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Benefits of a Smart Pool

In recent years, automation has been included in so many things in people’s lives and revolutionized them. Smartphones, home appliances, smart lights, and automation takes convenience and comfort to a whole new level compared to before, and it is slowly and surely making their presence felt in the market of swimming pools.

Automated pools, or are also known as smart pools, feature different technological upgrades to a pool setup. With these upgrades, owners can rest when operating and maintaining their pools. In-ground pool builders are aware of the benefits of a smart pool, and how it will make your pool maintenance easier. Future pools are going to come with smart technology installed, and there is already a trend. Read more about their benefits now.

Pool Pump Automation

Conventional pool pumps can increase your energy consumption, mainly if they are kept running for long hours. However, cutting down on the usage of a pool pump is not the solution if the pool is used regularly.

Pool pumps circulate the water across the breadth, length, and depth of the swimming pool and play a key role in keeping water temperature consistent. It is also important to prevent algae and bacterial growth.

Upgrading to an automated pool pump will cut down your energy consumption because you can control the pool pump using your smartphone.

Salt Chlorinators

Testing the pool chlorine levels is a labor-intensive but necessary part of pool maintenance. The chlorine levels have to be in pool water all the time because this kills the bacteria and it keeps your pool safe for swimming. It is important to get the levels right so the water can maintain the correct pH balance. This is important because the wrong balance can cause skin and eye irritation in people who are swimming.

Smart salt chlorinators can take the pressure off you when the chlorine levels are managed. It will test the levels in the water and it ensures that there is the right amount of chlorine added. This is going to keep the water hygienic and maintain a safe pH balance.

Pool Cleaning is Easier

Manual pool maintenance is a huge responsibility because pool care is about balancing chemicals, cleaning the pool, and fishing the trash out. Even if these are enjoyable tasks, they are important to protect the investment you made. Automated self-cleaning pools of the smart pools can keep the pool sparkling clean anytime you want to use it.

Saves You Time

If you have a big swimming pool, then you have the work cut out for you already if you want to be sure of optimum maintenance. Instead of spending hours on pool maintenance during weekends, you can allow smart pool devices to take over maintenance duties. This is going to leave you free to spend precious time with your family in the pool.

Smart Heating and Lighting

You never have to worry about forgetting to shut off the pool heating or also the lights, with the smart systems of today. Aside from that, you can make the pool more welcoming and comfortable with just the touch of a button. This way, you can make sure that no matter where you go, the pool temperature is right whenever you want to use it. You can turn on pool lights as well from your phone, or you set them to change color at several intervals, which creates an excellent pool party atmosphere anytime. This will take out the stress of having to get the right temperature when you have surprise visitors.

You can contact the pool design contractor Long Island anytime you want to build a smart pool.


Benefits of Having a Small Swimming Pool

If you are planning to have a pool built but you have no space for a medium or large one, you can consider a small pool. The pool builders will be more than happy to install it for you. In case it is one of your clever plans to improve your time at home, you can easily invest in a small pool.

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of having a small pool? If that is the case, you will be happy to know that this post is going to tell you what those benefits are. Aside from easier maintenance compared to the bigger ones, there are other advantages you can enjoy if you have a small pool.

More Space

When you have a smaller pool, it means that there is a smaller footprint and you are going to have more space in the yard for other things. Instead of the pool consuming the entire yard, you can still have space for a fire pit, poolside furniture, and creative choices for your landscape.

Less Maintenance

One of the biggest disadvantages of big pools is that they need regular maintenance, which is boring and exhausting. The nice thing about a small pool is that it needs lesser maintenance and work.

Most of the time, the thing about flexibility is subjective with pools. You should note that most small pools are made of concrete or vinyl, which are very flexible materials. However, when it comes to quantity, larger pools have various options because they can be made of fiberglass. Vinyl and concrete are better than fiberglass.

Small Pools Have Lower Initial Cost

Everyone has mentioned that you are able to save a lot when it comes to upkeep and maintenance with smaller pools. However, a smaller pool is going to cost less from the beginning. Since smaller pools require fewer materials, the cost is going to be lower as well. It is the same for installation. Having a smaller pool costs less, and it takes less time to finish construction as well. That means you can enjoy a brand-new pool shortly after construction.

Injury Treatment and Prevention

Aqua therapy is about using foam “weights” while in the pool so they can stretch and rehabilitate your injured body parts. Physical therapy underwater has a very low impact, which causes ¼ strain on your body, as well as regular exercise.

