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Benefits of a Smart Pool

In recent years, automation has been included in so many things in people’s lives and revolutionized them. Smartphones, home appliances, smart lights, and automation takes convenience and comfort to a whole new level compared to before, and it is slowly and surely making their presence felt in the market of swimming pools.

Automated pools, or are also known as smart pools, feature different technological upgrades to a pool setup. With these upgrades, owners can rest when operating and maintaining their pools. In-ground pool builders are aware of the benefits of a smart pool, and how it will make your pool maintenance easier. Future pools are going to come with smart technology installed, and there is already a trend. Read more about their benefits now.

Pool Pump Automation

Conventional pool pumps can increase your energy consumption, mainly if they are kept running for long hours. However, cutting down on the usage of a pool pump is not the solution if the pool is used regularly.

Pool pumps circulate the water across the breadth, length, and depth of the swimming pool and play a key role in keeping water temperature consistent. It is also important to prevent algae and bacterial growth.

Upgrading to an automated pool pump will cut down your energy consumption because you can control the pool pump using your smartphone.

Salt Chlorinators

Testing the pool chlorine levels is a labor-intensive but necessary part of pool maintenance. The chlorine levels have to be in pool water all the time because this kills the bacteria and it keeps your pool safe for swimming. It is important to get the levels right so the water can maintain the correct pH balance. This is important because the wrong balance can cause skin and eye irritation in people who are swimming.

Smart salt chlorinators can take the pressure off you when the chlorine levels are managed. It will test the levels in the water and it ensures that there is the right amount of chlorine added. This is going to keep the water hygienic and maintain a safe pH balance.

Pool Cleaning is Easier

Manual pool maintenance is a huge responsibility because pool care is about balancing chemicals, cleaning the pool, and fishing the trash out. Even if these are enjoyable tasks, they are important to protect the investment you made. Automated self-cleaning pools of the smart pools can keep the pool sparkling clean anytime you want to use it.

Saves You Time

If you have a big swimming pool, then you have the work cut out for you already if you want to be sure of optimum maintenance. Instead of spending hours on pool maintenance during weekends, you can allow smart pool devices to take over maintenance duties. This is going to leave you free to spend precious time with your family in the pool.

Smart Heating and Lighting

You never have to worry about forgetting to shut off the pool heating or also the lights, with the smart systems of today. Aside from that, you can make the pool more welcoming and comfortable with just the touch of a button. This way, you can make sure that no matter where you go, the pool temperature is right whenever you want to use it. You can turn on pool lights as well from your phone, or you set them to change color at several intervals, which creates an excellent pool party atmosphere anytime. This will take out the stress of having to get the right temperature when you have surprise visitors.

You can contact the pool design contractor Long Island anytime you want to build a smart pool.


Why Add LED Pool Lighting

LED lights are increasing in popularity these days, and you can easily see why. As an owner of the swimming pool, you can guess that one of the main priorities is to come up with a design on your own. Luckily, with a lot of different options when it comes to safety features, water structures, tropical settings, pool toys, and a lot more. There are many possible combinations for new pool construction and remodeling projects.

After contacting pool masonry contractors for the added lighting, you will realize that standard incandescent lights are a great accessory. It will minimize eye strain, while LED lights emit lower lighting intensity. It will also enable you to swim at night so you do not have to worry about any bugs.


Among the biggest advantages of LED pool lights is that they are environmentally friendly compared to incandescent bulbs. While incandescent lights are running from 300 to 500 watts, LED bulbs only use 42 watts. This decrease in wattage is an indication that LED lights consume a lot less energy compared to incandescent lights. The way bulbs work influences how much energy is consumed. The incandescent bulb should heat to the light filament, which wastes about 90% of its energy. However, LED lights work as electrons move through a semiconductor material, which creates almost no heat at all.

Improves Overall Appearance

The most seen benefit of adding swimming pool lights is they make the pool look better. When you position it properly, they can enhance the pool, deck, and other areas as well. There are a lot of colors you can choose from and those lights can be switched out in case you want to make a change. They are also useful when it comes to enhancing colors that are already existing, like nearby foliage or the water blueness.

Adds a Safety Feature to Your Pool

Pool lights are higher in frequency, that has electromagnetic frequencies ranging from under 400 terahertz to more than 600 terahertz. Therefore, the light is perceived by the human eye as bluer and brighter compared to incandescent light. In terms of practicality, this means that it takes only a couple of LED lights so your pool area can be properly illuminated.

