Masonry Contractor: Tips On How To Have A Great Time With Your Outdoor Fireplace

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An outdoor fireplace not only improves the look of your home, it also serves as a great place for you and your friends to relax. Every homeowner who puts up the unit hopes to get the most from it. The cool thing is that you can get the most from your fireplace. All you need to do are these things:

Hire the right masonry contractor

It’s often said that a product is as good as its manufacturer. This also applies to the outdoor fireplace. The unit is as good as the contractor who constructs it. For your unit to look great for long you should hire an experienced masonry contractor to install it. There are some homeowners who hire the cheapest contractor they can afford.

This shouldn’t be you. Remember that the cheaper contractor is most likely inexperienced thus he/she will most likely not install the unit as properly as it should. For peace of mind, have the unit installed by an expert who has been in the business for years. While the professional will be expensive, the extra cost will be worth it.

Fix the unit immediately

It’s common for the refractory fire box panels to crack or develop other problems either due to old age or improper use. When you notice a faulty area, fix it as soon as possible. This not only ensures that the unit maintains its beautiful appeal, it also saves you the extra cost that you would have paid had the unit collapsed or developed larger problems. If you have masonry skills you should go ahead and fix the issues but if you have never done it before, hire a fireplace repair professional to help you out.

Regularly clean the fireplace

Just like the standard fireplace, you need to clean your outdoor fireplace to maintain the beautiful look and also prevent fireplace fires. If you have the time and right cleaning tools you can clean the unit on your own but if you have never done it before or you don’t have the time, hire a chimney cleaning professional to help you out. The chimney company should be experienced and have the necessary cleaning materials for you to hire it.


These are tips on how to get the most from your outdoor fireplace. For the unit to retain its looks for long, ensure that its constructed using high quality materials. Also, ensure that the unit is installed by an experienced and certified outdoor fire pit contractor.

Patio Design Company: Everything You Need To Know About Patio Tiles

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When you are looking to improve the look of your patio, you should consider using patio tiles. The cool thing about them is that they are easy to install. They also withstand extreme weather elements. When you hire the right patio design company, you can install them in unlimited designs thus giving your patio an exciting look.

Factors to consider when buying the units

For you to invest in the right units, you need to consider a number of factors. These factors include:

Durability: How effective are the tiles in withstanding the tough weather elements? Since you will be installing them outdoors, go for those that are tough as they will last for a long time.

Ability to absorb water: When it rains, the water will get on the patio. As you know, when water stays on any object for long it destroys it. To ensure that your units aren’t damaged you should invest in those that can’t absorb water. If you aren’t sure of the right ones to go for, ask a patio company to help you out.

Slip resistance: The last thing you want is slipping and even falling when you are having fun on your patio. To ensure that this doesn’t happen invest in units with rough surfaces that provide enough traction. You can tell whether the tiles will be slippery by applying some water on them before making the purchase.

Types of patio tiles you can go for

In addition to the patio tiles being easy to install, they are many types and designs for you to choose from. The most common types are:

Saltillo: They originated in Saltillo in Mexico. They are made of clay which makes them soft and porous. The most attractive feature of the tiles is their hand-crafted look. Since they aren’t fired in a kiln, they retain their natural beauty which is exciting. Unfortunately, this makes them less durable.

Concrete: Concrete tiles are durable, strong, and resilient to weather elements. They are also slip-resistant; therefore, you don’t have to worry about falling when having a good time. When it comes to maintenance, all you need is soap and water to clean them. You don’t have to seal them for stain protection, but you should consider doing it to extend their lifespan.


This is what you need to know about patio tiles. To have an easy time, invest in the right ones. Also, ensure that an experienced masonry contractor installs them.

Landscaping Company: Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Lawn During Drought

The drought season is characterized by the hot sun that is unfavorable for both humans and grass. While the lawn has an unpleasant look during this time, there are many things you can do to improve its looks. Some of these things recommended by landscaping company include:

Mow the lawn higher

If your grass is tall and you have to cut it short, mow it higher. For ideal results, keep the grass height at 3-4 inches. According to landscaping professionals, maintaining the grass at this height creates a deeper root system thus the roots can pull more water from the soil. Leaving some grass also creates a shading effect thus the lawn doesn’t dry out.

Keep off the lawn

The stress resulting from the strong sun is enough. The garden doesn’t require any more. Due to this, you should keep off your grass. The first thing you should do is to reduce traffic to the lawn. You should also avoid further stress such as aerating and detaching your grass as this will invite insects, diseases, and other destructive elements that will destroy your lawn further.