You can keep up the aqua therapy after you are healed and you can prevent future injuries when your body is kept in better condition.

Gives You the Same Level of Relaxation and Benefits

No matter what the size of a pool is, it will give all the benefits, from end-of-the-day relaxation, weekend get-togethers with your family, and some good exercise as well.

If your worry is about the pool being too small for your laps, you can buy a swim training belt that lets you continuously swim in place. Therefore, you will get the same workout as if you were in a large pool. You can also buy pool weights so you can get a low-impact workout.

Better Sleep

A benefit it has to your overall health is that they are great for sleep improvement. In case you feel stressed and unable to sleep, you can hop in for a quick swim and you are going to sleep better before knowing it. That is because you are going to get a full-body workout before bed.

You can contact pool masonry contractors Long Island anytime you want to have a small pool built.

Signs that Your Swimming Pool Should be Repaired

You should consider yourself fortunate if you have a swimming pool in the backyard. When the heat gets high, all you can do is wear a bathing suit before jumping into the pool. When you do proper care and maintenance, you can have a perfectly functioning swimming pool for a long time.

Even if you do consistent maintenance, you cannot stop the march of time, since time will always affect everything you own, which includes your swimming pool. While older pools can fall into disrepair, some water pools can show some damage for any reason.

You do not want to call the pool masonry contractors too often because you are not taking care of your pool.

Heater is Malfunctioning

In case the water in your swimming pool is cold, it probably will come as no surprise that your heater is not working properly. This could be because of a couple of things. Blocked pipes might be reducing water flow to the heater. Another option is the heater gets water and airflow, but the controls are malfunctioning. You can see the way one problem can exacerbate another, which means a professional in the pool service repair industry can save you money because it minimizes damage.

Cracks on the Wall

When the walls of the concrete swimming pool are starting to show cracks, you will have a problem that requires immediate attention. Most of the time, cracks could lead to water leakages, which wastewater weakens and erodes the soil that surrounds the entire structure. You would also have to get the services of a reliable pool repair company in order to fix this problem, which can be because of poor structural design, using sub-standard cement, and insufficient sealing.

Broken Lightings

Broken lights are normally easy to fix, but that is not the case when they are swimming lights. The broken swimming pool lights easily leave your pool out of action when it is sunny, and they are going to make your pool look unattractive.

You should hire an expert to fix the swimming pool lights because if electricity is mixed with water, it causes hazards. Different things can cause your swimming pool lights to break, like a tripped breaker.

Peeling Plaster

Pools that have a plaster surface look good, but you should keep in mind that the chemicals you use for cleaning and freshening the water should be mixed properly, or the plaster of the pool will erode. You will know that your plaster surface gets eroded when the plaster is wearing thin in some areas, and other parts crack or peel away. When these things worsen, you should call your pool contractor right away to drain it out, and assess the level of damage.

Maintains the Hardware of Your Pool

Pools are a great investment for a lot of people, and the last thing that people want is damaged hardware.

However, damaged hardware is prevalent in a poorly maintained swimming pool. This is because the swimming pool hardware must work harder when a homeowner does not have a regular repair service to call.

Among the most important ways to maintain the hardware of your pool is to keep the debris out of the pool’s filter. You can make it a daily habit if you want to remove this debris, which ensures that your filter will continue to work smoothly. If you make it a daily habit to remove the debris, you need to ensure that your filter continues working smoothly.

You can talk to pool design contractor Long Island anytime if you need a pool repair.


How to Improve Outdoor Living Space

One of the best ways to improve your home’s livability is by improving the outdoor space. In some areas, it can be difficult to find a time when you are outside during the autumn, spring, and winter season. You can develop your living space outdoors, making your time outside worthwhile, or it extends when you can enjoy the outdoors if it is a room for all seasons.

If you want to improve on living space, you can always call stone patio contractors to complete the project you have been dreaming of.

In order to spend quality time with your family, it is important to create an entertaining and attractive outdoor space. You should read this article until the end to know more.

Decide on Your Garden

Before you purchase furniture or foliage, you need to decide how you want your space to be used. Are you planning to host outdoor dinner parties the entire summer? Are you planning on a guest list of 40 people? Or do you just want a quiet space where you can just curl up while reading a book? Maybe it can be a place where kids can play. Even those with tiny balconies can have a rich personality, with the right outdoor design. Once you already know how to use your space, choose the seating, accessories, and planting that makes it ideal.