You Will Save Money

LED pool lighting can be beneficial to the environment, but it will be better for your wallet at the same time. When you use less electricity, your energy bills are going to be lower. It only costs a few pennies each day to operate a LED pool light while it costs about $1 per day to power up an incandescent bulb. You might have to pay a little more upfront when you install LED lights, but you will gain back what you spent because of great energy savings.

Better Durability

LED lights are among the most durable and energy-efficient lighting options that are available today. Unlike traditional light bulbs, LED bulbs have a longer lifespan that lasts up to 15 years when you use them for 8 hours a day. They provide a clear, clean light and can last up to 10 times longer compared to incandescent lights.

Sets the Mood

You can use the lighting magic to create a backyard paradise, which extends beyond your pool. The lighting in and around the pool adds drama, beauty, and mystery to the pool environment.

You can enjoy all pool lighting options from white lights to beautiful automated and timed color effects that can lighten the mood.

You can contact pool builders Long Island anytime to install pool lighting for you.  

Advantages of Having a Concrete Swimming Pool

People agree that they love waking up to a beautiful swimming pool outside their windows. However, is it cost-effective? Even if a lot of houses today have nice swimming pools, some of them could be hard to maintain. You might end up spending a huge amount of money if you are unaware of the cost-effective pool building and maintenance methods.

If you want to ask the masonry contractor about having a pool, you will find a good answer. A pool will give your family a lot of fun, thrill, and excitement. In addition, it provides you with good exercise.

In case you want to know what the advantages are when you have a concrete pool, read on.

Maintenance is Easy

When you compare concrete pools to fiberglass or vinyl liner pools, you will know how hard they are to maintain. You would have to be careful with the products and accessories that you use to avoid damaging the surface.

However, you should know that concrete pools are very easy to maintain, and you can use almost any kind of salt and chemical. Since the pool walls are quite sturdy, they can be used regularly without having to worry about damage.

Flexible Design

Concrete pools are constructed on-site, and the concrete pools will be able to achieve any shape, size, or depth. Using shotcrete maximizes customization and it allows tight radiuses, different depths, and built-in steps and seats. The lighting can also be installed in the pool shell for enhanced ambiance and safety. These concrete pools are compatible with tile and various pool deck materials.

Durable for Any Weather

Even under harsh weather, concrete pools are reliable and durable. The concrete can withstand extreme cold and scorching sun without any issues. That means there is no need to spend time or energy attempting to protect your pool from the weather.

There are No Size Restrictions

Among the most important issues that people face while you build a swimming pool is the size. There are certain size restrictions that should be considered in the case of other materials, and you can only choose standard sizes.

None of this is a factor with pools made of concrete, and you will be able to make the pool in the size and shape you want. The good thing about concrete pool installation is that you can measure the area in your backyard, and builders are going to start pool construction right away.

Aside from that, you want a swimming pool or dive pool so people can enjoy it. These pools should have enough depth so that people will not hit their heads.

Adds to the Value of Your Home

Concrete pools are excellent investments. When you have a concrete pool in your home, the long-term value of a home increases. That is because concrete pools can last long, and their value does not depreciate. Instead, they are going to increase the value of your home. This is very beneficial when you want to sell your home. A concrete pool also attracts more potential buyers to check out your home who are looking for a pool.

You Can Go Deep

A concrete pool can be built to any shape and depth you want. An odd-shaped pool can be made to fit your area. That is not an issue because a concrete pool can be designed to fit any available space. You are going to have more freedom to design the pool you want.

You can contact stone patio contractor Long Island once you are ready to have a pool built and you will not be disappointed.

Benefits of Hardscaping Your Home

Hardscaping will inanimate hard surfaces or wood, concrete, or stone. Natural elements and living plants are what people think about when they hear about “landscaping.” However, landscaping includes soft and natural living elements, and landscaping as well. The majority of yards consist of hardscaping and traditional landscaping.

You should also tell the masonry contractor about your hardscaping plan because they can work around it or help you achieve what you want.

Regardless if it is big or small, landscaping will change your outdoor living additions positively, and the benefits that you get from hardscaping are more than just aesthetics. The project will boost the feel, look, and value of your property. They are decorative, diverse, classic, and customizable. Read on to know more.

It Will Improve Curb Appeal

The most evident reason why people hardscape is to improve curb appeal. Hardscaping will provide homeowners with a lot of options when it comes to creating a landscape that can truly reflect their style and personality. This also allows creativity, like using pavers in weird patterns and shapes to create excellent designs throughout your yard. Landscapers can also add lighting, that draws attention at night in order to highlight the features even more. This improves your home’s aesthetic value during the night and day.