Avoid excess fertilizer

When some homeowners see the growth of their grass receding, they attempt to apply fertilizer to promote growth. In most cases, this doesn’t work. In fact, it results to further drying of the grass. When you use fertilizer, the grass starts growing thus using its reserved resources. If you have to apply fertilizer, to maintain the green look, use only a little bit of it. The best combination to use is fertilizer rich in both potassium and nitrogen.

Have a watering plan

Your lawn requires water during drought than any other time. The amount of water you apply depends on the type of grass you are growing. Since it’s the drought season, use only minimal amounts of water. You should note that even water-loving grasses such as Kentucky can survive with lower water amounts thus you should not shy away from using the small amounts.

Some homeowners have been reported overwatering their lawns which result to water wastage. The best way of going about it is using a sprinkling system that will help you in managing the amount.


These are tips on how to take care of your lawn during the drought season. You should be cautious in your work to avoid damaging the lawn further. To have an easy time, collaborate with a patio design company or other professionals.

Landscaping Company: Top Outdoor Landscaping Features You Can Use

If you are looking to improve the look of your outdoor space, there are plenty of features you can use to do it. All you need to do is work with your landscaping company and settle on the one that will significantly improve the look. Some of the top features you should go with are:

Swimming pool

A swimming pool not only enhances the look of your yard, but it also functions as an ideal place for you and your family to relax. For a great experience with the pool, pay close attention to the size. As rule of thumb, choose a size that complements the size of your yard. You should also factor in the maintenance of the unit and location.

In addition to the swimming pool, if your yard is large enough, also consider installing a waterfall. Just like the swimming pool, consider the size and location of the unit. All you need to do is speak with your backyard waterfall contractor and settle on the right place to install the unit.

Fire pit

The fire pit isn’t just a unit to give your yard an attractive look. It also comes in handy during the cold summer evenings. Fire pits come in different models that range from portable units that you can place at any area of your yard to permanent pits made from concrete, bricks, and stone. When installing them, consider the size of your garden. You should place them in an area that is conducive for you and your family and at the same time improves the look of your yard.

Outdoor seating areas

If you are strapped for cash, but you want to improve the look of your yard, you should simply have and outdoor seating area. All you need to do is place a few seats at an outdoor area, and you are ready to go. Since the seats will be outside for most of the time, they should be made from durable materials such as leather. If your outdoor space is small, use plastic or metal seats.

Many homeowners believe that outdoor spaces are for people with large yards. Far from this. Speak to your landscaping contractor and ask him/her will help you come up with a design ideal for your size of the yard.


These are some of the outdoor landscaping features you can use to improve the look of your yard. For perfect results, work with a reputable masonry contractor.

Landscaping Company: Tips On How To Save Money On Your Landscaping

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With the tough economic times, every person wants to save as much as they can. If you are a homeowner, did you know that you can save money on your landscaping? Here are tips on how to do it:

Undertake mulching

Mulching saves you money that you would have spent watering your landscape. The process also saves you the fungicides you would have bought to control weeds. You have many types of mulching materials that you can use in your yard—you should consult your landscaping company on the best ones that you should use. For ideal results, use materials that not only improve the look of the yard, but also give it the best results.

Make use of homemade products

Even with the best preventative measures in place, you will have to weed your yard. If you have bought weed killers before, you know that they don’t come cheap. To save money, you should consider making your homemade weed killer. One of the best to use is one made from salt, vinegar, and dish detergent.

You should mix the ingredients in the right quantities to get the best results. When using the weed killer, be cautious that you don’t use too little of it thus fail to kill the weeds. Also, ensure that you don’t use a lot of it thus ending up causing damage to your plants. If you don’t want to use the weed killers, you should use your hands to remove the weeds.

Use solar lighting on the patio

The patio is a great addition to your landscape. If you entertain at night or you like spending your nights on the patio, you should install solar lighting. Solar energy is renewable, and you don’t have a recurring monthly bill thus you end up saving a lot of money by the end of the year. Patio design experts advise that you install lighting that not only lights up the patio, but one that also improves the look of the unit. For an interesting look, go with lights of different colors.

Buy cheap plants

You should note that unlike other materials, low-cost plants don’t mean that you will have a bad experience. To save money, you should buy cheap plants. You can get them from garden clubs or friends and relatives. If there are cheap shops in your area, you should also consider visiting them. For a great experience, ensure that you work with a renowned brick patio design expert or any other professional to help you with your landscaping needs.

