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Benefits of Having a Small Swimming Pool

If you are planning to have a pool built but you have no space for a medium or large one, you can consider a small pool. The pool builders will be more than happy to install it for you. In case it is one of your clever plans to improve your time at home, you can easily invest in a small pool.

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of having a small pool? If that is the case, you will be happy to know that this post is going to tell you what those benefits are. Aside from easier maintenance compared to the bigger ones, there are other advantages you can enjoy if you have a small pool.

More Space

When you have a smaller pool, it means that there is a smaller footprint and you are going to have more space in the yard for other things. Instead of the pool consuming the entire yard, you can still have space for a fire pit, poolside furniture, and creative choices for your landscape.

Less Maintenance

One of the biggest disadvantages of big pools is that they need regular maintenance, which is boring and exhausting. The nice thing about a small pool is that it needs lesser maintenance and work.

Most of the time, the thing about flexibility is subjective with pools. You should note that most small pools are made of concrete or vinyl, which are very flexible materials. However, when it comes to quantity, larger pools have various options because they can be made of fiberglass. Vinyl and concrete are better than fiberglass.

Small Pools Have Lower Initial Cost

Everyone has mentioned that you are able to save a lot when it comes to upkeep and maintenance with smaller pools. However, a smaller pool is going to cost less from the beginning. Since smaller pools require fewer materials, the cost is going to be lower as well. It is the same for installation. Having a smaller pool costs less, and it takes less time to finish construction as well. That means you can enjoy a brand-new pool shortly after construction.

Injury Treatment and Prevention

Aqua therapy is about using foam “weights” while in the pool so they can stretch and rehabilitate your injured body parts. Physical therapy underwater has a very low impact, which causes ¼ strain on your body, as well as regular exercise.

You can keep up the aqua therapy after you are healed and you can prevent future injuries when your body is kept in better condition.

Gives You the Same Level of Relaxation and Benefits

No matter what the size of a pool is, it will give all the benefits, from end-of-the-day relaxation, weekend get-togethers with your family, and some good exercise as well.

If your worry is about the pool being too small for your laps, you can buy a swim training belt that lets you continuously swim in place. Therefore, you will get the same workout as if you were in a large pool. You can also buy pool weights so you can get a low-impact workout.

Better Sleep

A benefit it has to your overall health is that they are great for sleep improvement. In case you feel stressed and unable to sleep, you can hop in for a quick swim and you are going to sleep better before knowing it. That is because you are going to get a full-body workout before bed.

You can contact pool masonry contractors Long Island anytime you want to have a small pool built.

How to Avoid Damaging Your Pool Pump

Pools are situated at the heart of your swimming pool and they act as the main circulation to your system. When you pull water into your pool through the skimmer and then push it through the filter, the automatic sanitation system, or chlorinator or automatic sanitation system before the pump, then it deposits water to your pool through main returns.

Since the pool pump has main components, the pool pump will include an impeller, motor, and basket. Since it is very important, protecting the pool pump and maintaining its good shape is important to keep your pool healthy.

Pool contractors will tell you what you can do to avoid damaging the pump, you also need these tips:

Keep the Water Circulating

This is mainly done to keep the water from freezing. Keep in mind that frozen water expands it by 9%, which means that it will expand wherever you put it.

Therefore, when water freezes in the pool pump, it can crack the housing, damage internal components, and break the motor.

That is why your pool pump should be kept running when the temperature is cold. Since flowing water will not freeze, this will prevent the water in your pump from causing damage and freezing. It will also prevent your pipes from bursting.

You can also remove the drain plugs and clear the lines if you cannot run the pump.

It Should be Kept Cool

When the pool pump is kept cool, it increases longevity and helps you avoid malfunctions when you go down the track. In order to provide the pump with the right air circulation, you need to place the pump away from mulch, plants, and enclosed spaces as well. While a pool pump always feels hot to touch when you run it, you should avoid putting the pump under direct sunlight to minimize overheating.

There are many shelters designed to box away pool pumps to make the appearance tidier and provide protection from different elements without sacrificing airflow.

The Basket Should be Kept Clean

Keeping the pool basket clean and free of debris is important. The build-up in the basket impedes the water flow through the pump and it can potentially get caught up in the impeller. This could lead to permanent and expensive pump damage.