Adds Dimension

You can now bid farewell to the flat, and wide-open backyard you had yesterday. When you do even just a little hardscaping, you can easily add multiple dimensions to your yard. It can have different levels, weaving walkways, and defined edges so your space becomes visually appealing. Aside from that, pergolas, courtyard walls, stone boundary lines, and fences all add privacy from neighbors nearby.

No Soil Erosion to Protect Your Property

Since weather conditions can become harsh over time, you will need a wall-installed hardscape that could last long. If there is erosion, hardscape areas like stone or paver surfaces can keep the soil and ground intact. Experts will suggest that a proper hardscape around your house can play crucial when it comes to water logging prevention. There is a very minimal chance of soil erosion.

Hardscaping features a retaining wall, which prevents erosion and gives a lot more advantages.

Low Maintenance

As someone who owns a home, you are probably aware of the continuous care that will go into making sure that your landscaping will always look as good as new. Between lawn mowing, and making sure that your newly installed trees are cared for properly, and trimmed from time to time. You can also care for your new garden. Summertime provides you with a lot of different tasks that you must juggle. Hardscaping projects do not require you to put in that amount of time, and you can do other things. When you decide to take out that area of grass and then replace it with a brand-new stone paver, it will provide you with a nice-looking, low-maintenance space that your family can enjoy during summer.

Increases the Resale Value of Your Property

If you lay down concrete/stone structures on your house’s exterior, you can create an outdoor extension. Therefore, more buyers can look at it as an opportunity to have a more relaxing and entertaining space. While buying a property, most people want to check your house’s exteriors together with the interiors. The exterior space contributes to determining the resale value of your property. Investing in hardscaping is a double purpose for you because aside from improving aesthetics, you can sell your home for a higher price as well.

You can contact stone patio contractor Long Island if you want to improve your landscape.


What to Consider When Choosing a Pool for Kids

Since your kids will frequently use the pool, your main concern is to design one that is safe for them. It needs to be a priority when you design one to make sure it meets all the safety requirements you want. It is the water playground that will give children a lot of fun, and adults should not have to worry about it.

The pool has to meet certain requirements. Otherwise, it can cause a problem in the future. Look for the most reputable company to provide the best pool builders that will get the job done and give the best advice if you have kids. If you want to know the considerations to make if you want a kid-friendly pool, you should read on now:

Choose the Paving Materials Wisely

Kids quickly become excited whenever they see that there is a swimming pool, and start running around the pool deck.

Their excitement can cause them to slip and fall which can cause injury.

This can be avoided when you choose a paving material for the pool deck and poolside that does not become slippery when it is wet. Natural stones, like bluestone and coral stone, are excellent options for a slip-free surface.

It would be best to choose a material that is not slippery to prevent any falls and slips inside the pool that can cause serious injury to children.

Make it Single Depth

Even if this is a water feature, this will certainly matter to your kids. When you have a single-depth pool, you can create a pool environment that is play-friendly. Deep ends will take up plenty of space, and it can make water games harder. When you want good recreational activities inside the pool, you should be able to keep your feet on the pool floor. Therefore, even if the best designs have slopes, it might be better to choose a single depth for the purpose of recreation and family fun, which should be one of your priorities.

Avoid Sharp Edges

A lot of swimming pool designs can come with sharp edges and corners. Even if these sleek lines are looking great, they are not safe or kid-friendly.

You can incorporate rounded edges and softer corners that are in your swimming pool because they are safer in an environment where there are children who are not too careful about playing in and around the pool.

Make sure that the coping is slip-resistant. You can try choosing the one that will not absorb heat from the sun right away.

Place Mats and a Fence Around the Pool

You should place mats outside the deep end so you can help prevent children from getting themselves cut on injury-causing objects inside the pool.

Make sure to install a fence around the deep end of the rectangular pool so that children will not fall into it. Also, make sure that you will not leave them unattended.

Your Budget

Long-term financial planning is normally an important part when you consider the pool project size. Pools will cost money to install, maintain, and operate, so there is really no exact number when determining the cost of pool maintenance in the long run. You should gauge your expenses, maintenance, and location, so you can schedule it with the pool builder. Other expenses to consider are cover, general pool maintenance, chemicals, fencing, cleaning, and many more. Your pool size impacts every aspect of the pool requirements. This is the reason why you must understand what design or pool size will be the most convenient for your budget.

