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Benefits of Hardscaping Your Home

Hardscaping will inanimate hard surfaces or wood, concrete, or stone. Natural elements and living plants are what people think about when they hear about “landscaping.” However, landscaping includes soft and natural living elements, and landscaping as well. The majority of yards consist of hardscaping and traditional landscaping.

You should also tell the masonry contractor about your hardscaping plan because they can work around it or help you achieve what you want.

Regardless if it is big or small, landscaping will change your outdoor living additions positively, and the benefits that you get from hardscaping are more than just aesthetics. The project will boost the feel, look, and value of your property. They are decorative, diverse, classic, and customizable. Read on to know more.

It Will Improve Curb Appeal

The most evident reason why people hardscape is to improve curb appeal. Hardscaping will provide homeowners with a lot of options when it comes to creating a landscape that can truly reflect their style and personality. This also allows creativity, like using pavers in weird patterns and shapes to create excellent designs throughout your yard. Landscapers can also add lighting, that draws attention at night in order to highlight the features even more. This improves your home’s aesthetic value during the night and day.

Adds Dimension

You can now bid farewell to the flat, and wide-open backyard you had yesterday. When you do even just a little hardscaping, you can easily add multiple dimensions to your yard. It can have different levels, weaving walkways, and defined edges so your space becomes visually appealing. Aside from that, pergolas, courtyard walls, stone boundary lines, and fences all add privacy from neighbors nearby.

No Soil Erosion to Protect Your Property

Since weather conditions can become harsh over time, you will need a wall-installed hardscape that could last long. If there is erosion, hardscape areas like stone or paver surfaces can keep the soil and ground intact. Experts will suggest that a proper hardscape around your house can play crucial when it comes to water logging prevention. There is a very minimal chance of soil erosion.

Hardscaping features a retaining wall, which prevents erosion and gives a lot more advantages.

Low Maintenance

As someone who owns a home, you are probably aware of the continuous care that will go into making sure that your landscaping will always look as good as new. Between lawn mowing, and making sure that your newly installed trees are cared for properly, and trimmed from time to time. You can also care for your new garden. Summertime provides you with a lot of different tasks that you must juggle. Hardscaping projects do not require you to put in that amount of time, and you can do other things. When you decide to take out that area of grass and then replace it with a brand-new stone paver, it will provide you with a nice-looking, low-maintenance space that your family can enjoy during summer.

Increases the Resale Value of Your Property

If you lay down concrete/stone structures on your house’s exterior, you can create an outdoor extension. Therefore, more buyers can look at it as an opportunity to have a more relaxing and entertaining space. While buying a property, most people want to check your house’s exteriors together with the interiors. The exterior space contributes to determining the resale value of your property. Investing in hardscaping is a double purpose for you because aside from improving aesthetics, you can sell your home for a higher price as well.

You can contact stone patio contractor Long Island if you want to improve your landscape.


How to Choose Patio Furniture

During the summer, you are reminded that you invest in good patio furniture. When the rain pours on those pieces, and there is strong howling wind, they should not crack or get destroyed no matter what season it is. That is the importance of outdoor furniture, its make-up, and its material.

There are a lot of great materials you can choose from. However, it would be hard to determine the best such as your location and lifestyle. If you want to make the best investment, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages. The money you spent on a stone patio contractor is more worth it if you buy good quality furniture. Here are tips on how to choose them:

List Your Patio Furniture Needs

You should start by thinking of how you would want your outdoor space to work. For instance, are you thinking of turning it into an outdoor dining area where you can spend summer nights or parties? You can also turn it into a peaceful and comfortable area where you can just read a good book.

You should list the activities you want to do in the space so you will know what kind of patio furniture you need.


Teak is a very popular choice for outdoor patio furniture. There is a good reason behind it as Teak is made of all-weather material. It has the strength to withstand even the harshest conditions, and it has unparalleled aesthetics with a beautiful and warm tone. Teak has natural resin and high oil content, which makes it more resistant to impermeable water and insect attacks. The oils can also protect the wood from dry rot, which makes teak a long-lasting and strong option for outdoor furniture.

Choosing the Material

When you shop for furniture, you must choose materials that are easy to care for and pieces that can complement the feel or look of your home and landscape. There are plenty of options.

