Landscaping Company: Easy To Maintain Landscaping Options

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While many homeowners want beautiful landscapes, their main worry is the amount of care they need to put into it. If you are one of the homeowners who is worried that you have to hire a landscaping company every now and then to maintain the landscape, its good you know that there are plenty of easy to maintain landscaping options that you can go with. Some of these options include:

Extended living spaces

Extended living spaces function as great places to enjoy your time with friends and relatives especially during the warm months of the year. You can also add more features to the spaces. For example, you can create a grilling area or fire pit at the corner of the unit.

In addition to the extra spaces giving you plenty of options to work with, they are also easy to maintain as all you need to do is clean them. This is unlike the amount of care you need to give to the grassy garden and flowers.


If you don’t like the idea of extended living spaces, hire a masonry contractor to help you in laying stones in your yard. The stones are not only easy to maintain, they are also easy to put in place.

While there are many types of stones, only a few are right for you. one of the best is bluestone. It comes in different colors such as gray, brown, and orange. It’s tough, natural, and feels great on your feet. If you are operating on a tight budget, go for pea or white stone.

Beds of mulch

Instead of planting grass, add beds of mulch around your living area. By adding mulch you prevent weeds from growing. This ensures that you don’t have to keep on maintaining the yard. As you might have also guessed, the mulch is very affordable.

To keep your yard looking great the entire year round, consider replacing the mulch at least once a year. Experts also recommend that you go for mulch that has an aroma as it will give your yard a beautiful smell.


These are some of the easy to maintain landscaping options that you can use to keep your yard in great shape. If you have to install an easy to maintain feature such as the brick patio, work with an expert such as patio design company.

Even if the above options require little care, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore your yard altogether. If you notice a problem with it, fix it as soon as possible.

Backyard Waterfall Contractor: Tips To Consider When Constructing A Waterfall

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A backyard waterfall not only gives your guests something to marvel at when they visit your home, but it also greatly improves the value of your home. To construct it you need to hire a backyard waterfall contractor who will not only help you with the construction, but also help you with coming up with the right design.

To properly construct the unit, you need to consider a number of tips that include:

Consider the location of the waterfall

This is crucial as placing it at the wrong place would result in giving your home an ugly look. Some people make the mistake of constructing the unit at the center of the yard. This is wrong as it gives your yard an ugly look.

It’s wise that you install the unit at the end of your yard. If you aren’t sure of the right place to install it, work with an experienced contractor who will guide you through.

Consider adding plants

There is nothing that gives your waterfall a natural look like plants. You should work with your contractor and plant a number of ornamental plants.

When planting the plants, pay attention to how easy it is to take care of them. To have an easy time maintaining the waterfall, go with plants that are easy to maintain. They also should be beautiful to look at so that they give your yard an interesting look.

If looking for those that will add vibrancy and color to your yard, go with pussy willow, Hawaiian Ti, Red osier dogwood and many others. To decide on the right ones to go for, your decision should also be informed by your budget and environment.

Consider adding fish

Other than plants, other pieces that give your yard a natural look are fish. There are many types of fish that you can choose from. The most popular is the Japanese Koi. If you are planning on adding fish to your waterfall, you should provide enough space for them to swim.

The great idea is to construct a small pond for the fish at the end of the waterfall. To construct a unit that will look good and ideal for your fish, work with a reputable masonry contractor.


These are some of the tips that you need to put into place when constructing a backyard waterfall. As mentioned above, you should always work with a reputable landscaping company for you to have an easy time.

Landscaping Company: Tips On How To Have A Successful Landscaping Project

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For your home to look good, you need to have landscapes that are functional, pleasing to the eye, and of good quality. You can install the landscape on your own or hire a landscaping company to help you out. To have an easy time installing the unit, you need to consider a number of tips that include:

Don’t be in a hurry

When people are installing their lawn or being involved in any other landscaping project, they want to complete the work as fast as possible. This is because most of them start the project too late thus are in a hurry to complete it. For example, studies show that many people install their lawn close to the festive season and want it to be up within a short time.

Since they are in a hurry to complete the project, they often make mistakes. In other cases, they cut corners which often results in more problems.

To be on the safe side, you should start the project early enough. This way you have enough time to plan your project and find a contractor who will be right for you. Starting early also eliminates the chances of you making mistakes thus you don’t have to re-do the project all over.