Maintain the Water Level

In order for the pump to continue functioning, a specific water level should be maintained. A water level that is too low causes your pool pump to draw in air which increases the possibility of equipment damage. The majority of water levels should not fall 18 inches because it will go below the tile line, but it is always incredible to ask the pool professional about a particular situation.

Trim the Plants and Weeds Around the Pool Pump

Pumps require unrestricted airflow so they can work properly. The overhanging weeds, bushes, and debris can limit airflow, which overheats and it can even clog up your pump.

Seal Leaks and Gaps

Airflow occurs in a lot of different locations but some common ones are the pump drain plugs, pump lid seal, filter bands, or valves. You can try some pool lube on your pump lid seal and pump drain plugs, and check if that is helpful.

Any leak on the side of the pool could cause air bubbles to form, which causes the motor to get overworked.

Check if there are any leaks and once you find where the leak is coming from, you should replace the faulty part or seal it using a silicone-based sealant.

You can talk to stone patio contractor Long Island if you need a pump replacement.




Why You Should Upgrade Your Fireplace

stone outdoor fireplaces

There are a lot of reasons why you should upgrade your fireplace and you can contact outdoor kitchen builders if you have it outside. A fireplace supplies heat to your home, but it has become a focal point that adds more ambiance when you light it up. Through the years, a wood-burning fireplace could become less efficient over time, and it is a hassle when it comes to maintaining the mess and dirt it produces. The older fireplaces might have inherited the design flaws, which make using them more difficult than it is.

It is not ideal to get rid of your fireplace because the room will lose character, and there are several reasons why you should upgrade your fireplace.

It is Your Home’s Focal Point

Maybe this is the main reason why your indoor or outdoor fireplace should be upgraded. Regardless of what room the fireplace is in, it is the main attraction is your fireplace because your eyes are immediately drawn to it. During the holidays, the fireplace gets decorated. It becomes the main attraction. When you think about that, you do not want something that everyone else has, and you want to upgrade the fireplace to something that stands out.

Saves You Money

There are a lot of ways to save money today, but reducing energy costs is the best. If you upgrade to a fireplace insert or stove, it is going to reduce your monthly heating expenses significantly. Most efficiency levels of inserts run between 80% – 90%, which means 90% of fuel heats up your home. The older traditional fireplaces are only within 50% to 60% efficient.

The higher levels of efficiency reduce the monthly heating expenses significantly. It can cost up to $100 or more every month for some people.


The heating stoves and fireplace inserts are subject to EPA standards, which make them more efficient compared to traditional options. Putting an insert means a higher heat percentage going back into your home, instead of escaping through the chimney. The certified wood-burning inserts can be 70% more efficient than the alternatives, and heating inserts are 83% efficient. You should not miss the great options to add spice to your home.

Zone Heating

Zone heating is another huge reason to upgrade your fireplace when you build your home. A lot of people are unaware that using a furnace alone to heat your home is not the best method, but adding a good quality fireplace is a secondary heat source, which is why you should keep the thermostat down. However, make sure that the main room has a consistently comfortable temperature. This will help keep the costs down since the rooms are not used for unnecessary heating, but with just a furnace, the rooms are kept at a consistent temperature.

Safer Home Environment

A proper fireplace with a good design keeps your home safer from any fire hazard. The truth is, a well-designed and installed wood-burning or gas fireplace actually decreases the chance of fires in the living room while it is used.

One of the most common causes of home fires is because of heating equipment. A properly installed and designed fireplace provides more safety compared to what you will have in your room.

Needs Lesser Maintenance

A new fireplace heats up your home with lesser work, especially if you compare it to the traditional wood—burning stoves. A gas insert does not require a lot of tending from you, which is why you need to upgrade it.

You can call pool masonry contractor Long Island if you want to upgrade your fireplace anytime.

Kitchen Builder Tips

If you are like the other homeowners, you will most likely start your kitchen project by thinking about the appliances or color scheme. Although, when you talk to outdoor kitchen contractors or the regular ones, they will tell you to first focus on the layout. That is because compared to all the rooms in your home, the kitchen layout is what matters most. Since it is a functional space, your kitchen experience dramatically affects how you can easily move around while you cook or clean.

You can find out more about kitchen building tips as you read more.