  • Natural wood – This is comfortable and sturdy, but you have to maintain it regularly and apply preservative treatments for UV and weather protection.
  • Steel and Wrought Iron – These materials are very strong, but it needs cushions for better comfort. They are excellent for outdoors, but you need to have them treated or painted periodically to prevent rusting.
  • Wicker and rattan – Natural materials such as wicker and rattan give you a comfortable and casual look, but they will need weatherproofing every couple of years.
  • Plastic, PVC, and Aluminum – These are inexpensive, lightweight rust-proof, and require easy maintenance with just soap and water. Due to their lightweight construction, you might have to secure them if there are storms and strong winds.

Before Buying, Try the Seating

When you shop for sofas and patio chairs, you should try it out before buying. Patio furniture is going to be likely used regularly, especially in the warmer months, so it is important that you have comfortable seating. You will not enjoy the patio if you mix it with ugly furniture. You must look for pieces with plush cushion seats, backs, or cozy metal and wood furniture using the fluffy pillow for the best comfort.


It used to be just a building material, but concrete is now becoming the main material in outdoor patio design. Since it is strong and durable, concrete furniture also provides a sleek and aesthetically pleasing look.

Since concrete is heavy, porous, and prone to staining, you can choose blends of fiberglass and concrete or lighter resin to protect the surface from stains.

You can call outdoor kitchen contractors Long Island to build the patio you have been dreaming of.


How to Choose the Perfect Spot for Your Swimming Pool

Pool Fencing

When you decide on a swimming pool, you normally think about the shape, size, choice of material or features included. But it is important to think about where to place the pool. The placement is important and it is an extremely important factor you must consider.

Placing the pool in an idyllic manner depends on when the homeowner will spend time in the pool, and how comfortable the pool access is from your house. Every future pool owner will ask the same question; where should the pool be placed? There are many factors to this and the pool masonry contractors will tell you the same thing. Read on to find out more.

Keeping a Distance Between the Pool and the Trees

Backyard trees can affect the pool location. Even if trees provide breeze, beauty, and shade to your home, they can also cause the water to get dirty right away. The branches and leaves can fall into the water, which means you need to clean the oasis more often. In addition, tree roots expand and they can also damage the pool shell if it is too close. If you have a spacious backyard, the homeowner can have both. You can have a pool in your garden as long as there is enough space. Therefore, you can enjoy a sunny day swimming or relax in the shade.


There is a reason why people do not want front yard pools. If you want privacy, you would want to remember this when you are choosing where to place your pool.

The majority of people put the pools in the backyard, but that is not your only option. Side yards can be good spaces for pools as well. A lot of people choose the size yard for their site because of convenience.

For instance, you might have a master suite, patio, or kitchen that opens up to the side of your house. Ideally, you can put fences on the side so you can have protection from neighbors and traffic.


Even if the main purpose of installing a pool is to swim inside it, you should not discount the fact that you can simply gaze over your pool. This is even more particular in the winter months when it might be too cold to swim. A pool that is well-placed and well-designed allows you to enjoy the great view while you entertain friends, or just with a glass of wine. You can try to choose a location that will connect your home and pool area and then integrate the two garden spaces, paving, decking, pathways, or terracing.

Backyard Plants

Construction jobs normally damage this kind of ecosystem, while installing a swimming pool can affect the natural green area of your garden. There are several kinds of plants that bring dirt and inspect to pool water. Therefore, you should ask a designer what they can recommend and also about the pool placement.

Landscaping and Decks

A lot of people who install a pool can invest in landscaping, decks, or even other decorations. You should not consider this as an afterthought but as part of the overall design. You need to think about what you will need to complete the backyard aesthetics: do you want a patio or deck? If yes, how big does it have to be?

Is there enough room to add beautification or foliage for privacy?

Many pool builders offer landscape design assistance, so you do not have to be afraid to ask them for what you want.

You can talk to pool contractors Long Island to have your pool built in the right place.

How to Choose the Best Pool Pump

The pool pump is an important equipment for any swimming pool, but it is also important that you get the one with the right size for your pool. If you buy one that is too big, it will eat up more energy than it is supposed to, which results in higher energy bills. If you get one that is too small, it will fail to filter your pool sufficiently. Buying the right pump will be important to maintain your pool in the long run.