Have a landscaping plan

There is no way you will have a successful landscaping project if you go at it without a plan. You need to know what you want to achieve. For example, if you want to install a patio, you need to know the type of patio that you should install, the patio design contractor that you will work with, and any other relevant details.

When you have a plan, you will be able to know when to start the project, the materials you need to buy, the right person to work with, and many other things.

Work with the right contractor

Just as you can’t have a successful project if you don’t have a plan, you also can’t have a successful project if you work with the wrong contractor. To have an easy time, work with a professional who is certified with the relevant body.

The professional should also have a great personality so that you can have a great time working with him/her. You should hire a professional who is an expert in a given area. For example, if looking to build an outdoor fireplace, work with an outdoor fireplace design contractor who specializes in outdoor fireplaces.

Backyard Waterfall Contractor: What You Need To Know About The Waterfall

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Are you thinking of putting in place a waterfall? You should go ahead and do it. All you need to do is hire a backyard waterfall contractor who will help you with the construction:

Benefits of putting up the waterfall

In addition to increasing the value of your home, there are plenty of many other benefits that come with putting up the waterfall. Some of these benefits include:

Relaxation: When you look at the crystalline water flow of the waterfall you have peace in your mind. It’s not only the site of the waterfall that is relaxing, also the sound is. When you construct the unit in your home, you have a place to relax your mind after a long day or during a boring weekend.

Recreation: Many people will think that having the waterfall for relaxation purposes is the same as having it for recreation, but this isn’t the case. If you have children in your family, they can play at the waterfall and enjoy every minute of it. You can also play with the water if you love it.

Irrigation: If you own a large garden and a lot of plants, you can install the waterfall and use it to water the plants. While there are many irrigation systems that you can use, they tend to mess with the natural look of your yard. If you don’t like it, hire a landscaping contractor who will help you with getting the waterfall in place that will not only look good, but also irrigate your yard.

Fish rearing: Did you know that the waterfall functions as a great replacement for an air pump? The motion caused by the waterfall introduces oxygen into the water, just like the air pump. The unit also filters the water; thus you don’t have to change it regularly.

You can rear any type of fish that is ideal for your location.

Things to consider when installing the waterfall

You need to consider a number of things when putting up the waterfall. One of the factors is the size. You can install a waterfall of any size as long as it matches the size of your yard. If large, install a large unit and vice versa.

Another thing you should consider is the contractor. While there are many contractors that you can go for, you should hire masonry contractor who specializes in the setting up of backyard waterfalls. As rule of thumb, avoid a general contractor.


This is what you need to know about backyard waterfalls. After you have set them up, remember to take good care of them for them to last for a long time, and also look good.

Landscaping Company: Taking A Look At The Most Common Landscaping Drainage Problems

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One of the most common problems that you will have in your yard are drainage problems. For your yard to look great and have peace of mind, you should work with your landscaping company and fix the problems as soon as possible. To help you understand the problems more, here are some of them:

Poor elevation at the foundation

If there is water at the foundation of your house, you have a problem that you need to deal with. Water that is held at the foundation poses a lot of danger to the interior finishes such as the wood floors and drywall. The problem can also result in foundation failure.

To fix the problem you should grade around your home thus creating another area for water flow. You also should consider installing a sub-surface drainage system that will help you in getting rid of the water.

Water traps

Water traps come about when your contractor improperly grades your yard thus creating a depression that holds water. The excess water in the yard not only kills the grass, it also leaves you with marshy conditions that aren’t good to live with.

To fix this issue you should install creek beds that allow the stormwater to move to the surface.  The creeks not only remove water, they also give your yard and home more value.

Gutter Spouts

When the gutters are emptying into the bed areas and over saturating the plant material, you will have issues with your yard. To avoid the problem from coming about, watch where the gutters are pouring the water. If they are pouring it into the wrong areas, consider hiring a landscaping contractor to redirect them so that the water goes downhill.

Improper flower bed designs

Flowers greatly improve the look of the yard. One of the best places to plant them is in the flower bed. When placing the beds, place them strategically so that you don’t prevent the water from flowing into the wrong areas.

You should note that when you install the flower beds in the wrong areas, you risk the water getting strapped to the beds thus killing the plants. The water might also move in the direction that causes damage to the yard.

To be on the safe side, you should work with a masonry contractor to help you in designing the best place to install the flower beds. For a great experience, ensure that the contractor you work with is experienced enough.