You can contact pool masonry contractors Long Island if you want to build a kid-friendly pool.

How to Pick an Outdoor Kitchen Sink

When the season for calling a stone patio contractor to have an outdoor kitchen built, you can already imagine your grilling fantasies. You can play a host at the sultry shindigs for summer cocktails. If you are an introvert, might just want a calm retreat when the stressful day ends. Either way, while the summer approaches, it is time to address a concern that many people have and that is which sink is going to work best in an outdoor kitchen.

You can try installing a polyethylene utility sink, but it is not the most stylish. Anyone who designs a full-service outdoor kitchen using a cooking area, with a refrigerator and seating, there will probably be a different aesthetic. Learn more now.


When talking about outdoor sink material, you will most likely encounter different choices of basins. They start at $50, and the cheapest options include acrylic and thermoplastic, but these can become more vulnerable to different elements. If you want a long-lasting sink, stainless steel is a great option. 304-grade stainless steel will resist corrosion, staining, and erosion. Brushed stainless steel is mainly favored because it will not create the same amount of glare, and the texture obscures any nicks. Copper can offer similar benefits, but lower-quality copper may need extra care. Concrete and granite, but quite heavy, also you have to choose among durable outdoor kitchen sinks.

Where You are Living

If there are harsh winters in the region, you will need a sink that is made of metal, stone, or composites that will expand and contract with extreme temperature changes. In case you live in a high-temperature area and plenty of suns, you are better off with a sink that will disperse the sun’s glare. Consider brushed stainless steel, granite, or hand-tooled copper.

Aim for Quality

With kitchen sinks used outside, you will look for something with the same resilience because it is striking. The building codes and costs of plumbing make an open-air sink installation quite difficult, so you should choose one that you really love. It is best to choose a sink that you really love and it should be luxurious enough to make it a good investment. Sinks are made for water so most of them will work fine outside. The common ones are stainless steel, but the ones made of soapstone, marble, or granite are great choices.

Maintenance is Necessary

If you have stainless steel, plastic, or concrete sink, routine maintenance means you occasionally clean up leaves, sticks, and other bits from outside. This is aside from wiping down the surface using soap and water. Copper sinks will require the same care, but the lower-quality ones can develop stubborn green algae. If you want to remove buildup, you should use vinegar, copper cleaner, or lemon juice. If you want to protect an outdoor sink when you are not using it, you should consider a sink cover investment or place something over it so you can provide element barriers.

Natural Setting

Even if most people are into carrying the design style they have established in their home into the outdoor kitchen, the exterior setting will require some extra consideration.  Outdoor is the place where you can be washing hands that are still dirty from garden work because you are rinsing fresh produce and garden tools. That is why a lot of outdoor kitchen designs look at natural materials like stone, copper, or concrete and they are very long-lasting.

You can contact outdoor kitchen contractors Long island anytime once you have chosen an outdoor kitchen sink.

Choosing the Right Swimming Pool Design

One of the best investments you can make is not from the standpoint of home value, but the quality of your life. In warm parts of the country, swimming pools are more important when summer is shining down on you. The best way to escape the heat is to do a quick splash straight into the deepest end of the pool. Regardless if you are just considering a backyard pool and deck, or a big pool with a water feature and outdoor kitchen, your project will need an important investment. You have to be sure that you do everything right when you decide, and that all begins with choosing the right pool design contractor.

If you want to learn more, you can read this until the end.

 Consider the Available Space You Have

Is the space you have wide enough to accommodate any size or shape of the pool? Is the place you are thinking of for the pool shaped irregularly? Is the pool you designated long and narrow? Are you considering the ground? Is it sloped or leveled? Make sure that you are checking the size and shape of the backyard because these will determine the pool designs you are considering.

Take note that pool design ideas you are considering need to integrate space that is mainly for meeting safety requirements and receive the approvals needed in order to build or install your pool. Safety regulations will also dictate the necessity to have enough pool fencing, and the space required for this should be remembered.

Freshwater or Saltwater?

Most of the swimming pools that are built today use saltwater that comes with a chlorine generator. Using a salt chlorinator system, you will have a nice-looking backyard oasis with less maintenance for a swimming pool and chemical concerns as well. Fewer chemicals would mean healthier skin and your eyes are more comfortable underwater.

Check the Backyard Aesthetics

Similar to other elements your property has, the final design should not clash with how your backyard looks, and property aesthetics. The effect should be seamless and unified. The area of your swimming pool should look like your home’s natural extension and other parts of the property.

Consider the color, style, and material of the swimming pool when choosing a design.