When you are buying a pump, you can also ask the swimming pool builders for any advice. Here are tips on how to choose the right pool pump:

Size of Your Pool

First, you must measure your pool size. Use a tape measure to get the width, length, and depth of your pool. If the measurements are not in the exact feet, you can convert foot fractions into decimal feet. You have to measure the pool’s actual water level depth. You should not use the depth that your pool can hold.

  • Rectangular pool: In gallons = Length x Width x Average Depth* x 7.5
  • Ovel pool: In gallons = Shortest diameter x Longest diameter x Average depth x 6.7
  • Circular pool: In gallons = Diameter x Diameter x Depth x 5.9

Calculate Your Pool’s Minimum Flow Rate

The water in your pool should make a complete circulation every 8 hours. In order for this to occur, you must figure out your swimming pool’s minimum flow rate. In order to find out, you should take how many gallons of water your pool can hold and then divide it by 8. After that, divide the answer by 60. The result is your pool’s minimum flow rate.


The power your pump has will dictate the rate of water turnover, so how often you run the pump will depend on that. However, this will also depend on the filter size and filtration system pipes. But in case your system uses 3-inch pipes, you can install a pump with 3 horsepower. This will work a lot quicker.

However, this can be too much if your pool is small, which will just end up wasting energy and costing you more money. Make sure to choose a pump that will not overwhelm your filtration system, but still has enough power to turn over the water pool at a good rate.

Pipe Size

No matter how many GPM the pump can handle, the connected pipe size will determine how fast the water can flow through. For instance, if your pump is 100 GPM, but your pipe is 1-1/2” the pump will only flow at 60 GPM.

Here are the numbers to make sure that the pipes and pump have matching GPM capabilities.

1-1/2” pipe has a maximum flow rate of 60 GPM

2” pipe has a 100 GPM maximum flow rate

2-1/2” pipe has a maximum flow rate of 140 GPM

Buy the Largest Filter

To have the least maintenance, choose the largest filter that your pool pump can take. A larger filter can clean the pool water better, fewer clogs, and require less work.


Your pool can be hardwired into your system or it might need an outlet you can plug into. Find out what you are getting into before buying the pool pump.

You would also have to determine if the pump is running on 110 or 220 volts. If you have an in ground pool, it is important to know the exact voltage.

Contact pool design contractor Long Island to have the pump installed.

The Way Technology Has Shaped the Fireplace Industry

Fire is part of human existence, and it has been for a long time. Fire is important to people’s lives because it brings warmth and it helps to cook food. The first fireplaces were only in areas where people liked to stay for warmth and heat. They were important for survival, unlike the fireplaces of today.

Now, there are outdoor fireplace builders you can hire, and they even have indoor fireplaces. Many people have to grow to love fireplaces, even if they can cause hazards if you are not careful. There are so many benefits to having a fireplace, and technology has made them very innovative. Learn more about this right now so read on.

The Design Process of a New Fireplace

New technologies involved in the selection and availability of a huge variety of different products and kinds have made a huge impact in the industry. With all of these options, people have so many choices for designs, so it creates a better process where people can now start with a finished look and then choose the best fireplace that fits into their parameters. This is helpful in alleviating mantle challenges, TVs, and placement of components, combustible vs. non-combustible finishes, and what materials are needed in order to stay safe.

Flame Technology

The hologram-powered fireplaces can produce realistic flames. The use of images and videos of a burning fireplace to reproduce the same real fire quality creates nostalgia.

A hologram is not very new because it was invented in 1918. The innovation part is that the fireplace industry still recognizes it.

The fireplace is a projector that shows a pre-recorded footage of a burning fireplace that looks so real. It truly gives a “flame experience”, which can hardly be differentiated from a real fire.

Water Vapor Technology

This is among the latest technology in the industry of fireplaces. It is unique because it produces realistic, yet cold flames with water vapor where it is cold when you use bare hands to touch it.

The technology can use water to produce flames. In general, it is linked to a pipeline or water tank. The sump converts the water into mist. Then, the mist is lightened up by LED lights reflection that is fixed behind logs.