Nice Sitting Area

When you are thinking of outdoor space, the main thing that needs your attention is the seating. It needs to be costly and comfortable considering what you need. Always keep in mind what you need the space for, so it becomes a beautiful outdoor space. The best sitting area outdoors will improve the aesthetics of your outdoor space. The most ideal sitting area comes in many colors, styles, and sizes, which considers the space and comfort availability.


Decks are an excellent option for homeowners who are looking for an outdoor space that allows them to have a full experience outdoors.

These decks are going to make you experience nice or bad weather. A lot of homeowners love to have a barbecue grill and outdoor furniture for outdoor dining in the summer. You can also choose to furnish the outdoor space to enjoy in the summer.

When you have decks, you can use the right sort of material you want to use, which includes synthetic and natural wood. You should also remember that decks require different levels of maintenance based on the material you want to use.

Choose a Theme

The outdoor space you have should reflect your style. If you want to narrow down your design choices, choose a theme and go with it. Maybe you will take inspiration from a Scandinavian home, or Japanese garden. The space can be enclosed with bamboo fences and evergreens. In case you want to evoke summers that are spent in the English countryside, you should look for a cottage garden that is lined with flowers, a fire pit made of cobblestones, and weathered wood seating. These themes can work in a small balcony as well. You can scale the foliage and furnishings to the space’s size.

Outstanding Lights

The exterior lights give life to outdoor spaces. You can emphasize your house’s overall appeal using majestic lights. However, you should the right direction to install lights that will emphasize the appearance of the building and draw attention to the plans and other outdoor accessories. The lights will also add a nice touch when you have guests.

You can contact outdoor kitchen builders Long Island if you want to improve your outdoor living spa

How to Hire the Best Construction Workers


commercial landscaping

Regardless if you are hiring construction workers or other types, a lot of the same principles apply to this. For instance, it is necessary to create an inviting and compelling job post, with competitive compensation, and make sure that you have ongoing recruit efforts. Construction is part of a unique industry and people want the stone patio contractor to work on their projects.

This is especially important when you are new because you want to make a good impression right from the start. It would be unwise to pay employees who cannot do a good job or you might end up having to let go of them right away. You would have to keep on hiring people.

Hire Them for Loyalty and Stability

Based on statistics, the masonry industry has an employee turnover rate. The cost associated with the recruitment and training of new employees have gone up, so it would be wise to prioritize making sure that the new recruits will stick around for a long time. One way to make sure of this is to hire employees for their stability and loyalty.

You should not invest in any flight risk. Instead, it would be good to examine the work history of a candidate carefully.

Word of Mouth

Suppliers, clients, subcontractors, and other workers normally have a shortlist of workers whom they can recommend instantly. Make sure that you ask around if you want to fill a certain position since vetted candidates are valuable. In addition, you might be able to draw workers in who have already worked together and have the right working chemistry so that they are more efficient.

If you come across applicants from a job posting, you should always ask them for references. Even someone who has a solid resume might not be the right one for your company or for the jobs that you require them to complete. When you stay in touch with previous employees, it would be an excellent way to help find potential hires.

Make Sure You Have a Good Job Ad

In order to attract candidates to job openings, the main thing you require is a good job description. It should be transparent and informative. In addition, you need a statement that is attractive to highlight your company, like projects you have in the past, or perks and benefits that you offer.

Focus on Character Instead of Skills

Employees can always be trained on hard or technical skills that the job requires. However, soft skills are a different story. It is trickier to train workers on how to become good communicators or team players. In addition, being self-motivated, flexible or personable are more innate skills. An employee has those strengths in their character or they do not. This is why when looking for the person you will hire next, it is imperative that you focus on their character instead of their skills or level of experience.

They Should be Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Make sure that you ask all contractors you interview for bids of proof on their insurance and license. It would be illegal for a masonry contractor to handle jobs with no license, and insurance can provide you and your employees with security. A bond will give you protection in case the contractor fails to complete the job.

Think Outside the Box

It would be good to diversify your workspace by using inclusive hiring practices. Make sure to look for candidates from different backgrounds.

When you are hiring stone patio builders Long Island, you should keep these in mind so you will not make a mistake.

Masonry Contractor: Patio Materials You Should Consider Using

masonry contractor

When you are looking to construct a patio tent in your home, you should hire a masonry contractor to help you out. The cool when you are putting up the unit is that there are many types of materials that you can use to construct it. Some of the best ones are:


Concrete is both versatile and adaptable. The concrete is made from a wide range of materials that include: sand, cement, water, and gravel. When it comes to versatility, you can mold and conform the material to any surface shape that you want.