Landscaping Company: How To Get The Most From Your Landscaping Efforts

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Do you want to get the most from your landscaping efforts? Here are tips given by landscaping company on what you should do:

Know your landscape

Before you can have a landscaping plan, you need to understand your yard. You should know the climate in your area so that you can know the right plants that you should go with. You should note that most yards have numerous microclimates and different regions.

You also should know the topography and soil type of your yard. If you have never taken your soil for testing, you should get a small sample of it and take it to the nearest local laboratory.

The attendants in the lab will them recommend the best fertilizers that you should apply. They will also recommend the best plants that you should plant.

Know how to use the yard

There are many ways in which you can use your yard. You can use it to entertain your friends and family, use it as a playground for kids, or simply use it to decorate your home. The use of the yard will determine the type of plants that you should plant there.

It will also guide your landscaping contractor on how to design the yard. For example, if you use the yard as a playground, the contractor will design it to have as minimal plants as possible.

On the other hand, if you use it for decorative purposes, the contractor can design it to have as many plants of different sizes and colors.

Think about transition between spaces

It’s common to have many areas especially if the yard is large and has different sections. To get the most from your efforts, you need to think about the transition between these spaces. The best way of doing it is to think the landscaping area like a room.

You should think of the transitions as hallways that take you from one place to another. If you are fortunate to have a large yard, work with your masonry contractor and have well-defined areas.

You should consider installing additional features that make the area more pleasing to look at. For example, you can install a pool, outdoor fireplace, and any other unit that you might be interested in.


These are some of the things you need to do to get the most from your landscaping efforts. To have an easy time, work with retaining wall contractors or any other professionals.

Retaining Wall Contractors: Understanding Retaining Walls

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If you live in a sloppy area, as a homeowner you will have to install a retaining wall in your yard. The cool thing is that it’s easy to do it as all you need to do is hire a retaining wall contractors to help you out.

Functions of retaining walls

The most common reason why most homeowners install a retaining wall is that they want to battle gravity, but there are many other reasons why you can install the unit. These other reasons include:

Provision of arable land: You can work with your contractor and install the retaining walls in such a way that you create terraces of usable land on the sloppy area. You can plant anything on the land from flowers to grass.

Manage water runoff: If you live close to a river or any other water body, you can protect your lawn and garden from the dirty runoff water by installing a retaining wall. For ideal results with the unit, install a fence that is water thirsty so that it can take up some of the excess water. You also should consider incorporating a rain garden in the design.

Extra seating: Depending on the location of the wall, you can use it as an additional seating area, especially when you are working in the yard.

When you need a retaining wall

While some homeowners can’t do without retaining walls, other homeowners don’t have to think about them. To help you out, here are situations when you may have to install the units:

You want to control soil erosion: If the water is carrying a lot of soil downhill, you should have a sitting with your masonry contractor and design a unit that will hold up the soil. To decrease soil erosion, the walls work by reducing the angle of the slope.

Your home is located from soil fault lines: To give you peace of mind that the soil uphill can’t flow downwards into your home and hurt you and your loved ones, you should install a retaining wall that will provide added stability.

The foundation is weak: Soil erosion tends to weaken a home’s foundation. If this is the case with your home, you should install a retaining wall that will hold the soil and also add more stability.


This is what you need to know about retaining walls. When installing the walls, work closely with a landscaping company that will help you in installing the unit at the right place.

Backyard Waterfall Contractor: Waterfall Installation And Tips

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Are you planning on installing a backyard waterfall? You need to work with a reputable backyard waterfall contractor to help you with the installation:

How to give your waterfall a natural look

When you are looking to install the waterfall, you should work at ensuring that it looks as natural as possible. There are many ways of making it possible. Some of these ways include:

Consider the source: Where is the water coming from? Most of the backyard waterfalls are made from biological filter boxes. To give your waterfall a natural look, hide the boxes using rocks and surrounding plants. Of course, you should leave enough access room so that you can easily maintain the waterfall.

If the water is coming from a wellspring, work with your contractor and design it in such a way that you have the impression of a still pool.

Make use of rocks: There is no waterfall without rocks. To give your unit the impression that the stone is emerging from the earth, burry the stones as much as you can. For ideal look, ensure that they are buried at an angle—they shouldn’t be plopped on top.

Consider size: Here you need to pay attention to the size of your yard and compare it to the size of the waterfall that you want to install. As rule of thumb, install a unit that complements the size of your yard.