Patio Design Company: Tips On How To Maintain The Original New Look Of Your Patio

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When you hire an expensive brick patio design contractor to install a high-quality patio, you want it to retain its new look for a long time. Did you know it’s possible? Here are tips on how to do it:

Clean the patio

This is probably the simplest and most efficient way to keep your patio in top shape.  Dirt and spills tend to fade the beautiful look of brick pavers slowly. To maintain the new look, you should make it a habit to clean the pavers regularly. If they aren’t too dirty, you should sweep them with a broom. It’s also wise to wash the pavers from time to time. At least once in a few months, you should power wash the units to return the original shine.

Regardless of how badly you want the pavers to look great, you should avoid sandblasting them. While this method makes the pavers look spectacular, it damages them. You should also avoid using muriatic acid in your cleaning. According to patio contractors, the acid discolors the pavers thus messing with the original look.

Seal the patio pavers

Paver sealing not only keeps the pavers looking beautiful, it also repels stains. Sealing the pavers requires unique skills; therefore, you should avoid doing it on your own. You should hire a landscaping contractor to help you with the work. According to the contractor’s patio, paver sealing helps the patio to resist oil and dirt penetration, inhibits moss and weed growth, and also aids in UV protection.

Fix the problems immediately

Even if your patio is professionally installed, it will develop problems after some time. Two of the most common problems with the units are: shifting and cracking of the pavers. When they come up, they interfere with the original look of the patio. To restore it, you have to hire a contractor to fix it. Just like when applying a sealant, fixing of the problems requires the expertise of a professional; therefore, you should avoid doing it on your own.

When you notice a problem, you should let your contractor know about it as soon as possible to avoid further damage. For ideal results, ensure that the contractor you hire is certified and highly experienced.


These are some of the ways of keeping your patio pavers looking as good as new. To have an easy time, you should work closely with your landscaping company that will not only help you fix some of the problems, but also guides you with the maintenance.

Landscaping Company: Tips On How To Properly Install Your Lawn

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If you just moved to a new home, you need to install new lawn to give your home a beautiful look. To help you out, here are tips on how to properly install your new lawn:

Prepare the planting area

There is no way you can plant your grass without first preparing the planting area. You can prepare the area by yourself or hire a landscaping company to help you out. If you have the time, you should do it on your own as you will save a lot of money. You should start by using a sod cutter or grape hoe to get rid of any old grass and weeds that might be on the area.

If you find it necessary, you should apply glyphosate or any other broadleaf herbicide to get rid of the weeds. To avoid damage to your soil, you should carefully follow the instructions given on the bottle. Experts recommend that you take your soil for soil testing so that you can know the nutrients that the soil rich and weak in.

Choose your grass

Once you are done with land preparation you should move on to the next step—choosing the grass. When choosing it you should be cautious as the grass you choose has a great impact on the look of your home. It also has an impact on how easy it will be for you to take care of the lawn. To have an easy time, go for the grass that is right for your soil type, climate, and use patterns.

You should choose seed instead of sod as seed is easier to install. If you want to have your lawn in the shortest time possible, you should go with sod. For ideal results, ensure that the sod is moist—it shouldn’t be dry or cracked.

Install the new lawn

Your next step should now be installation of the new lawn. If you are using seeds, use a lawn spreader to do it. For a great look, you should sow some of the seeds in parallel rows and the others at right angles to the first rows. If you are using sod, you should lay the sod end to end in staggered rows as if you are laying bricks. You should then trim the edges using a utility knife.


These are tips on how to properly install your new lawn. To have an easy time, you should work closely to your landscaping professional.

Patio Design Company: Tips On How To Make Your Patio Look Bigger

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Not all of us are blessed with large yards to install large patios. While this is the case, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a beautiful patio that your guests will love. To give a great impression, you should work with your patio design company and make your patio look bigger.

Tips on how to make your patio look bigger

Make your indoors flow to the outdoors: This is a simple strategy. All you need to do is work with your contractor and decorate the indoors in the same style as the outdoors. This makes your patio an extension of your home thus increasing the area that you can use as a patio.

Be wise on the furniture: There are many types of patio furniture you can use and the ones you use have a great impact on the look you have for your patio. To create a beautiful look, you should go with slim chairs that don’t take up a lot of space. While they should be slim, ensure that they aren’t rickety as no one will sit on them if they are.

Patio experts recommend that you go with unit that can do double duty. For example, go with furniture that guests can sit on and at the same time function as storage. To give the patio an interesting look, you should go for chairs that have a sling.

