 and 4. The right time will depend on the child’s readiness physically and emotionally.

Install Alarms

You are allowed to take precautions to block pool access, but an alarm on the pool fence will inform you if someone is standing close to your pool, and there are 2 kinds of alarms you can install:

Wave alarms – This kind of alarm goes off when there is a person or object that fell inside the pool through wave sensors. However, they can be very sensitive.

Light Alarms – This is going to shoot light beams around the perimeter of the water, when that beam breaks, the alarm will sound. The light alarms are going to do a double-duty because they will tell you when your child goes near your pool without you there.

You can also contact pool builders Long Island about installing the safety fences or covers for you.

Kitchen Builder Tips

If you are like the other homeowners, you will most likely start your kitchen project by thinking about the appliances or color scheme. Although, when you talk to outdoor kitchen contractors or the regular ones, they will tell you to first focus on the layout. That is because compared to all the rooms in your home, the kitchen layout is what matters most. Since it is a functional space, your kitchen experience dramatically affects how you can easily move around while you cook or clean.

You can find out more about kitchen building tips as you read more.

Obstructions to the Kitchen Triangle

Kitchen building professionals pertain to the stove, sink, and refrigerator as part of the kitchen triangle. It is the area that gets the most activity, therefore designing the triangle requires planning and unobstructed access. Among the 3, the sink normally gets the most action, but your triangle must also give you easy access to the refrigerator and stove, and your countertop workstations.

Obviously, the sink should be close to the plumbing. Sometimes, due to the pipe placements, kitchens are designed where the sinks are in a bad location. If this is the situation in your kitchen, think about hiring a plumber so the plumbing can be relocated to accommodate the best place where your sink should be.


One of the biggest complaints from clients who want to renovate their kitchen is that there isn’t enough storage. Even the smallest kitchen maximizes storage by using smart solutions for it.

If you have small appliances, think about where you can place them for easier access. You can create an appliance garage that has retracting doors or build a huge pantry with pull-out drawers so the instant-pot can easily be lifted.

Make it Multifunctional

Through the recent years, kitchens have drifted away from being just utilitarian and it favors being more versatile, making them suitable for relaxing and entertaining, and cooking. A professional kitchen layout designer always remembers that creating a kitchen design that is inviting and open can handle entertaining and cooking at the same time.

One of the best things to do is to have a kitchen island with seats. This is an inviting area where the guests and family members are able to socialize and relax without interrupting the work triangle.


The kitchen is a room where you cannot have bad lighting and it is not only about atmosphere and good design. Proper lighting in the kitchen is also important for safety, especially when it comes to using sharp knives and other tools. In addition, more light in the kitchen means you can easily show off the design elements.

In general, the types of lighting in rooms are general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. For the kitchen, evaluate work areas and concentrate on giving each spot proper lighting. Think about adding the mentioned types of all lighting above the main areas.

Choose Appliance Beforehand

Until you are aware of the kind of appliances you want in your kitchen, you will not be able to know what layout you want. Like if you are choosing between a gas or electric cooktop, range hood you want, or if you want a chimney hood. Refrigerators have different sizes and that affects how your kitchen should be laid out as well.

You can talk to outdoor kitchen builders Long Island if you want to rebuild your kitchen.

Choosing the Best Lighting for Your Pool

The pool lights have a lot of impact on the functionality and appearance of your swimming pool. Aside from asking for tips that your pool design contractor can give you, it is important that you have your own knowledge about them.

It is an illuminating experience when you choose the right lights, and most of the time, people will go for the cheapest ones. That should not be your frame of mind because you need to choose what is best for your pool that is within your budget.

You can read this article until the end to learn more.

Simple is Better

You do not have to have too many lights in the pool. When these burn out, you will be asked to replace them and that is very tedious. Place the lights at the pool’s deep end so that the beam spreads equally. You should stick with LED lights because they have a brighter beam, which is great for underwater lighting. You must also place lights on the side that is closest to the house so that glare is minimized. You need to choose the correct light beam as well. The beamed bulbs come in wide and short varieties, which can fit any size of the swimming pool.

 Types of Pool Lights

  • Halogen Lights – When it comes to bulbs, incandescent light eventually replaces them as the standard of pool lighting. In comparison to incandescent lights, halogens are more energy-efficient and they are durable, as well as environment-friendly.

However, the disadvantage of halogen lights is they are pricier, which costs twice as much as fluorescent bulbs. Even if they are more durable compared to incandescent lights, they still need regular replacement, which has a lifespan of 2,000 to 4,000 hours. Then, these factors make them less-desirable as an option for swimming pool lighting.

  • LED lights – Light-emitting diode or LED lighting impacts lighting, which is beyond the swimming pool lighting. The bulbs are budget-friendly, have longer lifespans, and they are energy efficient.

If you compare it to a halogen bulb with 100 watts, it can produce the same light, while just consuming 6 watts. LED lights are cool to touch even if they are on because the heat links covering them displaces the heat. They do not have mercury, so they are tolerant to cold and they are clean.

Go Old School 

Incandescent light bulbs are the oldest type of light and are basically just the regular bulbs that give light by having a current that runs through the filament until it becomes bright. If you think that is inefficient, you are not wrong. Aside from inefficiency, these lights have the lowest lifespan. The heat generated by the bulbs changes to usage of 1,000 hours before it burns out. A thousand hours do not like it’s a lot because that is true. If you love night swimming and you use the lights for 4 hours every day, then your lights need to be replaced before the year is finished. Do not avoid them right away though because some people still love to use them since they give a natural light tone that they are already used to. Pool construction professionals are normally open to installing any type of lighting you want as long as it is appropriate for the pool.