You can also have a wide range of concrete patios that you can go with. The most common being: smooth, brushed, stamped, scored, colored, painted, decorated, patterned, and many others.


Brick is a mixture of clay and other materials in a kiln. The attractive thing about it is that its durable and has a neat, classic look that goes with a wide range of landscape and architectural styles.

Brick is also versatile and you can use it for patio floors where you can use it as pathways and edging. The beauty of it is that it works perfectly whether you are looking to create a formal or rustic look.


Flagstones are large, flat slabs, usually 1-3 inches thick. You can identify them by their irregular shapes. Flagstone has a slightly roughened surface that provides good traction when wet. This comes in handy in ensuring that you don’t fall when working.

When you are constructing the patio flooring, you should go for stones that are at least 1 ½ inches thick. You should lay them directly on the soil, sand, or bed. You can also use thinner slabs, but you should lay them on concrete or wet mortar to prevent cracking.


Years ago, pavers were primarily gray or off-pink, but nowadays due to advances in technology, they come in a wide range of colors for you to choose from. You can also mold the pavers to look like bricks, cut stone, or cobblestones.

There are many types of pavers in the market that you can go for, but for ideal results, you should go for interlocking pavers that perfectly fit together like a puzzle and don’t require mortar or grout.


These are some of the patio materials that you can go with. After you have chosen the materials, you should ensure that they are installed by a brick patio contractor Long Island or any other expert.

Landscaping Company: Landscaping Tricks You Can Use On Your Yard

landscaping company

When you visit most homes, you will find them with a full green lawn and a few trees. This can be boring especially if you like trying things out. To help you out, here are tricks you can use with your landscaping contractor and give your landscape an exciting look:

Landscaping tricks

Hearing protection: If you are going to use noisy machines such as lawnmowers, you should always use ear protectors when mowing. You can use air muffs, earplugs or any other hearing protection devices that will be ideal for you.

Garden furniture: What is the first thing that strikes your mind when you see a piece of furniture in the garden? Exciting, right? A garden furniture is a great way of giving your yard an enhanced look. You can place one piece or a complete set.

Landscaping experts recommend that you use the furniture in areas that don’t have many focal points. All you need to do is place the furniture in the most strategic places to draw the people’s eyes to them. Experts have also shown that placing the furniture in these areas aids in making space appear bigger.

Terraces: Is your yard small? Terraces have been shown to come in handy in giving an illusion of large space. You should work with your masonry contractor and create gardens in specific areas of the yard. In addition to creating the units, also remember to install the right plants to enhance the look.

Vines: Here you need to plant vines that crawl up the walls around your garden or lawn. In addition to this giving your yard an interesting look, it also creates an illusion of space thus making the yard look larger. The best plants you should plant are trumpet vines.

Multi-colored plants: Just like your multi-colored clothes, using plants of different colors gives your yard an attractive look. In addition to using plants of various colors, also consider using plants of different shapes and textures. For a great look and to ensure that the plants achieve what you are looking for, arrange the plants in layers.

Tips for having an easy time improving the look of your yard

As you have seen, there are many ways in which you can give your yard an attractive look. To have an easy time doing it you should work with an experienced brick patio contractor or any other professional who will guide you on where to place the different enhancing materials.

To get the most from the contractor, you shouldn’t hire the first one you come across—you should do your research and settle on the most experienced. Always ensure that the contractor you hire has done a similar project like the one you are interested in.

Masonry Contractor: Putting A Lens On The Different Paving Materials

Masonry contractor

When you are looking to install paving material in your walkway, footpath, road, or an open space, there are two main types of materials you can go for: concrete and bricks.

Brick paving materials

They are the most common and are loved by many people as you can easily install them in different patterns. When they get damaged, you don’t have to hire a masonry contractor to remove them as you can easily do it even with minimal skills. To replace the bricks you only need to lift them off the ground and install the new ones.

You can install the units at a residential or commercial area. As mentioned, there are many patterns you can use to stall the paving materials but the most popular is the 45-degree “herringbone pattern.” This pattern gives the strongest bond and the most consistent look. Other patterns you can go with include: California weave, basket weave, and stretcher bond. It only depends on the look you want to create.

Concrete paving materials

This is a resurfacing system that turns dull concrete into a beautiful feature. Unlike the brick paving that is easy to install, the concrete paving requires the expertise of a contractor. Most people shy away from installing the pavers as they are known to be too slippery. During installation, you should use anti-slip, cement-based coating that prevents you from slipping. To give your pavers a beautiful look you should consider painting them in your favorite color.