Make use of the walls: Walls can also transform the look of your patio. You can paint them or even hang your favorite flowers on them. When it comes to the flowers, you should avoid going with very large ones as they will give your yard a small look.  Other than flowers, you can also make use of the mirror. By hanging a mirror on the walls, you reflect your view thus giving your patio a large look.

Make use of lights: Lights are not only necessary indoors—you can also use them outdoors. Since you don’t have a lot of space, you should hang the lights on the roof of the patio.


These are some of the ways in which you can increase the look of your patio. To have an easy time improving the look of your unit, you should work with your brick patio design contractor and come up with a design that not only improves the look of your patio, but also gives your patio comfort.

Landscaping Company: Tips On How To Landscape The Outdoor Steps And Stairs

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Many people pay a lot of attention on their yards that they forget to give attention to the outdoor steps and stairs. To give your entire yard a beautiful look, you should get a landscaping company that will help you in creating an attractive look.

How to landscape the outdoor steps and stairs

There are many ways in which you can go about it. For shallow stairs and steps, you should go with low-spreading plants and shrubs. Some of the best plants to consider include: pachysandra and periwinkle.

To provide scent to your stairs, you should interplant the steps with fragrant earth-hugging grand cover such as sweet woodruff or lemony thyme. The plants not only provide the steps with a great smell, but they also improve the look.

To create an interesting look, landscaping professionals recommend that you allow at least 6 inches between the lawn and steps. The distance should incorporate solar lights that also provide light to your yard.

It’s common for steps to incur soil erosion. To keep them intact you should consider adding landscaping boulders around them. All you need to do is use a garden spade and create shallow bowls where you nestle the rocks. For a year-round interest, you should plant ground cover interplanted with spring bulbs.

If you have tall stairs, you should install an inanimate garden feature such as a stone statue, pedestal-mounted sculpture or birdhouse. To avoid the danger that comes with annual pruning of shrubs and trees from a high perch, you should mulch the area properly.

Tips to consider when landscaping the stairs

For the plants to be a success, you should pay close attention to the type of soil around the stairs. If it’s dry or sandy, you should consider planting beach plants or grasses. Landscaping experts recommend that you stay away from trying to amend the soil as you won’t achieve much with it.

You should also avoid installing garden features or plants that might attract wildlife in your home. Some of the plants you should be cautious of are those that can attract bees. To keep the landscape looking beautiful, you should water it properly. You should also keep a keen eye on the weak trees and shrubs. If you notice any plants that appear to be struggling, you should get rid of them as soon as possible.


These are tips on how to landscape your stairs and steps. While you can do the work yourself, for ideal results, you should collaborate with a reputable masonry contractor.

Patio Design Company: What You Need To Know About Your Patio

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In addition to increasing the value of your home, brick patio design experts report that a patio has many other roles that include:

  • Entertaining friends and family
  • A safe place for children to play
  • A quiet place for you and your family to drink coffee and read the daily paper
  • A place to exercise in the morning or late in the afternoon. You can also use the area to meditate.
  • An outdoor kitchen to prepare your meals or simply roast a BBQ.
  • A place to grow your favorite flowers, vegetables, and herbs

Tips on how to have a beautiful patio

For you to have a great experience with your patio you need to consider a number of tips. These tips include:

Avoid over or under-accessorizing the patio: Most people know that they need to install the right accessories on their patios in order to complete the look but few of them know the right number of accessories that they should go with. Your choice of accessories should depend on how you will be using the patio. If you will be using it as a relaxing area for you and your wife you should have only a few accessories, but if you will be using it as an entertainment area, you should install plenty of accessories.

To help you out, here are some of the accessories that you might need to install in your unit: Urns, pottery, ornaments, hanging ornaments, candles, lighting fixtures, pillows, cushions, wind chimes, and many others.

Properly arrange the furniture: The way you arrange the furniture not only affects the look of the patio, it also determines the comfort of the area and productivity of the conversation. As rule of thumb, ensure that the chairs are close enough so that you can easily have your conversations without shouting. At the same time, the chairs shouldn’t be too close thus making it the guests uncomfortable.

Work with a professional: Some people with basic masonry contractor skills attempt to install the patio on their own which often ends up catastrophic. To ensure that your patio has a professional design, perfect drainage, and an ideal arrangement, you should work with a professional. While the professional will charge you, the fee will definitely be worth it.


This is what you need to know about the outdoor patio and the tips you should consider when installing it. As mentioned, for you to have a great experience with the patio, work with a reputable patio design company.