This is one of the reasons why your pool needs lighting. Your enjoyment will improve when you have them especially if you have guests.

Tell the in-ground pool builders Long Island how you want the pool lighting to look and they can give you advice.


How much does custom landscaping usually cost?

Custom landscaping is a great way to personalize your property to truly make it your own.  When you work with the right landscapers, you will be able to come up with the perfect custom landscape for you!  You can incorporate a wide range of things into your new landscape, including various masonry structures such as patios, gazebos and backyard swimming pools.  Few other landscaping companies in Long Island offer residential landscaping as well as commercial landscaping services!  We have created countless unique landscapes for homes and business throughout Northport, Smithtown, Dix Hills and dozens of other surrounding areas.

During your design consultation, your team of landscape contractors will share with you possible patio designs and garden designs for your new backyard!  Many people choose to install decks and patios in their backyards to enjoy the weather with friends and family during the warmer months of the year.  Take a look through our outdoor landscaping photos to get an idea of the professional landscaping work we do!  We also offer traditional yard maintenance in addition to our phenomenal landscaping and masonry services.  Don’t let your backyard look like everyone else’s – create something special using our specialized masonry techniques!  We can’t wait to create a new landscape with you.

Does backyard landscaping add to the value of your house?

home landscaping

If you are considering backyard landscaping as way to increase your property value, we are here to help!  Long Island Landscape Designs specializes in creating beautiful custom outdoor landscapes around your home.  Our landscape designers have been in the business for years and have come up with hundreds of different landscape designs for customers throughout Long Island.  You can take a look through our landscaping photos to see several great examples of some of the high-quality residential landscaping jobs we have completed in the past.  Our landscape experts would love to create custom landscaping ideas with you to implement in your very own yard!

Few other landscaping companies in Long Island offer such comprehensive home landscaping services!  Some of our most popular services include stone landscaping, pool landscaping, landscape edging and landscaping borders.  We also frequently complete front yard landscaping, which can include hardscaping services such as driveway installation and walkway construction.  Our certified landscapers only use top of the line landscape tools and materials to ensure that your new custom landscape is as beautiful and long-lasting as possible.  We offer free consultations to prospective clients, so be sure to schedule your meeting with a professional landscape designer today!

Where can I find a good retail landscaping business?

Long Island LandscapingLet the landscape contractors at Long Island Landscape Designs Inc. help you come up with the perfect commercial landscaping ideas for your business!  We will pair you with a landscape architect who can incorporate your landscaping ideas with professional expertise to create an inviting atmosphere for your customers.  Among our most popular landscaping services for local businesses are rock garden designs, planting services and flower garden design.  Our gardening ideas can range from very simple to extravagant based on the style of your business.  Our commercial landscapers know better than anyone how to landscape retail property to catch the eye!

As one of the top-rates landscaping companies in Long Island, we also provide residential landscaping as a part of our professional landscaping service.  Our home masonry contractors will be happy to assist you with pool landscaping, patio landscaping, building privacy hedges and creating a beautiful backyard atmosphere for your home.  Be sure to call our professional landscape business today to schedule a free consultation with one of our very own landscape designers.

Are you looking for a professional masonry restoration service?

If you are looking for masonry contractors to do repairs on your past masonry construction projects, Long Island Landscape Designs Inc. can help!  In addition to masonry repair, our masonry and landscaping contractors have years of experience coming up with walkway ideas for garden walkways and home front walkways.  Some of our most popular options include stone walkways, paver walkways, concrete walkways and brick walkways.  Cobblestone walkways and flagstone walkways are also increasing in popularity.

As one of the best masonry companies in Long Island, we provide a wide range of residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services.  Other than walkway installation, we also build high-quality retaining walls and come up with flawless driveway designs!  Call us today to schedule your in-home consultation with a landscape designer at your earliest convenience.

Two Reasons Why You Should think of Lanscaping?

Landscping Long Island

Landscaping just doesn’t include planting trees and bushes and shrubs and flowers. There are several services that a professional landscaper can provide. From building a patio to building a flower bed, a landscaper can help you use the land in the best possible manner. You can ask him to build a playing area for the kids, a relaxing area for the elderly or just a place to sit and gaze for yourself. There is no limit to what a large space of land can be used for.


A landscaper helps you use the land in a better way rather than just keep it as is. The placement of plants, trees, flowers and structures, can all help you build your own personal space. A patio would provide you with a good place to dine and relax outside. You can keep a couple of chairs or bags where people can sit and have fun together in the evening.
You can ask them to build an area of raised bed where you can plant flowers and vegetables. Have a flower bed or a kitchen garden could also encourage children to take to gardening. Some studies show that gardening is one of the easiest and best ways to relieve stress. If your kids tend to taking care of the vegetables, then they would enjoy eating them and at the same time would never get too agitated form the pressure at school or college.

Property Value

Talk to any realtor and they would instantly inform you that a house with a good landscape would be valued more than with just a yard. That doesn’t mean that you fill the entire space with something or the other. The landscaping should be properly planned  to increase functionality. Depending on the functionality the yard providers, the value of the property would be appreciated. The downside of this is if you do not maintain your landscape then it could very well depreciate the value of the property. Rotting decks and dying plants or over grown trees are all considered to be threat or visually displeasing which makes it less appealing to buyers or renters.

Some people believe that landscaping is the first thing that people look at when they are buying or renting a property. It sets their mood. Even if the house is not in the best of its condition, but has a good landscaping, then it could be considered as a very good option.