Obstructions to the Kitchen Triangle

Kitchen building professionals pertain to the stove, sink, and refrigerator as part of the kitchen triangle. It is the area that gets the most activity, therefore designing the triangle requires planning and unobstructed access. Among the 3, the sink normally gets the most action, but your triangle must also give you easy access to the refrigerator and stove, and your countertop workstations.

Obviously, the sink should be close to the plumbing. Sometimes, due to the pipe placements, kitchens are designed where the sinks are in a bad location. If this is the situation in your kitchen, think about hiring a plumber so the plumbing can be relocated to accommodate the best place where your sink should be.


One of the biggest complaints from clients who want to renovate their kitchen is that there isn’t enough storage. Even the smallest kitchen maximizes storage by using smart solutions for it.

If you have small appliances, think about where you can place them for easier access. You can create an appliance garage that has retracting doors or build a huge pantry with pull-out drawers so the instant-pot can easily be lifted.

Make it Multifunctional

Through the recent years, kitchens have drifted away from being just utilitarian and it favors being more versatile, making them suitable for relaxing and entertaining, and cooking. A professional kitchen layout designer always remembers that creating a kitchen design that is inviting and open can handle entertaining and cooking at the same time.

One of the best things to do is to have a kitchen island with seats. This is an inviting area where the guests and family members are able to socialize and relax without interrupting the work triangle.


The kitchen is a room where you cannot have bad lighting and it is not only about atmosphere and good design. Proper lighting in the kitchen is also important for safety, especially when it comes to using sharp knives and other tools. In addition, more light in the kitchen means you can easily show off the design elements.

In general, the types of lighting in rooms are general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. For the kitchen, evaluate work areas and concentrate on giving each spot proper lighting. Think about adding the mentioned types of all lighting above the main areas.

Choose Appliance Beforehand

Until you are aware of the kind of appliances you want in your kitchen, you will not be able to know what layout you want. Like if you are choosing between a gas or electric cooktop, range hood you want, or if you want a chimney hood. Refrigerators have different sizes and that affects how your kitchen should be laid out as well.

You can talk to outdoor kitchen builders Long Island if you want to rebuild your kitchen.

Brick Walkway: Tips about Building One


Are you looking for something that could make your sidewalk more spruced up? It is really a great way of getting a solid all purpose brick walkway. It is going to stay smooth even during tough use. Unlike concrete, it is not going to crack soon. By blending a good amount of natural stone it can also make a good decorative material. Just choose any type of stone that can complement with your house appeal and you are done.

A brick walkway is a good piece of addition to your house appeal and aesthetics. While you start placing it you will notice the biggest challenge is to level the surface. Follow these tips before you get into the project.

Building a Brick Walkway

Firstly, you need to use hard- burned bricks in place of common building pavers. This is because those building pavers are not strong enough to withstand freezing or melting back. Along with the brick walkway you will require few other materials such as an edging material like steel, rigid plastic or even wood. Sand and a wood screed for leveling are few other things you will need.

Now once you have collected the entire material for your project you can start with the process of paving. With the help of string mark the area of the walkway along the length. Make sure to include the width of the edging material while you are outlining the walkway. Now next thing you need to follow is to have a stable surface and for that you need to have a well- packed base. Make a depth into the ground and fix it with brick then with sand and then use gravel and temp the ground. Then again apply gravel or sand and temp again.

When you have once fixed the brick on the ground you can go ahead with edging. But before fixing the edges you may use bricks for practicing. Once you are satisfied you can pave the edges and anchor your edging. You may leave one side unanchored until your project completes. Now install sand base and sprinkle some water so for the sand to settle. Now you can start laying the pavers beginning from the corners to the unanchored side. Anchor the unanchored edges and you are done!

Bonus Tip

To fill in the gaps you may add sand and seep to it in adding a layer of water. You need to add sand layer to maintain the brick walkway. You can also hire a professional mason.

8 Ways to Design Your Retaining Wall


Got a sloped property? Want to make it more appealing? Then you are looking for a retaining wall. Retaining walls are used to hold soil or to create steps in a sloped property. There are different types of materials which can be used in different ways to give as many different designs as your mind can think. Today, we are going to discuss some designs that can inspire you to create some of your own. It is not essential that retaining walls are used only on sloped properties. You can use retaining walls for a raised swing or sitting area decorated with flowers. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

  • Interlocking Concrete Blocks

Interlocking concrete blocks are easily available and can be part of fun and exciting DIY project. They are simple to use, come in various shapes and sizes but are labor intensive. Landscaping your property using interlocking concrete blocks could be a time consuming task, so be prepared!