The LED lights and water vapor, and ultrasonic create a realistic-looking flame that dances in an unpredictable pattern just like real fire.

The Influence of Technology

The North American and European manufacturers have pushed the envelope when it comes to fireplace design and technology. Fireplaces that are new and advanced models allow wood mantles and screens to be situated 9 inches from the glass – something that was not previously possible because of safety concerns about the fireplace design safety. In addition, there is no need for front venting, which gives a modern appeal. You can create the look you design without any compromise.

Coping with Change

Fireplace specialists make sure that they are updated on all the latest products, and make sure that they are high-quality. This is together with the building requirements that go along with it. even if it is always changing and new technologies can take some time to adapt, it is a wonderful time to install fireplaces.

The good thing about the new technology is that actual fire is no longer needed to have a fireplace, which is a lot less hazardous to everyone. In addition, you can choose from a lot of modern designs.

You can ask masonry contractor Long Island about their services in building fireplaces because they are one of the best in the area.

Choosing the Best Lighting for Your Pool

The pool lights have a lot of impact on the functionality and appearance of your swimming pool. Aside from asking for tips that your pool design contractor can give you, it is important that you have your own knowledge about them.

It is an illuminating experience when you choose the right lights, and most of the time, people will go for the cheapest ones. That should not be your frame of mind because you need to choose what is best for your pool that is within your budget.

You can read this article until the end to learn more.

Simple is Better

You do not have to have too many lights in the pool. When these burn out, you will be asked to replace them and that is very tedious. Place the lights at the pool’s deep end so that the beam spreads equally. You should stick with LED lights because they have a brighter beam, which is great for underwater lighting. You must also place lights on the side that is closest to the house so that glare is minimized. You need to choose the correct light beam as well. The beamed bulbs come in wide and short varieties, which can fit any size of the swimming pool.

 Types of Pool Lights

  • Halogen Lights – When it comes to bulbs, incandescent light eventually replaces them as the standard of pool lighting. In comparison to incandescent lights, halogens are more energy-efficient and they are durable, as well as environment-friendly.

However, the disadvantage of halogen lights is they are pricier, which costs twice as much as fluorescent bulbs. Even if they are more durable compared to incandescent lights, they still need regular replacement, which has a lifespan of 2,000 to 4,000 hours. Then, these factors make them less-desirable as an option for swimming pool lighting.

  • LED lights – Light-emitting diode or LED lighting impacts lighting, which is beyond the swimming pool lighting. The bulbs are budget-friendly, have longer lifespans, and they are energy efficient.

If you compare it to a halogen bulb with 100 watts, it can produce the same light, while just consuming 6 watts. LED lights are cool to touch even if they are on because the heat links covering them displaces the heat. They do not have mercury, so they are tolerant to cold and they are clean.

Go Old School 

Incandescent light bulbs are the oldest type of light and are basically just the regular bulbs that give light by having a current that runs through the filament until it becomes bright. If you think that is inefficient, you are not wrong. Aside from inefficiency, these lights have the lowest lifespan. The heat generated by the bulbs changes to usage of 1,000 hours before it burns out. A thousand hours do not like it’s a lot because that is true. If you love night swimming and you use the lights for 4 hours every day, then your lights need to be replaced before the year is finished. Do not avoid them right away though because some people still love to use them since they give a natural light tone that they are already used to. Pool construction professionals are normally open to installing any type of lighting you want as long as it is appropriate for the pool.


This is one of the reasons why your pool needs lighting. Your enjoyment will improve when you have them especially if you have guests.

Tell the in-ground pool builders Long Island how you want the pool lighting to look and they can give you advice.


Tips To Create And Maintain Your Own Patio Garden With the Help of Professionals

patioPatio design is an innovative way to conceptualize your home or your garden for optimum use of space and giving a picturesque view to the area. You can buy new items to create your own patio garden or can reuse things already existing in your home. You can alternatively choose to take the help of a landscaping contractor who will do it for you!

In case of dearth of space

If you don’t have much of space to grow plants in your home, patio designers can be called. They help in creating a garden. Grow the plants in boxes and pots as whatever in the ground can be grown in pots. One important thing which should be kept in mind is the amount of light your patio garden is going to get in a day, so choose the direction wisely. You can opt for plants that can be grown under shade like croutons or begonias.