There are many types of concrete pavers you can go for. The most common are: liquid limestone and spray on concrete. Liquid limestone has the appearance of cut limestone but the economy and strength of concrete. The paving material is an ideal choice for driveways and high traffic areas. Spray on concrete is used in internal flooring but you can also use it for outdoor and commercial use. The material replicates the look of marble which makes it beautiful to look at.

Guide to buying paving materials

To give your patio, driveway or any other area a great look, you should be cautious of the paving materials you use. As rule of thumb, you should buy from a high-quality store for you to buy high-quality units. You also should ensure that the units are installed by a brick walkway contractor or any other professional. The professional you hire should be experienced and certified to work in your local area.

Patio Design Company: 2 Ways Of Improving The Look Of Your Patio

Patio  design company

No one wants a bad looking patio. The good thing is that you can improve the look of the patio. The two main ways in which you can do it include: decorating and properly maintaining the patio.

Decorating your patio

Some of the ways of decorating your patio include:

Plants: Plants add color and life to your patio. They also fill spaces and add fragrance to your area. You should work with your patio design company and settle on the best potted plants to use on your patio. As rule of thumb, avoid toxic plants. The good thing with using potted plants is that you can easily reposition them to catch rain and the sun. When you have more guests than normal you can move them thus creating room. Arts are also great units to use on your patio. You can use wooden, plastic, or even metal art materials. For a great look, use materials that match the theme of your patio.

If you are operating on a tight budget you should install fabrics. You should use all-weather fabrics that easily resist mildew, fading, and tough sun rays. Just like with plants, ensure that the fabrics match the patio theme. Masonry contractors report that most people use their patios at night. Due to this, you should improve the look of your patio by installing lights. To save on energy use solar lights or candles.

Proper maintenance of the patio

Regardless of how much you decorate your patio, there is no way it will look great if it’s in poor condition. One of the things you should do is regularly clean the patio. You should brush the patio at least daily in order to remove debris and dirt sitting on the surface. In addition to brushing, you should also scrub down the surface using water every once in a while. When washing the patio, be cautious of the cleaners you use. You should ensure the cleaners aren’t too acidic thus damaging your patio.

Another thing you should do is to regularly weed your patio. You should weed out all the weeds from all the areas of your patio. You can use your hands to remove the visible, large weeds but when it comes to seeds, use chemicals. You should be cautious when using chemicals as there are some that are too harsh thus causing damage to your patio.


These are tips on how to keep your patio in great shape. To have an easy time doing it, work with a reputable brick patio contractor.

Brick Patio Contractor: How To Install The Patio And Improve Its Look

Patio Design

Patios serve as extended usable living spaces that you can use to enjoy sunny afternoons and cool evenings. When installing the unit you should work closely with your brick patio contractor and install a unit that will be ideal for your needs.

Brick patio placement considerations

For you to have a great experience with your patio you need to consider a number of factors when installing it. Some of these factors include:

The purpose of the patio: Why are you installing the unit in the first place? You need to ask yourself this question. If you want a patio where you will be preparing your meals, you should construct a large one. You should also consider installing an outdoor fireplace where you will be preparing the meals. If you will be using the unit only for relaxation you should go for a small patio.

Proximity to your home: This depends on your preferences and the design of your home. While this is the case, brick patio design companies recommend that you construct the patio close to your home. When installing it, ensure that the patio design complements your home.

Views: If you live in an area with a great view you should install your patio facing that direction. It’s important that you also consider the sun and shade direction.

Brick patio improvement ideas

After installing your patio, it’s always recommended that you constantly improve its look. This is to get rid of the boring look. Improving the look of your patio also increases the value of your home. There are many ways in which you can do it. Some of these ways include:

Adding a waterfall: Water provides you with a serene and peaceful environment. If your patio is large you should work with your backyard waterfall contractor and install a waterfall that accentuates that look of your yard.

Adding a hammock: Hammocks serve as great outdoor furniture and provide you with a comfortable place to relax. You should work closely with your contractor and install a unit that looks great and also serves the purpose.

Installing a rug: Most homeowners don’t install rugs on their patios, but this shouldn’t be you. If your patio is shaded you should get a durable outdoor rug that will spice up the look of your patio and also make your patio more comfortable.


When installing a patio the most important thing to consider is the ability of the patio to serve its purpose. After installing it, you should constantly work closely with your masonry contractor and other professionals to maintain the patio and improve its look.