  • Big Stones

For big slopes that require to hold soil as deep as 8 ft, you would need something more than just some concrete blocks. This might not be DIY project unless you are really into construction. Big stones are moved using machinery and with the right set of tools, could be used to give various designs and shapes. For this you would need experts who are skilled in using big stones for landscaping.

  • Wood Planks

For small areas or to create small steps with flower beds, you could build a wooden wall. These walls look like well cultured fence, but essentially are retaining walls. For retaining walls, you won’t use normal fence planks or wood, there are specially pressurized and treated wood planks available in the market. Also, to prevent damage from roots, you would be required to use landscaping cloth.

  • Old Tires

If you are car buff, and don’t mind a little grease on your clothes and garage floor, then this could be the thing for you. A cost effective and a environmental friendly product, warn out tires. Fill the center of the tires with concrete and use them in level or different ways to form a retaining wall. Depending on the creativity of your landscaper or builder, retaining walls could give patters with old tires. You can easily find them and use tires from different vehicles to give depth and design.

Each material will help you create a unique design for the retaining wall.  You can make combinations to form design that you like. Depending on the location and the style of your house, you can design your retaining wall. If you are not comfortable undertaking the project then contact a professional landscaper who has experience in this field.

Landscaping Company: Tips On How To Have A Great Landscape

landscaping company


As a homeowner, you should have a beautiful landscape. If you are planning on installing one, here are tips recommended by landscaping contractors:

Have good soil for the landscaping plants

There is no way that plants will grow if they can’t penetrate the soil. You can make your soil good by adding manure or mulch but if it’s of poor quality you should remove it and install new soil.

Have a landscaping irrigation and drainage system in place

According to studies, one of the mistakes made by many homeowners is the failure to properly water their landscape. To ensure that your landscape is always green have an irrigation system in place. The cool thing is that you don’t need to have a complex system in place. A simple drip-irrigation system is enough to maintain your landscape in great shape the entire year round. To have an easy time, attach the system to a spigot with a timer. You should simply set the timer and your plants will get all the water that they need.

To prevent water from pooling in one spot, have a drainage system in place. The system is of great importance if your yard has clay soil that is known to have poor drainage.

Install the right landscaping plants

While there are many plants that you can for, not all are right for you. The best plants to go for are those that are indigenous to your area. In addition to the plants easily growing when you plant them, they are also resistant to diseases thus they don’t require a lot of your care. You should research and find the best ones to install in your yard.

Remember that your yard should be beautiful and colorful; therefore, you should install colorful plants. To keep your landscape looking great the entire year, go for plants that bloom several times a year. When planting the plants be considerate of the amount of sunlight that they will receive. When only a little light reaches the plants, they won’t thrive. In most cases, they grow tall and unhealthy. On the other hand, when they receive a lot of light they may burn. Plant the plants in such way that they get the right amount of light.


These are the tips that you should pay attention to when decorating your landscape. To have an easy time, work with an experienced landscaping company.

Landscaping Company: Landscaping Ideas On How To Use Rocks

professional landscaping

Rocks are a cheap way of decorating your yard. When you use rocks in landscaping you not only improve the appeal of your yard, you also protect plants from damage and reduce soil erosion. There are many types and sizes of rocks that you can use. You only need to find an experienced landscaping company to guide you on the right rocks to use and how to use them. To help you out here are landscaping ideas on how you can use these rocks:

Landscaping idea 1: Replace mulch with rocks

If you have a shrub or tree that you would like to draw attention to, you should consider replacing the mulch with the rocks. In addition to the rocks preventing weeds from growing around the shrub or tree they also give the tree an interesting look. The cool thing with the rocks is that they are durable. Unlike mulch they don’t need to be replaced every season. You also don’t need the services of a contractor to help you with the landscaping as all you need to do is remove the mulch and replace it with the rocks. For ideal results, use medium-sized river rocks.