Want to grow vegetation in your garden

Patio design can also be applied to your garden if you want to grow veggies. Sounds amazing, right! It’s fun to grow vegetables in your patio. Patio design contractors use innovative ways like old tires, boxes or mesh to grow potatoes, squash or cucumber. A variety of instruction manuals can be found in market on these ways for your patio garden.
Herbify your patio

Plant variety of herbs in your indoor and outdoor patio. These little plants can be used on day to day basis in your cooking. They grow faster and don’t require very good quality of the soil, but still look good, smells good. So add them to your patio for beauty, fragrance and flavor.
Garden to beautify your home

Make your patio design to serve the sole purpose of beautification of your home. If you are opting for outdoor patio then you can also add privacy. How so? Spend on a self-supporting trellis that looks like a curtain. You can also plant vines such as grape ivy, balloon vine or climbing rose, a good and strong structure is required for them to grow. To beautify your home through patio garden you can also go for the only flower approach. Hire the landscaping services to have deeper insight.

What should I include in my front yard landscape design?


Long Island Landscaping

Your front yard is often the first impression people get of your home.  Why not give them something to talk about?  With a beautifully manicured front yard landscape, your home will truly be the talk of the block.  When taking on a large landscaping project, it’s best to work with a professional landscaper who has years of experience coming up with fresh and unique landscape design ideas.  Working with an experienced landscaper will give you the benefit of finding dozens of landscaping materials and masonry materials at the most inexpensive prices.  Your landscape design can be as simple or extravagant as you want!

Front Yard Landscape

Even if you choose a simpler front yard design, we highly suggest installing a brick or stone walkway and driveway design to create a look of unity.  You can also install a matching garden walkway to complement your new garden of exotic plants!  We also suggest coming up with a patio design that includes an outdoor fireplace and custom brick BBQ to create a luxurious environment for you, your friends and family.  A brick patio will perfectly complement your rustic brick home and will create an inviting atmosphere for all potential guests.

What materials should I use when landscaping a patio?

patio design

Patio Design Ideas

There are thousands of ways to improve your backyard landscape.  If you’re looking forward to spending a good deal of time in your backyard this spring and summer, why not build a new patio to be as comfortable as possible?  The right patio design can transform your backyard into a personal oasis complete with a place to relax and cook with friends and family!  Some homeowners opt for simpler patio designs while others go for the added bonus of a brick fireplace and custom BBQ built directly onto their new patio.  We recommend working with a professional Long Island landscaping contractor to help you come up with a wide range of patio design ideas to suit all your needs!

Masonry Materials

Working with an experienced Long Island landscaper means you’ll be able to find the best masonry materials around for the lowest possible prices.  Brick and stone tend to be the favored masonry material choices of most homeowners in Long Island and across the country!  Brick and stone patios tend to stand up very well against inclement weather and don’t break down as easily as a cement patio or a concrete patio would.  Be sure to schedule a masonry design consultation with at least three brick contractors before deciding whom you want to work with.

How should I landscape my backyard patio for the summer?

patio design

Patio Landscaping

A brick or stone patio makes for the perfect addition to any backyard landscape.  If you’re thinking of installing a new backyard patio or coming up with a new patio landscape design, we suggest enlisting the help of a professional Long Island landscaper!  Working with an experienced patio contractor will give you the benefit of years of experience coming up with unique brick patios and stone patios for a variety of different Long Island landscape designs.  Be sure to ask your Long Island landscaping contractor to see photos of their past backyard patio design projects to give you more ideas for your own new patio design!

Landscaping Ideas

There are many ways you can maximize the space on your new backyard stone patio!  To make the best use of your new patio, we recommend installing a custom brick BBQ and outdoor fireplace as well.  These special patio features will make for great summer afternoons lounging around with family and friends!  With the warmth of a brick outdoor fireplace, you can enjoy your beautiful new Long Island landscape all year long!  If you want to start enjoying your new covered patio before summer hits, be sure to get in contact with a professional landscaping contractor right away to get the ball rolling.