Everyone has a specific budget and it is an important factor when you are choosing a pool. The wide range of styles and kinds of pools makes pool building affordable for you. Swimming pools can be customized to highlight your home. You can build a swimming pool for under $10,000 or above $100,000 all customized based on your needs.

Another thing to consider when you create a pooled budget is the additional costs. If you want an in-ground pool, you are supposed to pay for excavation. All pools should be built with a deck area or patio and this costs more as well. A realistic estimation for excavation could be anywhere from $3,000 to $13,000 for a pool. If you have a smaller budget, you should be more careful of the extra costs and it is always an excellent idea to add some buffer to your budget.


If your space is limited for a pool, decide where you want to place it. You can list your architect or pool designer’s help. This is important if you want to do a resale in the future. Keep in mind that oddly placing the pool can make a beautiful property look cheap.

You can contact pool masonry contractors Long Island anytime if you are ready to have a pool built on your property.

Benefits of Fiberglass Pools

If you want to make your backyard more enhanced with an inground pool, you should consider a fiberglass pool. Even if there are different pool options to consider based on your budget and needs. When you contact the pool builders, they will tell you that it is a popular choice. There are a lot of benefits to picking a fiberglass pool, its fast installation time, and the pool longevity.

The majority of people are under-amazed. It is not because they know everything about fiberglass pools, but because they are just used to the conventional kind. If you are having a lot of second thoughts about building a pool, you need to know why you should have a fiberglass pool built.

Installation is Faster

Fiberglass pools can be installed in just a few days. That is because they are installed as one piece. Once they manufacture the shell, it can normally be installed within a week. In addition, the installation does not depend on the weather like other pools. The concrete and vinyl liner pools require certain weather conditions to prevent any damage during the installation. Even if fiberglass pools should be in ideal conditions, mostly for installation safety, the fiberglass does not have the same vulnerability to bad conditions like sharp or rain temperature fluctuations.


Fiberglass is made of interwoven glass threads that are covered in polyester resin. It is the chosen material for high-performing products such as water tanks, hot tubs, boats, surfboats, airplanes, yachts, ad more. It is stronger than a lot of metals, non-conductive, and is the most chemical-resistant. This material is high-quality and smooth. Since it has a smooth texture, fiberglass pools are a lot safer for children because the surface does not cause scratches and scrapes.

Easy Maintenance

A fiberglass pool can be easy maintenance for a couple of reasons. First, it is non-porous and smooth, and it will less likely to trap debris and dirt. This means you do not have to scrub the insides as often as in other pools.

Secondly, a fiberglass pool is resistant to staining, which means you can enjoy the pool without having to worry about fading or discoloration. Fiberglass is resistant to algae growth because of it is non-porous, which means you do not have to handle slippery surfaces or green water.

If you want a low-maintenance pool, a fiberglass pool might be a great choice.

No Need to Replace the Liner or Resurface it

All the vinyl liners normally need a replacement. However, with fiberglass pools, a liner is not needed. This is a huge expense that fiberglass pool owners are happy to never have to do. Concrete pools will also require their own maintenance so they stay clean and well-maintained. These kinds of pools should be acid-washed and resurfaced every couple of years. These are other concerns that owners of fiberglass pools do not have to think about.

They Use Fewer Chemicals

This is great stuff. Do you want to swim in a pool of chemicals? No one wants that, or their children so you can do that.

If chemical prices alone do not make you want them less, thinking about soaking in them should. The truth is, new pool buyers are recommended to skip the entire chemical ordeal and go directly to a water-based system. Since fiberglass pools are 100% compatible with pools, why not?


Throughout the years, fiberglass pools have had a reputation of not being customizable. However, you can still add other features like lighting, fountains, spas, and mosaic tiles.

You can contact pool masonry contractors Long Island if you want the best fiberglass pool.


How to Hire the Best Construction Workers


commercial landscaping

Regardless if you are hiring construction workers or other types, a lot of the same principles apply to this. For instance, it is necessary to create an inviting and compelling job post, with competitive compensation, and make sure that you have ongoing recruit efforts. Construction is part of a unique industry and people want the stone patio contractor to work on their projects.

This is especially important when you are new because you want to make a good impression right from the start. It would be unwise to pay employees who cannot do a good job or you might end up having to let go of them right away. You would have to keep on hiring people.

Hire Them for Loyalty and Stability

Based on statistics, the masonry industry has an employee turnover rate. The cost associated with the recruitment and training of new employees have gone up, so it would be wise to prioritize making sure that the new recruits will stick around for a long time. One way to make sure of this is to hire employees for their stability and loyalty.