Landscaping idea 2: Create a rock garden

If you have an unused area on your yard you should spread out different sizes and colors of rocks on it. To improve the look of the garden you should place a few potted plants on the garden. The way you arrange the stones and potted plants determines how the look of the yard. If you don’t have landscaping skills, you should hire a landscaping contractor to guide you in the arrangement of stones and placement of decorative plants.

Landscaping idea 3: Build a rocky pond border

If you have a pond in your backyard you should give it a fairytale look. All you need to do is place the stones around the borders of the pond and hide the pond liners. When choosing the stones, use those that are similar in size, but irregular in shape and color.

Landscaping idea 4: Use one large rock as a centerpiece

To break the monotonous look of your yard you should consider installing a large stone in your yard. To make the stone interesting place it in an area where there is no other item that resembles it. Also ensure that it has an unusual look that will get the people’s attention.

Landscaping Company: Low-Maintenance Landscape Ideas

low-maintenance landscape

It’s a fact that all landscapes require some maintenance levels for them to remain attractive; however, some landscapes require more maintenance than others. To help you out here are ideas of some of the best low-maintenance landscapes ideas that you can go with:

Plants and flowers

You should go for plants and flowers that require minimal pruning, weeding and watering. Some of the best plants that you should go for are flowering shrubs. The cool thing with these plants is that they grow for long on their own.

When it comes to flowers you should go with: thyme, chamomile, daylilies, yarrow, violets, lavender, roses, and rosemary. To have an easy time you should get rid of all grass on your backyard.

Patios and walkways

Patios and walkways are important landscape features. Just like you should go for low-maintenance plants, you should also go for low-maintenance patio and walkways. As rule of thumb you should avoid expensive wooden decks.

When it comes to walkways, you should install brick or stone walkways.

If you aren’t sure of the best walkways or patio to go for, you should sit down with your landscaping contractor and come up with great ideas.

Gardening techniques

To reduce the amount of time you spend on your landscape you need to come up with unique gardening techniques. Some of the best techniques to use are:

Group similar plants together: if you have plants that need similar care you should plant them in the same area. This saves a lot of time as you use one technique on all the plants.

Create borders: to prevent growth of weeds and separate grass from flowers you should create borders. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to establish borders as you can simply lay stones or bricks in your target areas. You should work together with your landscape designer and come up with attractive ways of creating borders.

Use mulching: as you probably know, mulching aids in keeping weeds out, provides nutrients to the plant and maintains soil moisture. There are different types of mulch that you can use. The most affordable materials that you can use are: bark, sawdust, and wood chips.

If you have a larger budget and would like to give your landscape a great look you should go for mulch that comes with a vegetable dye.


These are just a few of low-maintenance landscape ideas that you can put into place. For ideal results you should work closely with an experienced landscape expert.


Retaining Wall: Points to Bring Into Notice!


While you are designing and building up things in your garden you may come across a point where you will have to manage those empty sloping yards. If you are considering leveling as an option then be aware because it is going to cost you your time and money both. Another great option that you may choose is to level the ground by using different landscaping structures such as stairways. Designing a retaining wall structure for covering your slopes can also be among your choices.

What Can Be Your Choices?

The retaining walls can be made into different styles and types such as dry- laid, short flagstone or even free- standing. For the materials using bricks, concrete, masonry, wood or stacking will work well. If you are going by looks then stone is a good option. But yes it is going to be a costly one. Timber is a great option for those looking for cheap and easily handed material. The time and structure of the retaining wall depends upon the materials used. Some may be easy to build while a few may be really time consuming. There are several things you must know before building a retaining wall.

Points To Consider!

For having dirt back filled up on the top you will have to consider putting blue stone caps on the wall. Do not leave it without cementing it.

Try using a gravel base for if you want to hold back soil which slopes down. For this you can make use of filter fabric and pipes. What this does is taking the water through the pipe to the desired place from the route designed.

Make sure that you are leveling the foundations of your wall. This is really an important step for alignment and leveling. You will not require again and again leveling or doing alterations to your walls.

Making a curve to enhance the looks of your wall is a great option. If you do not want straight retaining wall for your garden there are various styles you can choose. You can always be innovative with it.

A major thing you need to consider while you are in the thinking process of your retaining wall is to get it done professionally. People often consider doing such structures on their own. But the fact being, it is not as simple as a fence wall. Hence, you must always take help from a professional in your project of building and designing a retaining wall.