Guide to taking care of your waterfall

When you install the waterfall, you need to take good care of it, for it to last for a long time and also to look good. One of the things you should do is to limit the amount of sunlight that it’s exposed to. This is to minimize the amount of water that evaporates from the water feature.

You can quickly do this by constructing the waterfall at an area that is away from direct sunlight. You also should consider planting around the edges of the waterfall thus providing a shade.

Another thing you need to do is to watch the quality of water that gets in the waterfall. At least once a week, test the water. This is of great importance if you have fish in your pond.


This is what you need to know about waterfall construction and care. In addition to working with the waterfall contractor, you also need to work with the masonry contractor who will help you with directions on how to install waterfall at the right place.

Outdoor Fireplace Design Contractor: Tips On How To Take Care Of The Outdoor Fireplace

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If you have worked with your outdoor fireplace design contractor and installed an outdoor fireplace, you need to take good care of it, for it to last for a long time. To help you out, here are some of the ways in which you can take good care of the outdoor fireplace:

Clean the chimney

This is a no-brainer. When you clean the fireplace, you not only keep it looking good, you also keep it safe. If you have a gas unit, spider webs and debris tend to clog the burners which might cause them to malfunction. If you have a wood-burning unit, accumulation of water or leaves can cause it to produce floating embers and sparks that might put your property at the risk of fire.

You can clean the unit on your own or hire a chimney cleaning professional to help you out. You should remove any coal, old ashes, water, spider webs, and debris. To reduce the amount of debris that gets in your unit, consider buying a door. You also should consider covering the fire pit.

Watch what you burn

This is important for a wood burning fireplace. You should avoid softwoods and green woods such as pine as they hold a lot of water which create a lot of smoke and sparks as they burn. The sparks are of great danger to your chimney and entire property.

To get cleaner and safer fires, you should only burn hardwood. Some of the best are maple and oak. When you get the wood, you shouldn’t just place it anywhere—you should place it in a dry area where it can’t pull moisture from the earth. The wood also won’t attract critters such as termites and snakes.

Undertake annual maintenance

In addition to cleaning the unit, you also need to regularly inspect the unit and fix any issues that might be there. You should examine all the areas including the interior and exterior of the unit. Just like when undertaking chimney sweeping, you should avoid maintaining the unit if you have never done it before. The best way of going about it is hiring a professional to help you out.


These are tips on how to properly maintain your outdoor fireplace. You should take care when installing the fireplace. If you install it at the wrong place, you put your property at the risk of fire. To be on the safe side, always consult your outdoor fire pit contractor before you proceed with the project.

Landscaping Company: Ways Of Taking Care Of Your Landscape

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For your landscape to look awesome, you need to take good care of it. You can hire a landscaping company to take care of the yard or do it on your own. To help you out, here are yard maintenance tips recommended by experts:

Prune the trees

Trees give life to your yard. They also provide your home a fresh feeling. For the trees to look healthy and also grow properly, you have to prune them. If you only have a handful of trees, you can prune them on your own, but if they are many, you have to hire a professional to help you out. When pruning the trees ensure that you use the right tools. You also should prune them at the right time.

Irrigate the lawn

This is a must-do activity especially if you live in the dry areas. While many people know what irrigation is, most of them do it the wrong way. You should irrigate the plants in such a way that you don’t harm them in the process. You also should ensure that you use the little water possible and keep the plants hydrated as long as possible.

To make this possible, use the most modern irrigation systems. You also should irrigate the plants late in the evening. By doing this, you ensure that only a little water evaporates. According to landscaping experts, you don’t have to irrigate the plants every day. Doing it three to four times a week is enough.

Take good care of the lawn

Your lawn needs attention just like the other parts of the yard. In addition to regularly irrigating it, you also need to mow it at least once every two weeks. Many people make the mistake of mowing to the lowest level possible, but this shouldn’t be you.

Remember that the lower you mow your lawn, the more you expose the grassroots to the sun thus the higher the chances of the lawn drying up.

To avoid this, ensure that the lawn is at least two inches tall. This way, the yard will not only look good, but it also will be protected from the tough sun. During the mowing, use high-quality mowing tools and blades.


These are some of the lawn care tips that you should put into consideration to keep your yard in top shape. To have an easy time doing it, work with a reputable brick walkway contractor or any other professional.