You should not invest in any flight risk. Instead, it would be good to examine the work history of a candidate carefully.

Word of Mouth

Suppliers, clients, subcontractors, and other workers normally have a shortlist of workers whom they can recommend instantly. Make sure that you ask around if you want to fill a certain position since vetted candidates are valuable. In addition, you might be able to draw workers in who have already worked together and have the right working chemistry so that they are more efficient.

If you come across applicants from a job posting, you should always ask them for references. Even someone who has a solid resume might not be the right one for your company or for the jobs that you require them to complete. When you stay in touch with previous employees, it would be an excellent way to help find potential hires.

Make Sure You Have a Good Job Ad

In order to attract candidates to job openings, the main thing you require is a good job description. It should be transparent and informative. In addition, you need a statement that is attractive to highlight your company, like projects you have in the past, or perks and benefits that you offer.

Focus on Character Instead of Skills

Employees can always be trained on hard or technical skills that the job requires. However, soft skills are a different story. It is trickier to train workers on how to become good communicators or team players. In addition, being self-motivated, flexible or personable are more innate skills. An employee has those strengths in their character or they do not. This is why when looking for the person you will hire next, it is imperative that you focus on their character instead of their skills or level of experience.

They Should be Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Make sure that you ask all contractors you interview for bids of proof on their insurance and license. It would be illegal for a masonry contractor to handle jobs with no license, and insurance can provide you and your employees with security. A bond will give you protection in case the contractor fails to complete the job.

Think Outside the Box

It would be good to diversify your workspace by using inclusive hiring practices. Make sure to look for candidates from different backgrounds.

When you are hiring stone patio builders Long Island, you should keep these in mind so you will not make a mistake.

The Way Technology Has Shaped the Fireplace Industry

Fire is part of human existence, and it has been for a long time. Fire is important to people’s lives because it brings warmth and it helps to cook food. The first fireplaces were only in areas where people liked to stay for warmth and heat. They were important for survival, unlike the fireplaces of today.

Now, there are outdoor fireplace builders you can hire, and they even have indoor fireplaces. Many people have to grow to love fireplaces, even if they can cause hazards if you are not careful. There are so many benefits to having a fireplace, and technology has made them very innovative. Learn more about this right now so read on.

The Design Process of a New Fireplace

New technologies involved in the selection and availability of a huge variety of different products and kinds have made a huge impact in the industry. With all of these options, people have so many choices for designs, so it creates a better process where people can now start with a finished look and then choose the best fireplace that fits into their parameters. This is helpful in alleviating mantle challenges, TVs, and placement of components, combustible vs. non-combustible finishes, and what materials are needed in order to stay safe.

Flame Technology

The hologram-powered fireplaces can produce realistic flames. The use of images and videos of a burning fireplace to reproduce the same real fire quality creates nostalgia.

A hologram is not very new because it was invented in 1918. The innovation part is that the fireplace industry still recognizes it.

The fireplace is a projector that shows a pre-recorded footage of a burning fireplace that looks so real. It truly gives a “flame experience”, which can hardly be differentiated from a real fire.

Water Vapor Technology

This is among the latest technology in the industry of fireplaces. It is unique because it produces realistic, yet cold flames with water vapor where it is cold when you use bare hands to touch it.

The technology can use water to produce flames. In general, it is linked to a pipeline or water tank. The sump converts the water into mist. Then, the mist is lightened up by LED lights reflection that is fixed behind logs.

The LED lights and water vapor, and ultrasonic create a realistic-looking flame that dances in an unpredictable pattern just like real fire.

The Influence of Technology

The North American and European manufacturers have pushed the envelope when it comes to fireplace design and technology. Fireplaces that are new and advanced models allow wood mantles and screens to be situated 9 inches from the glass – something that was not previously possible because of safety concerns about the fireplace design safety. In addition, there is no need for front venting, which gives a modern appeal. You can create the look you design without any compromise.

Coping with Change

Fireplace specialists make sure that they are updated on all the latest products, and make sure that they are high-quality. This is together with the building requirements that go along with it. even if it is always changing and new technologies can take some time to adapt, it is a wonderful time to install fireplaces.

The good thing about the new technology is that actual fire is no longer needed to have a fireplace, which is a lot less hazardous to everyone. In addition, you can choose from a lot of modern designs.

You can ask masonry contractor Long Island about their services in building fireplaces because they are one of the best in the area.